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Are the San'layn a faction of darkfallen, or is "San'layn" simply the Thalassian translation for "darkfallen?"
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We know deathwing was a mere pawn manipulated into going against his titan creators. But the mastermind of the cataclysm escapes with only minor setbacks. I'm disapointed in the cataclysm ending though that thrall is all like "the cataclysm is over". What cataclysm is he talking about? Sure world pillar was restored and deathwing isn't running amock. The world is stlll shattered, old gods released from prisons, and the twilight cults still in service of the old gods working to achieve their goals.

This brings us to N'zoth. When can we expect to see more of that story?
It's such an unresolved gapping hole in the lore of cataclysm to have gone unfinished. Especially when you have aspects and thrall acting like it's over, like they somehow forgot about the tenticles popping up all over the world. The old gods whispers being closer then ever. Or the fact N'zoth's minions clearly had enough strength to invade Wyrmrest so heavily.

Also to some of the questions asked by other people.
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Creative Development once again opens the floodgates for questions pertaining to the lore of the Warcraft universe!
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Will we ever hear anything about Bolvar again, or is the Lich king story finished?
Is the massive green-skinned orc (the so-called "dire orc") that players encounter during the worgen starting experience a unique or mutated breed of orc, or simply a "really big orc," as suggested by Gwen's dialogue?
Why do there seem to be so few Draenei Priests and Paladins around, when the light is such a big deal in the Alliance, and Draenei are most likely the best at it?
Was Min'loth the Serpent from the vanilla "Troll Legends" quests a member of the Darkspear Tribe?
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Really getting irritated at the people wasting our question space and I'd like to ask for an extended post cap ahead of time. Anyway another question.

As the story of Warcraft moves forward it seems the focus shifts more and more on Orcs and Humans and farther away from the other races until it feels like they are little more then cameo characters.

Are there any plans to have the other races receive some progress also instead of simply being 'along to the ride' as they have been?
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Why did Thrall allow slavery to remain in the Horde even after his experiences with it? I mean, he even made Reghar, a slave trader, his advisor, and he KNEW he was a slave trader from the conversation with Varian at Theramoore in the comic.
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What remains of the black dragonflight besides Wrathion and Sabellian? If there aren't anymore brood mothers, can the flight repopulate?
In Mists of Pandaria, will we see a reunion between Chen Stormstout, Rexxar, and Rokhan?
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Why did Thrall and the Bilgewater Cartel's citizens let Gallywix remain leader after all he'd done?
Draenei Warlocks.

There's been a lot of arguments over in this thread:, basically going back-and-forth to a mind-numbing degree until my brains liquefied and shut off.

Is there an official stance on whether this is at all "possible" Lore-wise? Is it likely that, given a good enough story explanation, we could ever see Draenei Locks — or is it completely off-limits?
down with the haters, will we see Budd, Mac, Samir and Adarrah (and friends) return as fortune seekers in MoP? Can they have a Tol'vir with them?


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