How long does it take to level 1-85?

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I want Kalen to learn engineering but that would require me to drop skinning. So I figured I could level up another character for gathering purposes.

But I am learning why I stopped leveling before. Its boring. So I was wondering how long it would take to get to 85 without serious hardcore grinding.
1-60 is pretty fast, especially if you have heirlooms, even moreso if you also have the guild XP perk. If you're just looking to speed through it, I'd say roll Tank/Healer and queue dungeons straight through.

If you choose to run DPS, then quest while you're queued for dungeons, since the longer queues mean more down time.

60-80 are kind of the hell levels for me (when wanting to just level up quickly). But if you're a tank/heals you can avoid questing entirely and just keep up with dungeons, avoiding Outlands and Northrend entirely.
My /played is 2 days at 65. I reckon if I keep up the pace the rest of the levels could be gotten in a /played week or two. Of course I am abusing tank queues since I hate outland quests.

But yeah, given questing is even faster; I'd say a week would be a good number if you stick at it. and don't AFK in cities like I do.
Im actually wanting to quest more since I want to grab all the ore along the way.

Thanks for the input.
I remember when I first leveled Sholaad right as BC was released, it took me almost a year...perhaps even a year in a half to level him to 70. I took my time doing all sorts of quests, doing all the vanilla content that I didn't get to in the two weeks I played before it ended. I did level 60 battlegrounds and FELL IN LOVE WITH PvP! (Fighting orc warriors in that pvp gear with Sho in the paladin pvp gear was such an epic memory).

Now, it takes, if you really concentrate upon it, about a week for me to hit 60, and after that...I guess three more weeks to get to 85? Just about I believe. Though it takes me much longer, since I get bored leveling at certain points, and other times I'm inspired to do it.
If you can play a tank character, you will have almost instant queues into instances. I would highly recommend it as an alternative to questing if questing bores you.

Also, if there are any areas that you haven't been to or quested in before, doing the quests there will help dispel some of the monotony.
Play a prot pally and chain pull the living hell out of everything, lots of xp and you finish quests fast
Fixed. Because if you chain pull things as ret, even with heirlooms those mobs will eat the hell out of your HP. Usually takes me a week to get a char from 1 to 85. Fastest way is generally to do every dungeon at least once to finish all the dungeon quests in them, and otherwise spend the rest of the time questing in current-level zones.

You'll find yourself often leaving zones before you're even 1/4th through the quests in them, but that's alright, it's usually how it goes. Except for Outlands, I smash through Hellfire until 65~66, then go finish off the last few levels to 68 in Nagrand before rushing into Northrend where I would do one of the two starting spots, then push to either Scholozar or Zul'Drak, then Icecrown. For Cata, would go Hyjal, Uldum at 83 to 84, then Twilight Highlands for the last level to 85. Mainly because, in terms of rewards, Uldum has a nice trinket reward, Hyjal is kind of required if you're going to go for the Molten Front dailies/rewards, and Twilight Highlands has the highest level quest rewards as well as the Crucible.

For most xp/gold/etc, always do the Ring of Blood style quests in Nagrand, Zul'Drak, and Twilight Highlands. They are worth it as some of the highest XP/Gold per minute quests if you have guildies willing to help, since finding a group in Outland or Northrend may take a bit too long otherwise, the one in Twilight Highlands is easy to find a group for, depending on the time.
I just finished leveling a ret pally, he never once died outside of very bad dungeon pulls or BGs, and could outright annihilate mobs in PvE when things proc'd or when he had AW+Zealotry up, but when none of those were the case, had to stop to heal up fairly often. And in my opinion, stopping even to cast a single heal counts as downtime when prot just rolls through like a train from level 1 to 85 with only needing WoG to keep at full health.

Not sure if you leveled your pally before or after the WoG change that made ret pallies slightly less invincible while leveling, but I dunno.

Also, unless you desperately need money from gathering professions, save leveling them until after hitting 85, because trying to keep prof's up to your level, especially with heirlooms, will only slow you down, and would be much quicker to level later when riding a quick flying mount from node to node, or farm area to farm area, or for soloing dungeons for greens to DE, etc.
Black n yellow... black n yellow.. black n yello- wait what?
This was the first character that I have that has made it to 85. Being that it is a Death Knight I has to have a level 55 character prior to making this one. I was able to level up a hunter to 60 in about 3 weeks, no heirlooms, and only a level 3 guild. I made this one and started the outland grind. I found that leveling up at least once a day made it go quickly. Try and get two levels a day when you can (60-62 in one day 62-64 in oneday 64-66 in one day) after 66 all I could do is one level a day unless i could spend all day on the game of course. It should take about 2-3 weeks to hit 80 doin this. Then maybe another 2-3 weeks maybe shorter if your more experienced to get 80-85. So total time for me to get one 85 was about 2 months. Again no heirlooms or leveling guilds while i was leveling. I did spend a moderate amount of time on proffessions (Minning was 450 at 85 BS was 250 at 85)
The people saying months are really confusing to me, you can do 60 in a day play time and the rest in three
My leveling experiences varied, but when 4.3 hit, I leveled this toon inside of about 20 hours of playtime. Provided this was my 3rd 85 and I knew all the power-leveling tricks, so I rode it out doing my usual paths plus using full heirlooms and the guild perks.
sorry if it has been suggested, i just skimmed over replies. But if you are doing this for the sheer purpose of a gathering toon, it has to just be a DK where you will pretty much be starting out at 60 by time you get out the start story with guild xp and hirlooms etc. Plus running blood will allow you to grind out duns as tank when bored of leveling in certain area's etc
Plus if it is just for gathering, say ore's etc you prob will not even have to hit 85 either as you can max out mining a few levels before 85
04/15/2012 11:48 PMPosted by Kgmagaro
The people saying months are really confusing to me, you can do 60 in a day play time and the rest in three

Some of us don't play WoW 12-14 hours a day.
04/16/2012 12:27 PMPosted by Glaivewind
Some of us don't play WoW 12-14 hours a day.

I believe he meant in /played. Hell, it'd be shorter /played if you don't get on as much due to Rested stacking.
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So I was wondering how long it would take to get to 85 without serious hardcore grinding.

As long as it takes you. Just get out there and do it!

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