Just thought I'd stop by again...

Earthen Ring
Aindrind here! Dunno how many people (aside from Kolenzo, of course) who are still around from Vanilla/Early TBC days might remember me, but I was just reminiscing fondly over my gaming past and Earthen Ring was a big part of that. I see a lot of guilds from back then are still around - how's everyone doing?
I've been around since early vanilla--and I do kinda remember your name, but I don't know what race/class you were.

and I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking.

Night Elf rogue I was! In fact, this character is that rogue. I was in Legions of Crimson Reign (small guild) initially and Fidelis Legio (less small guild, some of the most fun I ever had playing this game) after. I think I joined late 1.12 or VERY early 2.0 (pre-TBC) and was there through Late S2/early S3. Fun fun fun times.

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