Guild recrutiment!!1

The <dark ngiht battlors> aer now recruiuting! We are a fancy, fun, entertaining, strong, powowrufl, tough group of battlors bent out upon battloring our way to the top. Buckel up men cuz we r going to be fiting dragons all day! We are nice and help level and radyding soon, so i hope u boys got ur big mean pants on. Pst me for invte ingame and enjoy urselves!!XD
Dakisarak/Terrill approves wholeheartedly of the <dark ngiht battlors>
This might not mean anything to you newbies, but this means that this guild is the zippity shizzle fo hizzle
He also says that Bad Mojo is gay and that Youwish is still an immature asperger's afflicted crybaby
Sucks you guys are ngiht battlors. Any day battlors fiting dragons??

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