I can't buy anything from the blizzard store.

Website Bug Report
I've read all other post about this issue and I have had the same problem for the past 2 weeks or so and I have changed my browser..........Im now starting to get really friggin annoyed! I promised a mount for my brother and would like to get it for him! please fix the issue!
Same problem. I'm trying to buy a mount, but when I go to the checkout and enter my card number, it takes me back to the Blizzard Store homepage. wtf this is so annoying. PLEASE HELP.
i cannot believe this has not been resolved yet.. it has been 2 months since the last post an no blizzard techs fixed it!!!! i have the same problem now too..
same problem here cant buy from blizzard store i want to buy game time and only refresh to my cart
same says my info is incorrect
thiss is bull, its still not fixed.
Same issue here, trying to take advantage of the 50% panda pet they have going and no luck. Different browsers, different computers, smartphone and even created a new battle.net account but nothing will take 3 different payment methods with plenty of funds and correct billing information. Guildy even tried it on his account with his card and info and received the same error. This is really lame.
Same problem here trying to get the mount on sale for $12.50 it also happened a few weeks ago when I went for panda pet....

WTF Bliz get you Shyt together for christs sake!

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