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The current majority of us are very laid back. We log on, chat with old friends, do random battlegrounds for fun and maybe make some gold doing lfr, old raids and 5 mans. If this sounds like you we’d love to have you.

What we are also hoping to get is people truly interested in raids, arenas and rated battlegrounds. The primary reason for this is we want to expand our guild through membership, friendships and even the in-game value of achievements/perks.

We have people to manage the “guild” but we’re really looking for raid/PvP leaders and recruiters that would be able to create their own teams with their own schedule. Why are we looking for that? On a very basic level that would provide the guild it’s self with more achievements and perks along with a more valued reputation on Earthen Ring. Why would someone want to do that? You as a recruiter for the raid team you or your friend made within our guild have complete control over raid times, loot rules, who gets in the raid etc. We aren’t here to tell you how to raid, just to give you an atmosphere in which you can and help you by supplying the repairs and materials you need once your team gets underway. The same goes to the PvP’ers, whether you want a minimum experience requirement of 2400 or 1000 to get into your RBGs is entirely up to you.

Having a guild with such a variety in play styles (A group of raiders, some buddies who arena together, teams of RBG’ers, levelers, lore nerds etc) will widen everyone who is involved's knowledge and ability.

If you’re a hardcore PvE’er, an 1100 PvP’er or an alt-o-holic that is just fun to be around, we want you! Currently at 60 members, with 7 bank tabs, a 50man ventrilo server for our members (and their friends) to use whenever and 15 levels worth of perks including 10% xp for levelers, additional honor, justice points and reputation for the gearing 85’s.
i support this message

btw get me into your RBGs

I found a group to run with already so I didn't need to recruit for my own, ha! <3s Hope your guild does well Ranzou!!!
Hey Xann. If you guys start running RBGs and need a healer i'm almost always on.
Xannthar quit, uninstalled. Went to SWTOR and is hardcore TERA beta atm =/ /miss Xannthar.
aw =/

i saw his dk, thought it was him ^.^
Bump for 20 members.
bump for overhaul of thread. yay for being lv 15 > lv 1.
Yo you haz lootz?

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