Looking to start a regular night for RBG's.
Aiming to make this on a Monday night from approx 8pm onwards, looking for people with a 4000-4500 Minimum resil stat.
Currently looking to get of the ground and just get some numbers with interest in progressing further.
We require at least another 2-3 healers - Disc Priest / Holy Paly pref
We require at least another 4-5 DPS - Currently looking for anyone but will be choosing specific classes based on numbers.

Also happy to run these over the wknds as well when we can, please pst me in game or post here with your interest and armory link.
I am also interested in some casual Rated BGs , ill b helping Anrilla get a group together so also pst me ingame so we can hopefully get this going in the near future
Sup ya'll.

Definitely keen to participate.

Will take a note of your details Anrilla.

I spend alot of time (PvP) over a few toons, but the majority is tied up with the one linked below.


Hope to hear from you.

G (aka Tpak)
Yeah i would like to do Rated Bg's :) im in

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