Ret. Paladins, crit or haste?

After mastery, which of these two stats do you go for next in PVE? whats the pros/cons for picking one over the other?
For PVE or PVP?

I'm gonna assume PVE here, in which case most rets traditionally prefer crit > haste. There are some who prefer haste > crit. Truthfully there is no big difference in DPS between the two stats.
When it comes to Crit vs Haste, there's nothing that really gives one the upper hand over the other. Statistically they're so close that the difference in gains is negligible.

So it's really up to you what you prefer, do you want to lower the cd of Crusader Strike or have a higher chance to crit? Traditionally I've always chosen crit but I find myself changing my tune when it comes to haste. Keep in mind though the Haste cap is currently unreachable in DS heroic gear.
As stated above the difference between the two is not much, I choose crit over haste. With the right raid comp I get a good amount of haste buff, so I put more into crit. The best case is to have a 3s cd on strike, but its not possible with current gear.
i try to get rid of as much haste and crit as i can

but if i have to get rid of hit and expertise because i am above caps, and can't take mastery (cause it's already on the gear) i will probably just go for crit.
For pve= Str > hit > expertise > mastery > crit > haste.

This is my opinion, prior to 4.3 it was crit =/= haste, but with the judgement buff I would say crit pulled slightly ahead of haste.

For pvp= Str > hit 5% > crit > expertise > mastery > haste.

Again, opinion, crit vs mastery was always debated but once again 4.3 judgement buff pulled crit slightly ahead, aswell as more reliable wog heals, expertise is ahead of mastery since a parried/dodged crusader can really own you but you will get the expertise you need off your bracers, shoulders, and glyph, along with your t13 helmet if you choose to use the helmet+legs for 2set.
crit over haste always
Don't make claims like "crit over haste always" it's ignorant and your claim is unsupported.
3s CS CD is ideal.
My best I've hit is 3.7s CD self buffed.
While crit is nice, I've found the swing of weapon at 3sec and CS 3.7 worked quite well with my seal (dmg per hit) with crit I saw no gains in dps (~1-3% loss overall, over several 5min trials to minimize RNG differences)
It really comes down to preference, but I've personally seen better gains with haste over crit.
With T13 2pc factoring more HP, the ratings may sway more to one of the other (faster TV hits) but I've yet to do the math personally. But I'd recommend running tests yourself or doing the research yourself, however here, you'll most likely get opinions.
I generally take Haste over crit, but only because I have Gurthalak. Otherwise, I'd be going for Crit.
I used to prefer Haste over Crit but with the 2pc T13 compounded with better reforging Crit heavy is the way to go. Most encounters in dragon soul favor a crit heavy build as there's a lot of target changing and burst DPS requirements. What really made haste desirable throughout T12 is that it
A. Allowed you to use Heroic Apparatus without cancelaura'ing your Vessel stacks
B. It allowed better overall reforging and netted you more mastery then being crit heavy. Since Firelands gear was pretty much garbage over all.

Right now I'm reforged for Madness so I can have that wonderful 3 second CS but that's kind of a one off thing.
I've tried both haste and crit in general and couldn't notice any difference. However, given my current trinkets proc crit, in theory, stacking crit for me might earn me more dps through the increased crit ratings.
Obviously I'm prot at the moment, but as the others stated haste buffs are generally a slight bit more prevalent in raids than crit buffs of equal magnitude, so between that and the whole 'using-two-fillers' thing, I go crit over haste in my ret gear.
This is a older post so the info is way out of date. This topic always pops up when I search for Ret Paladin Haste crit so im going to update it a little.

Its MOP 5.3 : After hit and exp to cap the stat priority is str > haste > mastery > crit

    * Haste is tops because it now effects our spell, DoT rate, heals, and major attack move CD's. Shorter CD's means faster holy power generation.

    * Mastery comes in second due to the fact that haste increases the number of attacks that are effected by mastery.

    * Crit is now last. Critical Strike is valued only slightly lower than mastery. However, crit may overtake mastery once HIGH item levels are achieved. This is still subject to personal playstyle scence the DPS averages the same with more crit at high levels. Because crit is 100% luck based the resulting DPS may be greater or lower than the Mastery build.<ul/>

P.S. This is an abreviated version of the general 5.3 Ret Paladin build knoledge base.


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Use simcraft to find your stat weights and gear accordingly.
Why would you necro a 1 1/2year thread to tell OP times have changed.
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Its MOP 5.3 : After hit and exp to cap the stat priority is str > haste > mastery > crit

Not entirely true; the relative values of crit and mastery will shift back and forth as your gear fluctuates. It all depends on how much of which you have, and what you need elsewhere (i.e., haste, hit, and expertise).

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