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How is the connection between the Forsaken and the rest of the Horde through political terms?
What happened to Kael'thas? Is he still dead or was the Sunwell just another setback? If he is dead then where is his body located?
If the Ruby Sanctum and the Obsidian Sanctum are supposed to be located somewhere on the planet and the gates at the bottom of wyrmrest temple are just portals to the respective places then where on Azeroth are the Ruby Sanctum and the Obsidian Sanctum?
With the Dragonmaw Clan and the Mag'har joining the Horde, it seems a lot like playing as an orc means that you're able to play from an orc from the entire orcish race, with this in mind, I was wondering, what do you think the likelihood is that sometime in the future that the Horde will expand to the Shattered Hand clan and recruit them into it?
With Cataclysm, we've seen every type of life style and groups of dragons of the five respective dragonflights, with the exception to the green dragonflight. Is this a sign (along with the lack of a green drake, and area that we can explore belonging to the green dragonflight) that in the future there's going to be an emerald dream expansion? If not then could you tell us when or if there's going to be a patch where we can explore the lifestyles and groups of dragons of the green dragonflight?
Is the globe of Azeroth round? If continental drift is applicable in WoW, where are the other fragments of Azeroth?
Is Mojo Stormstout a canon character, or is he just a name made up by Nebu for the Warcraft III website?
Off the southern coast of the Dragonblight, where the Path of the Titans reaches the Frozen Sea, you can see the skeletal remains of an enormous creature (larger than even Galakrond). What was it?
Is Chronormu male or female?
Why was Torseg the Exiled exiled?
What sort of bow does Sylvanas use? In the RPG she had Sunstrider's Longbow (which once belonged to Dath'Remar), but in the TCG she had a bow called Deathwhisper.
How many generations passed between Dath'Remar and Anasterian?
What happened to the distinctive arms and armor of Grand Marshal Garithos?
Who was Lady Deathwhisper? How did she achieve such a notable position in the Cult of the Damned?
The time for questions is at an end! The “Ask CDev” threads around the world are now locked, with almost four thousand questions posted between all the regions. Land sakes alive, we’re cooking with petrol now!

To provide some insight into how we will be moving forward, here is our current plan:
- Working with our web team, we will generate a spreadsheet containing every single question asked across every single region, with non-English questions receiving a translation pass.

- After all the questions are compiled, I will call upon the totality of my ocular fortitude and wade through every single question to remove any that:
  • Will be answered by the initial release of Mists of Pandaria
  • Were answered by previous “Ask CDev”s
  • Focused on gameplay or design concerns
  • We cannot answer without spoiling large plot points in future publications or game patches

  • - With the remaining questions, the Creative Development publishing team will go through and further narrow the list down to three types:
  • Questions that our historians and story developers can answer easily
  • Questions that require a meeting with Chris Metzen, Dave Kosak, and the CDev story developers to answer
  • Questions that are worthwhile but won’t answer now due to time and bandwidth

  • - We’ll then generate the answers that fit #1, and have a meeting (or two, or three) with Chris and Dave to generate the answers to #2.

    - With all the answers (probably totaling somewhere around twenty to thirty) generated, we’ll give them a final pass through our historians, then to Chris and Dave for ultimate approval.

    - Our copy editor does a copyedit pass, and then we hand the completed document off to our localization team to be localized into 7 or so languages.

    - One localization is done, we’ll post the answers on the various regional Story Forums.

    TL;DR version: Answers coming sometime between now and when the Andromeda galaxy crashes into the Milky Way!

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