I fail to understand the point of this talent. Can anyone spell it out? Is it so you can basically accumulate 10 combo points on a target and use 2 5 point finishers in a row for better burst or what?
The way I understood it: stack 5 combo points and up to 5 anticipation points. Use a finisher, the 5 combo points disappear and are replaced by up to 5 new combo points, where previously anticipation points. So you can use another finisher on your next GCD.

I'm just curious how anticipation points will be tracked; I assume it'll be a stacking debuff on your target.
Sounds like a mini-version of the legendary daggers proc.
From another forum

But I think the jewel of the new options - and the one we'll wind up taking on the vast majority of fights - is Anticipation, which gives two powerful advantages. First, it lets us execute perfect cycles. No longer will one have to skip RvS as Combat or finish at 4CP at Mutilate - you will always be able to do 5pt finishers without wasting combo points. And if you're at 5 CP but not ready to refresh Rupture or SnD for another few seconds, you can just throw an extra move or two to kill time instead of having to use a different finisher and refresh your buff/debuff with an undersized finisher. It gives more control than we've ever had about what size finisher you want to use when, and will thus result in a nontrivial increase to our single target DPS.
It helps making finishers more fluent and Assassination wont have to use 4 point finishers.
Essentially we will always be able to use 5cp finishers. Not having to worry about good RnG - Assassination specifically - to get us there.

For combat I foresee good things with BG synergy and the new RvS.

RvS > SSx4 > Evis > SS Spam to Deep Insight > 2x Evis - repeat.

My only question since redirect doesn't specifically mention it would be - Will the "stored" CP's be transfered as well or will they be lost.
So my question is....does Anticipation change anything?

I mean take sub for instance:

BS 5 times --> Evis

With anticipation

BS 10 times -> Evis twice

Seem like nothing really has changed in terms of get the same amount of BS and the same amount of Evis...

I mean I REALLY liked the talent when I first saw it...but after a bit of thinking it seems kinda.....pointess.
What has changed is that you won't be missing out on combo points proc'd from HaT, and other things of that nature.
It'll be useful for controlling overflow, and it'll have situational burst potential (think P2 Zon'ozz). Plus the fact that you don't have to watch your CPs like a hawk to make sure you didn't proc anything extra while also not wasting a GCD before a finisher is a blessing unto itself.

It'll also help with subtlety pooling, although without recuperate that shouldn't be an issue in Mists.
But..currently we deal with overflow by not letting it happen.

The energy regen sub gains from ER is usually enough so that I have the energy for a finisher once I hit 5 cps. I dont really think I have any CP overflow at all (though I usally only PvP)

I just dont think that "saving" a cp every now and again is worth a final talent slot.
But..currently we deal with overflow by not letting it happen.

The energy regen sub gains from ER is usually enough so that I have the energy for a finisher once I hit 5 cps. I dont really think I have any CP overflow at all (though I usally only PvP)

I just dont think that "saving" a cp every now and again is worth a final talent slot.
I really wonder if this will work with HaT as one could in a BG find a target, wait till he gets to 5 combo points and 5 anticipation points then come out and burst on someone., but then again i believe the tooltip says only combo points from combat will build up anticipation.
Catches overflow from HAT. Catches overflow from multi-cp abilities. Mut doesn't need to use 4cp finishers anymore, Combat can use RvS every finisher if we're not afraid of loosing a SS proc.

Combat will especially love Anticipation I think. We can delay a finisher and keep using SS until we reach a higher insight level. Similarly we can delay an extra finisher until after popping KS/AR (if KS is only 3 seconds away why waste 5 cps on restless blades? instead just keep SS for 3 seconds then hit KS then use Evis and get the full 10 second reduction).

Mut can use it to let them mutilate again while they're trying to avoid clipping their envenom buff.

Sub can use it to let them just keep hitting Ambush during dance and worry about spending the cps they generate after dance is over.

It may not be some new flashy ability with a powerful direct use, but it's still a very useful tool for us on any primarily single-target fight (most fights). The only time I could see not taking it is on fights with lots of target-swapping (something like madness) in which case Versatility might be more useful (at least for combat to keep insight up).
I thought it was talking about combo points building up on the rogue. So you could effectively build ten points then say, Stun one target and then Evis another without having to build anymore points. I was both wrong and right. They stack on you but once you use a finisher, Anticipation moves from you to your target. They are not free to use.

From a PvE stand point, it sounds rather nice.

Just to clarify; gain an anticipation charge...

When you preform an offensive finisher, all anticipation charges are moved to that target.

I am going to agree with Odeson though. It sounds like you could save up five points and three charges, open on someone and pull out two finishers quick. I don't see combat anywhere in the tool tip though.
All 3 specs have potential to overflow CP atm and this removes that so its essential a dps increase since we kill always get a 5cp finisher instead of 4 sometimes and be able to use that extra CP from HaT, SS proc, or crit (mut) rather than it being wasted.

This basically replaced ruthlessness and is a better version of it.
Yes, it allows you to throw out double finishers. It will help also in instances where you have to hard swap to an add and burn it down asap. Pair that with the fact poison is only one stack, our ramp up on such encounters is significantly reduced. They also previously stated Bandit's Guile would likely be a buff on the Rogue, not the target. Add all of these up, and it really helps in an area where Rogues lack.

You won't ever do 4 pt Envenoms ever again with this talent, and no combo points will ever be wasted. You can save the extra, and perform constant perfect rotations. Even Sub will save their potentially wasted HAT combo points. It's a pretty damn good talent. I'd take this over Combo Points on the Rogue any day of the week.

Regarding the charges: Once you use the finisher, it looks like the points become active. At that point, you could simply redirect and use another 5 point finisher on another target, i'd assume.
02/15/2012 11:06 PMPosted by Pancakê
Catches overflow from HAT

There is some question to this...

As it says "when one of your ATTACKS"
02/16/2012 06:04 AMPosted by Timat
As it says "when one of your ATTACKS"

Due to it not being tied to any spec, it may not catch that wording for HAT, but I would imagine it would be whenever you gain a combo point, otherwise it would be next to useless save shadowdance for sub.

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