remote ah chat not working

Mobile Bug Report
hi bliz

is there an issue with the remote ah chat features? i can access remote ah via my ipad without issues, but when i tried to access the chat feature i get...

chat connection error

cannot connect to chat. the chat server is currently unavailable.

its been like this since the restart 12+ hours ago, and work can get boring without the ability of following the antics of my guild

tried logging in/out, did not fix, got any ideas?

have fun


edit: when i said remote ah i mean the apple mobile armory app
Having the same problem, Cannot connect to guild chat, server temporarily unavailable...
I am having the same issue with mobile AH and logining via the web as well.
Toon is on exodar and have had this problem since last week.
I called support and was told:

Because this is a mobile app support states that they do not support it and you have to post on the forums. There is a possibility that it will be fixed with Tue maintenance.

Would think for what we spend on the game and the app would get a little better answer.

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