Dorf priest looking for am 10 man raids .

Title says it all , I have completed 10 man ds with hardmode Morchock and Yor'sahj down . Main spec Holy off spec shadow . Looking for a morning raids and do not wish to leave my current guild . If there is any guilds having trouble filling a morning heals slot or a non fail pug group running feel free to contact me .
Hi Bitterr! You would have to leave your guild unfortunately but you can always think about it and try us out :) Talk to me or Samarita ingame before or after raid hours

<Drachefaust> is a pre-bc raiding guild on Garona server (A). We've progressed through all game content, and now off to Dragonsoul. Members come and go, but the core players have sticked around throughout tough and easy content.

We are 8/8 Dragonsoul.

As of today we have 2 strong 10 man groups, and do 25m every Wednesday.

Here is some basic information about us:


Raid time: Wed, Thurs, Mon 8-11:30AM Server time (CST)

Progress:8/8 Dragonsoul

Server: Garona, Alliance

Vent is not required, but we use one.

Attendance - try to make 70% of the time (2 out of 3 raids a week. But we all have lives and families, so if you got stuff to do, you will be understood). Though high attendance is always rewarded!

Recruiting: As of today we are open to all ranged dps and healers; have a few spots for mele dps (closed for tanks and dps warriors).



Feel free to contact Samarita through game chat or via mail, or ask for any officer. Best time to contact - before or after raid hours. Applicants from horde side or other servers - send me a real ID invite to

Good luck and have a nice day!

- Samarita
Hey Bitterr, we are a morning raiding guild. We wouldn't require you to leave your current guild to raid with us, however if you would like to join us you and any alts would be most certainly welcome. We are short healers at times so you would fit right in and at the moment we do not have a priest. I would have to say that if we do have a enough guild members on we couldn't guarentee you a spot, but as of late we seem to be short that one person.

We are currently 6/8 normal 10m DS. We would be further but we lost a few players to RL issues, mainly work scehdule changes.

Our raid times are Mon,Wed and Thurs 8am-1030am server.

We have a MS/OS loot roll system (no dkp). So basically if you are there we allow you to roll on loot. We are a layed back group that likes to avoid drama.

If you have any questions feel fre to ask by sending me a message in game or here. you can find me on most mornings, otherwise speak to any other council member that may be on.

Thanks for your consideration of Mana Fest. I hope to be speaking with you soon.

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