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I've never lost when our team has 3+ heals (preferrably from different classes) so they have each other's backs and the flag carrier's as well. It's also nice to have some dps (such as a rogue for surprise or a warlock for fears and much appreciated extra damage) w/ the fc and heals to kill people looking to kill the fc so the fc doesn't have to slowly mow down multiple attackers.
When I used to be a noob I would stay behind and defend at the beginning of the match. YOU WILL DIE and
The most common mistake I witness is people staying behind to defend the flag-room at the beginning of the battle. They always get slaughtered by the entire Alliance team, since there's only 3-4 of them; and we then have a disadvantage when carrying our flag through midfield.
This is so true.
We've been dividing our team up into 8 offense 2 defense. Often times both groups fight together. We all go straight for their flag. If it's looking like we are going to be intercepted midfield we break apart to offense and defense and try for the wipe in mid while our two defenders B line it to the flag. After the wipe we work on grouping back up with our fc and escorting him to the front of our graveyard. All 10 of us stack there. Until this point we completely ignore the efc.

Now if they come for us we wait and wipe them in front our our own gy as many times as we can and wait for stacks. If they are not attacking we stack our 8 offense and head in for the efc when we decide he has enough stacks. Our tank and healer defensive team will run into our flag room. With our 6 dps we completely ignore healers (except for cc'ing them) and burn down flag carrier. When 5 stacks or however many are up its impossible to heal through. Hopefully rinse repeat.

It's been working pretty well so far we'll see when we start getting closer 2000 mmr.
Through experience of Flag Carrying on Prot Pally, Prot Warrior and a Feral Druid, I find Feral to be more effective, that is if you are geared/gemmed/enchanted and specced for it, Given that they have the most armor of all tank classes, and if macroed correctly can pop a 120% Damage reduction with heals for big emergencies. They are also the fastest flag carriers with tavel form and two sprints, if you are a worgen druid, the racial makes the travel form 80% when used which gives a big advantage to a much needed quick last minute cap or an emergency getaway.
Effective graveyard camping is the key to WSG success.
hhm my problem is with people becoming heroes or self confident and not waiting for a small group of people, then they are 40+ yards ahead and you watch some bum rogues gangspank him/her to death which after a while adds up to missed efc kills and efc captures(so many painful memories). Or when people dont help their teammates when someone gets sapped and no one stops and goes oh that might mean there is a rogue about to kill my friend and i could get an easy kill out of this while helping my fellow teammate
. Oh that irritates me when there is 7 rogues and ferals on the opp team, like as if the teams couldnt be evened out( even as an optional feature if people like variety of opponents and allies, which can lead to fundemental problems when there isnt a single heal and the other team is half priest)? Because at a certain point it just becomes cod and people go for kills and not any real purpose with their actions. And the last thing that irks me has to be defence, you know when your whole team rushes out and you are standing there going "jeez you guys are dumb for not providing any resistance to a capture the flag game". So all in all the usual that irritates you so much you repress any memory of it to prevent potential brain hemorraging
What about after the initial wave of enemy flag rush when it becomes a very mitigated # of people going for flag. Another person or 2 and I will sit in FR and my random teams always win, most of the time because there is just rogues and ferals and warriors coming in and as an ele i specialized my strategy to eat these classes at my current lvl.( Any helpful insights to improve this strategy or completely change it would be nice since i only have my experience to draw from, which can always be improved)
How to win WSG in a PUG:

Luck into 2+ geared healers and a geared Blood DK plus DPS that actually listen and attack the EFC.

Warsong Gulch in a PUG is mostly luck. If you get a good number of healers and an intelligent tank, you will likely win. If you get no tank and too few healers, or if you get too many healers and not enough damage, or if you simply get too many undergeared players, you will probably lose.

If you're undergeared, I would avoid BGs like WSG where you're needed more badly, and on a WSG weekend I would simply queue for random BG where you'll probably get IoC (I get it like 70% of the time for some reason, anyone else noticing this?)

02/19/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Widowmakker
B line

It's called a "beeline"; it's named for the fact that bees supposedly fly in a straight line when returning to their hive.
i dont know what you guys think but maybe a class max in battlegrounds? i once had a team with 8 hunters on ally. it was total slaughter. and rouges? like 12-14 rouges in every battleground now, and we all know that rouges are as op as heck. so mayeb like a 3 rouge max for each side? people may make different classes also for faster queus if there was a class max in battleground. tell me what you guys think!!
Best thing to know.... If your a cloth or leather or mail, try to hand flag to a tank,plate armor helps against most wepon swing and further will increase there chance to survive. play smart and kill there healers. You can try and dps down a clothy but if he has good heals on him you will have a harder time killing him and most likly he will get you, or his freinds will come for you befor u can out dps the incoming heals.
I'm not going to read the whole thread to see if this is mentioned, but I can't speak highly enough of the option to use the color coded life bars. I've always wondered what percentage of players use these, but it's a great way to pick out specific classes (not to mention enemies who are really low on life) as you're approaching a battle. White = Priest, Pink = Paladin, Orange = Druid, Dark Blue = Shaman, etc. They're great for picking out healers and they don't even require a separate AddOn! :)

My only other complaint with WSG would be when a bunch of people ride to the enemy base at the beginning, and then right before we go in the front door they ALL turn around and ride out to the middle to join the pointless battle that always seems to be there.
the most effective tactic is to put three tazik mages, disc priest and a rogue on the enemy GY. Have the other three tazik mages and disc priest run with the blood DK fc.

PUG tested, <Hero> approved!
Actually what i see from the horde most often is just people running around with no team work or coordination against alliance teams who group up and go for the flag and protect their healers. Before i know it i am being hit by 3-4 alliance and im completely alone or the people near me are running around chasing random alliance people trying to get Hit kills. No Defense and then they try and go for the EFC and get mowed over....makes for a very irritating match.
02/19/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Thesepeople
plate armor helps against most wepon swing and further will increase there chance to survive.

You can't just go by armor, though. Some plate wearer specs are actually pretty horrible for survivability. I wouldn't ever hand a flag to a frost DK. Make sure the person you hand it to is specced into one of the tank specs (protection warrior, protection paladin, blood death knight, feral druid specializing in bear form) and has a good deal of health. Defensive abilities matter a lot more than armor rating.
02/15/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Ameila
Honestly, WSG annoys me and I was a bit expecting more responses.

Same here (not in a bad way). For me, WSG is the only battleground that dominates with deathcount.
a very hard strategy but if done right....set up a gauntlet at the very beginning, heals, fight in mouth of tunnels, couple rogues camp the ramp and sap potential efc's until the dps has cleared and made the tunnel safe. the two rogues have the ramp stopped and the fight can move to ramp to finish the first wave. have a druid stealth from gate crash to enemy room....and sprint back. gg. reason the gauntlet at the beginning is powerful is because, when one player dies they ress on top of the fight and rebuff the battle below. The opposing team haas to rebuff in thier graveyard, then run back across map. 2k rbg teams were destroyed and sent tail between legs with this strat. and decent shots called. 2k teams have quit the rbgs in the past when this strategy was implied against them, after two caps in less than 5 mintues. game changes so dont expect eaz wsg victories using the stealthed gauntlet strat. GLHF!
please please please for the love of the holy light plz, Let someone in a tank spec and preferabbly plate gear with good resil carry the flag. If your a mage and you have the flag your doing it wrong. other such classes that shouldnt carry the flag:
Druid ( cept bears )
You get the idea you may have some magic damage protection but plate has nice physical dps reduction so dont cary the flag if you dont have plate.
also WSG is NOT a one man BG. If you go in like Rambo and try to hack your way to efc by yourself. You are doing it wrong horribly horribly wrong. Go with some other ppl and you greatly increase your chance of sucess.
It's also very important to know one's class abilities and be able to use them to one's advantage.

1. I've found that many games can be won without healers on your team easily, just if you know how to use Crowd Control abilities (every class has some).

Most of the abilities should be used when out in the field while protecting your Flag Carrier.

Death Knight - one of the most CC-enabled classes, slows, silences, and pulls back enemies. Ideal for chasing the enemy Flag Carrier across the field or pulling and locking down enemy healers/mages.

Warlock - my personal favourite in this respect. I've noticed many locks simply cast DoT's and cast-time spells trying to burn down enemies but that's by far no the best approach. A good lock will chain-cast Fear in WSG changing targets constantly. This disorients the enemies and makes them lose position in relation to your FC or healers. A single smart lock can totally ruin the enemies' game. Also pet stuns/silence should be put on manual and used in emergencies.

A warlock as an FC is also quite viable - learn to use your Demonic Circle spells at higher levels. A lot of warlocks forget they have it. First run up to 2nd or 3rd floor and cast the Summon at the very edge of the ledge. This way when enemies come up to get you, you can jump down. When they jump after you, just cast Teleport and you're back up safe.

Rogue - the best EFC killer in the game. Especially if you have several rogues, try to coordinate the game with them. 2-3 Ambushes in quick succession are usually enough to down any FC in a matter of seconds, leaving their healer helpless.

Hunter - ALWAYS use Flare and Trap spells. They are an invaluable asset. Too many hunters forget this little detail.

Priest - Bubble up as many of your allies as you can. A bubble allows the person a few seconds to become aware of being attacked and of who attacks them. That is often much better than healing in the long run.

Mage - not much to say here. Mages are too easy a class to play and too OP for damage currently that it's almost impossible to play one "wrong".

Shaman - shaman healers often die through negligence. I've noticed that it is often best to Earth Shield YOURSELF and NOT the FC. Through different add-ons, the enemies are likely to target you first, and when you die, so does your FC. The Earth Shield allows you to become almost unstoppable with 5-6 people hitting you, while also being able to heal your FC efficiently.

Druid - when carrying a flag, use Bear Form as much as possible when inside a base or having the debuff. Also, Boomkins, learn to position yourselves and use Typhoon to throw enemies off the roof.

Paladin - also having a variety of "too powerful" spells, very hard to go wrong here. Just remember to cast Hand of Freedom as often as you can when under attack (either on FC or their healer or yourself) and stun opponents when necessary.

Warrior - several stuns, an aoe fear and a slow. While arguably not the best collection, anything helps. Also, a very underused ability is Demoralizing shout. When the enemy has several melee classes at their disposal, don't forget to use it. the 10% damage reduction is handy.

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