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Can we get a more in-depth answer on who or what Elune might be?
Algalon was a pretty cool being. Will we ever be seeing him or his kind again?
Are the Azotha and Tothrezim races mentioned in the RPG canon, or have they been excised from the lore?
Can we hear more about what happened to the death knights and the Knights of the Ebon Blade after Arthas was slain? A lot of death knights seemed to have only vengeance their only reason to continue after being emancipated from Arthas's control. And all DK lore stopped at ICC even though there was a chance for an epilogue of sorts in cataclysm with the revamp of EPL. We seen a lot about the Argent Crusade, but not our DK friends. So what happened to them?
My question is - do you feel that Cata's story telling was a bit incongruous? Do you have plans to return to a more coherent arc in Mists, as you did in Wrath?

It seems to me that, in retrospect, Deathwing was something of a non-character in the Cataclysm expansion. In contrast to Arthas, who was ever with us and constantly foreshadowed throughout Wrath, Deathwing played no meaningful role. He was ostensibly the cause of the Cataclysm, something which we understandably never saw or experienced. And after that, he seemed to retire and spend the intervening year doing little besides occassionally torching an alt that was questing in a low level zone.

I think Cho'gall took a leading role in bringing Deathwing's return - but he and his Twilight Cult appear to have been a total dead end, as far as story telling goes. I guess Al'Akir was an important part of DW's plan, but there didn't seem to be much going on there either.

Ragnaros - well he worked out ok from a story point of view - but mostly because we already knew him?

I just feel that the overall storytelling in Cata was a significant step back from Wrath. Ironically, Deathwing is something of a non-character even in the final battle of this expansion. We're mostly fighting his blood droplets and various forms of appendages - we barely even notice that Deathwing is a part of these fights.
Will the Dragonmaw orcs begin using proto-drakes or machines after they run out of black drakes, since there are so few left and they're going extinct?
Is Night Elf Priest Magic Divine, or Arcane?
Can CDev elaborate on the history of conflicts between the Air Elementals and Tol'vir?
How/Why did the Ethereals suddenly decide to go to Azeroth and set up shop? Like, did they just waltz up into the castle and ask for a pemit?
Will we get to see Tyrande Whisperwind taking a more active role in-game?
Will we ever see Night Elf Paladins? They already exist in the WoE instance, so when will we get to play as them?

Paladins are just Warrior-Priests anyway, and Night Elves have both Warriors and Priests.
Therazane eluded to having a long lost lover in the Elemental Bonds quest chain, will we ever find out who this could have been? I found Therazane to have a pleasant amount of character and personality shine through in her questing, and I'd like to see more of her!
What is the current status of Gilneas City and the land around it? The Silverpine quest chain ending is ambiguous as to whether the Alliance pulls out of Gilneas or just Silverpine, and the Rogue Legendary Dagger questline ends with the city's fate ambiguous as wel.
Are draenei and Befl lore gona get expanded?

There has being nothing since BC
Alexstrasza states that the Aspects' "great purpose" has been fulfilled. However, the Titans empowered the Aspects to watch over Azeroth and not to just stop Deathwing's second Cataclysm. Since Aman'Thul gifted Nozdormu with his powers over time, it's possible he predicted Deathwing's ultimate corruption, but that doesn't explain why the Aspects would be like "alright, job's done, vacation time" when there's still other threats to consider (N'zoth, the Burning Legion, etc.). Is this a retcon or are we missing something?
Can you separate Malfurion from Tyrande, or make Malfurion actually care about his people? Please?
(Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm going through the wowpedia database and asking things most relevant to my interests, one question per post as suggested by the man in the Merciless One in the top hat).

What was the nature of the extinct "earth giants" of Draenor that are the ancestors of the gronn, ogres, and orcs, and does the race have a proper (orcish?) name?
Will Sylvanas get more time in the spotlight in Mists? It seemed that she really didnt much attention throughout the Catacylsm, (other than the Forsaken Vs. Worgen Starting quests) and I for one would love to see some more focus on one of the only female racial leaders. For The Forsaken!

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