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WSG is quite easy to figure out. For RBG's make sure you have a Prot War as FC. have a Hpally escort him to flag while DPS has middle, which DPS in most RBGs ive been in consist of Frost DK, Boomy, Frost Mage, Rogue and a lock(lock im not sure, bad memory...Mid healers shud be Rshammy is a must and I personally use 2 disc priests. As FC moves to mid, ask if assistance in mid is needed, hpally can help heal, prot war can help do whatever. Wipe them up in mid then O gets flag. If that doesnt work, grp up in ur FR and wait for stacks, have Boomy/Mage and rogue(Stealth Squad) sneak in and @!%% FC, Make sure they get berserker buff, it is needed. and you repeat process.

Some tips:
1. if enemy healer is oom, DO NOT KILL IT!
2. communication is key.
3. Call out snares/hexes/fears/sheeps etc
4. download battlegroundtargets add on to help see who is the main target
5. Use Skype not Vent.

Hope this helps, You guys take care and I hope for the best for the pros, and the new players aswell.
The most effective strategy in winning the BG is slowing down the enemy FC.
A frost mage, rogue, hunter team in the flag room is most effective in doing this. Guard the flag !!! If a healer can be used instead of a frost mage ( which is rare, lol ) they should be utilized. The main idea on this strategy is slowing down the enemy flag carrier enough so that your FC can return with his entourage and lay waste to the enemy... they will have expended their cooldowns and will be easily spanked... savagely !!!
I get a premade and then convince the rest of the PuG to intercept the alliance team while a rogue goes to get the flag. We keep pushing them back to their GY and then camp them while the rogue continues to cap flag.
For RBGs i find this strategy good...

A FC and a healer run and get the flag, were the rest of the 8 people intercept the other team midfeild to slow them down from getting the flag.

As the Fc and the heals come back, the Fc should bank off a little and stay outta the way
the heals should go and help top off the dps at mid

Once most of the enemy team is dead, u have all ur dps stack in front of the tunnel, and a healer

the FC and the other healer(s) go to your flagroom and wait...wait...wait

eventually an offensive team would form from your enemy team and ur dps and heals at the end of the tunnel will fight them off

once there are many stacks, flag carrier stacks, everyone at the end of the tunnel (dps and healer) go to the EFR and focus target the healer, healer, then FC

This is what my RBG team does when we get into rbgs, (WSG rbg)
sumone had alot of time
Best way to win is have a FC and a healer running together pref druid FC have the rest of the group attack and if you get most of the other team down then farm the spawn point lol i seen that works alot
Sort of amazed no one said this yet but a huge advantage right off the start can be by simply looking over the opposing teams members, finding the tank (FC) then CC'ing and slowing him enough right off the start to make them scramble and force the flag uppon a dps (ALOT squishier and way easier to take out). If their tank does manage to get the flag the best solution is to turtle a while and wait till 4-5 stacks of debuff to stack then stop their zerg and start your own. For this zerg to work almost every time you'll need a rogue to smoke bomb the tank at about 40% health getting rid of any heals coming and u'll need a fair amount of dps. As for defense I'd recommend 2-3 healers and a class with high amount of CC and obv. a tank with high resil.
As others have said; Don't bother leaving people inside at the start.

What CAN work is a few rogues/druids in the middle screening out a few players as they make their initial charge. While this isn't going to stop the flag from being taken it will break up the group a bit.

What I normally do on my rogue is, at start, look through the list of enemies until I find A: the obvious FC or B: one of the healers. I enlist the help of another rogue/druid and wait in the middle and sap or otherwise pull them from the herd. You can do this with a couple people if you like but taking out a FC carry or a healer can have a decent impact later as they make their way back should a fight erupt in mid after flags have been gathered.

Worst case scenario is the entire team turns around and stomps you. Then you put them behind by a bit. You have very little to lose and a lot to gain if you force a ret pally or something to carry the flag because you waxed their prot warrior in mid all by his lonesome.

Love the idea of balancing healers and dps in bgs.

It can be quite difficult having 3 heals on the opposing team staying together and keeping each other up while you try and coordinate ccs and cds all the while getting beat on with no heals coming your way. Almost impossible if the opposing healers are skilled and have some dps with them.

I have had a team in wg with like 6 or 7 heals and we got beat because our dps wouldnt coordinate and kill anyone, we had very few deaths but could not accomplish anything because of our lack of dps and lack of people staying together.

I would say the two most important things in a bg would be knowing where your healers are and knowing where your opposing teams healers are. Protect yours and kill the enemies as soon as possible, then switch to the dps before the heals get the res, and once you clear the majority of the enemy be sure to accomplish something so the battle was not in vain (take a node, capture a flag, etc...)
Contrary to popular belief, mid fighting can work just fine IF the other team is doing nothing but the same. If your team is hell bent on fighting in the middle, along with the other team, you are pretty much free to go it alone. You have the option of defending your flag by taking out the stragglers who get away from the pile, or you can run in and run the flag alone. Mid fighting is only bad if your team is the only team doing it.

The best advise I can give to the people that ask is to use your map frequently. If you find yourself standing around waiting for a rez or waiting for an attack in your base, check the fregin map. I boggles the mind to see so many people standing around in any BG not looking at their map at all.

I'm a big fan of midfield fighting if you're a class that can escape fights, such as a rogue. If the enemy flag carrier is running by you, you have to be able to jump on him.

Mid can provide three VERY effective bonuses. 1) when your flag carrier leaves the enemy base, you are already in a place to protect him. 2) when the horde grabs flag, finish whatever combat you're on and you're in a place to attack him. Since you're not in a confined space, they can't just have a single fear-bomb and lose you, like in the flag room. 3) You will pick off stragglers. People that want to cross mid by themselves can be ended easily.

I see that the roof is a popular place for the flag carrier to stay. It's not like the bad guys can't get to the roof. From my experience, it causes nothing but problems. I think that a flag carrier should be nowhere but IN the flag cap spot. When the enemy flag is returned, it's often just picked right back up again and sped-off.
ugh there is no sure way to win WSG anymore because all strategy dies when you see there is a healer on the enemy team
Ive actually had a lot of success with rolling as a group face first into their team right off the bat and killing their healers and or FC while your FC and heals peel out and grab it. its always nice to leave a couple people back and play actual defense. I seem to have success when theres a couple people not letting FC's leave the flag room. The initial pull it tends to not be as proficient mainly because the team is running as a huge group where as the 2nd or 3rd time around theres less coordination and people just kind of grab it at will and intend to hand it off or the FC will be unsupported.

As for group make up there needs to be a minimum of 3 heals. I prefer 4 but to each their own. A Prot warrior with a disc priest, holy pally, resto shaman on defense and your hard pressed to get the FC or anybody down in any kind of reasonable time. Not to mention keeping a dps on defense to help thin out the enemy helps. (5 people on D total.)

As for offense bringing a healer along is always helpful. Rogue is A MUST, smoke bomb is worth its weight in truegold. Add a mage in the mix to keep the FC in the smoke bomb, and an unholy DK for the purpose of necrotic strike negating heals and probably a feral druid, gives you plenty of CC across the board cyclone, poly, blind, strangulate and a decent number of stuns for interrupting casting. (5 people on offense.)

If you find yourself in a crap situation theres always the alternative of pulling the goaling and riding 6o/4d.

special tactics I like to use, keep moving and communicate. running around and getting the opponent out of range or off target is as effective as a free casting healer. Its damage NOT being done. Also learn to use battle standards and keep them hidden, they are weak and go down easy BUT they are not affected by LoS so place it somewhere in range where you arent. (you're on the roof? put it in the hall below you (2nd story))
I got to do my first Rated BG a couple of weeks ago. What a far cry from quing with pugs.

1. Have a designated FC along with a healer and an additional player who can help CC attacking enemies. The rest of the team stays as a group, going on offensive and defensive as needed. If the enemy attacks your base, the whole team should be there trying to break it up. Once the attack and thrown back, the team should go on the offensive and try to kill the enemies FC.

All to often in pugs, people will be scattered all over the map and only a couple of people will rush in to try to kill the enemies FC, which will normally result in failure.
R. Shaman/Holy Pally/D. Priest
Boomkin/F.Mage/Aff. Lock/S. Priest
Sub. Rouge/F. DK
Prot. War

Holy Pally: Will be with FC.
D. Priest: Will be with FC.

R. Shaman: Will be R. Healer on Offense.

Usually Alliance teams consist of the same criteria (3 Heals, 4 RDPS, 3 MDPS, 1 FC) and does the same thing healer wise.

So Offensively: I would have my sub rouge premditate the main-healer and then ambush to stack 5 points then kidney. While the rouge keeps the main-healer locked down the Boomkn should keep a Cyclone on the Off-Healer. Now, the F. DK should be on the main-healer, the Aff. Lock on Main, and the S. Priest should be on main (But should MC the off-healer if the Boomkin cant get a cyclone off - Also should try and Manaburn the Main - Healer) The Frost DK should strangulate once the rouges kindey is down, once strangulate is over, boomkin should silence with (Err idk the spell but its a shiny !@# thing of light) and get right back on the off-healer. The main-healer should be down by now and if is not the Rouge will blind, after that the rouge takes the first casted heal out with kick and the DK takes the 2nd down with a mind freeze, by then the Healer will be down (Unless your bad). Then the rouge vanishes, premeditates 2nd healer and everyone rinses and repeats besides the fact that the boomy can now open up on the off-healer. Once the off-healer is down you go for the FC and end him. (Basic DPS should work well, apply as much CC on the FC as possible to lock him down from healing himself).
This whole time the shammy should be chain healing, and keeping every alive, the rouge should AoE to apply crippling poison and peel for the Shammy, F. Dk should Chains Of Ice and peel for the shammy and the S. Priest should be peeling with fears. (The frost mage this whole time should be on the main-healer a tad bit but be the main peeler for the Shammy).

Defensively: The Prot. War should be pummeling the offensive healer and keeping him locked the down. If a healer gets CC'd the other healer should be keeping the CC'd healer alive and the FC alive to. The FC should only break a healing CD if both his healer are down and he needs to stay alive. And so on.

Thats the basics of that comp. Tips on how i might change it would be niced, i joined in cata and don't know much. Thanks ^_^
Ive been playing bg's for 6 years now and im just about ready to quit wow for good and the reason is the terrible playing in bg's in particular wsg. many of the reason quoted above are valid some are not but of all the reasons i think that grp co ordiantion and general playing in wsg and other bg's is so bad is blizzards fault. There is a thing in wsg called the sats board i like to call it 'the noob board' and it is the carrot at the end of the stick, the constant ever justifier for ppl to worry about one thing and to play to that end..and thats getting kb's and high dmg it rewards and justifies ppl for bad selfish play, it encourages ppl to roll classes that can excel at that selfish play i.e rogues and hunters. particularly at lower lvls..thats more than half of each grp and it doesnt show nearly any of the things that make winning possible i.e escorting the flag or assisting in getting it back. I would really need to go in depth in this arguement to explain the nitty gritty of it if you cant see it for yourself. But i belive that if that board was changed to reflect things that win bg's and not justify selfish behavior it would be a major motivator in getting some team work happening
It's probably been said before but there are a few key elements I've always found make a strong team:

1) If you're carrying the flag, don't just assume your final goal is the cap. You have to get there. Don't outrun your teammates, and especially don't outrun your healer. The speed boots (in most cases) are best used by one of your CC's to get out ahead of you and cc people who are ready to destroy you. That doesn't mean sometimes fleeing isn't the best option, but remember, if you're running a flag, you can't easily kill someone who comes to attack you, nor can you defend when your healer is miles behind

2) If you're holding the flag, you should ALWAYS have the opposing FC targetted. People won't call out when he's about to die, and you need to be ready to run to the cap spot. Often in WSG team A will kill team B's FC, but then team B will quickly pick up the flag (as they're also on offense) and kill team A's FC, and start the whole match over. Don't let this happen: be attentive

3) If you're on offense, let your actions be determined by the number of debuffs their FC has. If he's low on debuffs, your priority should be killing healers, then the FC. If he has at least 3-5 debuffs, focus on using your cc's and blowing him up.

4) Shaman and Mages: POP BLOODLUST. Don't forget that it's on a 5m cd and there are several of you who can use it. Dont forget that death wipes the debuff. If you're about to go kill an FC, pop that !@#$. If you're on D against a big zerg, USE IT.

5) Defenders: make sure that you create a choke point. Don't let the FC be the primary target, annoy them enough that they attack you instead of the FC. Use your CCs heavily. As usual, kill the healers, but CC as well. Especially cc the big damage classes such as mages (non-frost), rogues, and DKs

6) Back to the FC; again, remember that keeping the flag is priority one. Have raid frames open to see who around you is dead. If your healers are dying, be ready to jump and meet them at the graveyard. Sure you may lose a cap opportunity, but you keep your flag and therefore the pressure is kept on the opposing team.

7) Be ready to push offense. Sometimes it's the best form of defense. If your team is losing and times running short, make a last ditch effort.

8) For the love of god, offense, GROUP UP and go. Don't get distracted by fighting in the middle, or with new teams offense. If you're that worried that your team will lose flag, have one offense member stay ready to pick up a new flag.

9) Arranging O and D. Remember that what's needed to attack is CC and burst. Affliction warlocks (like myself) we are EXCELLENT defenders, don't waste that opportunity to go attack. We're squishy, but if we defend FC people ignore us and let us wreak havoc. Classes that are best for D include warlocks, rogues, and druids. Other classes can do either job well. Consider keeping a boomkin or elemental shaman behind on D, as they can knock people off the roof and buy you very valuable time

10) Most importantly: remember that this is a team game, and you have to count on your teammates. If you can't solo an EFC down while he's running across the field, slow his healers. Keep them in combat. Make the EFC be left alone and then your teammates can intercept and burst him down. This is probably the most important piece of advice, because it's so hard for people to realize that killing the EFC isn't necessarily priority 1 for everyone
Enemy healers die first!
Relentlessly attack the FC. In groups if possible, if you're alone and back up isn't close by you must try to slow their progress. Use snares, AoE's ,anything you have. If all else fails, attack them directly. Waiting for a group could cost you a cap.
Defend your flag room after the first wave. Use Aoe's often to detect rogues / druids. I myself use consecration and divine storm repeatedly and find it very satisfying to catch a rogue off guard and pound them to a quick death. Druids are more difficult but if back up is close, can be dealt with. Lastly, "hiding" with the flag. I prefer to stand directly on the base so when my team kills the EFC we score. There is no rushing to cap. Of course it helps greatly to have at least a couple people with you as protection. WORK IN GROUPS, as much as possible.

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