[A] <Razor> Recruiting for HM DS

Recruiting the following classes/roles:

Paladin - Prot/Holy
Warrior - Prot
Druid - Prot/Resto
Shaman - Resto/Enh/Ele
Mage - Fire/Arcane

Raid times are Tues/Wed/Sun 6:00-10:00PM Server Time

In the last month we have lost a MT and a MH due to real life situations so we are looking to recruit a tank and healer for immediate raid spots. We always accept great dps classes but your spot is not always guaranteed until you earn the rank of a raider.

We are 8/8 DS and looking to push for HM progression as soon as we fill these raid spots.

Our core group has been playing together sense WoTLK and some even longer. We approach raiding in a casual manner but have great chemistry when it comes to working as a team. We provide a friendly and mature environment for anyone who decides to join us so we expect the same attitude in return.

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