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I am new to WoW, but a veteran healer in GW. This is my main toon and I have been doing exclusively dungeon healing. I would like to venture into Raids. Are there any guild looking for a new healer? I started out as Holy, but prefer Discipline.


You need to hit 85 and acquire some gear before you can start raiding, Sir.
Hello Hakkari,

Firstly welcome to WoW bud. Its always good to see new players transitioning over. As previously mentioned by Card you will need to attain level 85 before you can progress into end game content. In reguards to other info that might help you out here are a few tid bits. The server you have chosen is a primarily Horde dominated realm. Though you will find some good raiding guilds on the ally side in Epic (5/8 Hard Mode DS), FFS (3/8 HM DS), as well as some long time residing alliance guilds of Sol Invictus (2/8 HM), Illusion and Overtime (1/8 HM). Your best bet is to attempt to join one of these guilds if you plan to stay alliance or find yourself a casual guild and work on attaining some gear through the current lvl 85 heroics as well as using the current Looking for Raid tool and making sure that you cap at 85 every week for your Valor points.

If you are looking for ways to consistently improve your play I would point you in the direction of one of the worlds best Priests Phlaryu. He is a alliance gnome priest for one of the worlds top guilds Method on the European server Xavius. There are a multitude of sites out there that can help you with your optimal spec/gear/rotation/gemming/chanting to make your game play more enjoyable. On another note though as far as pve content is concerned the majority of horde races tend to have better PVE racials while alliance tend to be more PVP based with the obvious exceptions of the 1% hit available for Dranei and the 1% damage for Worgen. This is just in case you ever decide to go red instead of blue.

I hope some of this information is helpful to you and if you need further assistance or have questions feel free to make a lvl 1 horde alt and hit me up. If I am not indisposed I will do my best to answer whatever I can. Best of luck on your journey bud and welcome to the monster that is wow!

V/R Darcfrost GM of KILLTHEME and friend to Murlocs everywhere....mrrrgggllll!!!!

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