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As the story of World of Warcraft has progressed, we've seen a ton of heroes appear. Will we be seeing those characters play more of a part in World of Warcraft's future?

To be more specific, what happened to characters like Saurfang, Rexxar, Khadgar, Jaina, Garona (where the heck did she go after the short quest line in Twilight Highlands? lol), or any number of heroes that were made to be significant, and then sort of forgotten in "the biggest event since the shattering" (aka the Cataclysm), when they were needed most but totally unmentioned for the most part?

Related, think we'll ever see an instance with Broxigar?
Can you please elaborate on how Night Elves feel on Death Knights?
Rhonin, Modera, Aethas Sunreaver, Ansirem Runeweaver are now officially confirmed as the members of Council of Six who rule over Dalaran. With Krasus is dead now, who are the rest of the 2 members? And Could you explain how do they select or elect the new members for the council? Is it democracy?
Two of the Ata'mal crystals, Spirit's Song and Heart of Fury, are recovered during the Burning Crusade and returned to A'dal. Are the whereabouts of the other five known?
Will Neptulon's fate ever be expanded upon?
What actually happened to the Dreanei after the events in the Burning Crusade? It's been quite a few years since the Exodar crashed on Azeroth, and we can't live in a crashed ship forever.
After twenty years apart, how does Sabellian feel about Deathwing?
Will Worgen Druidism become different from Night Elven Druidism? There was good hints of Gilnean specific Druidism known as the Old Ways but not much is known about it.
Will Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth, leader of the alliance navy, actually be relevant at some point?
The Cataclysm story is solid, if you look at all the books and short stories as well as in game questing. But it doesn't seem to have the same cohesive feel if you're only looking at it from an in game perspective, is this something you're looking into in MoP? The short story (Charge of the Aspects) released with Dragon Soul does so much to explain and strengthen the story of the Hour of Twilight patch, but I'm afraid not everyone found themselves reading it. Is this something you're concerned about moving forward?
Garrosh seemed very surprised when the goblin players showed him the SI:7 badge. Was there any reason behind it? And Why would the SI:7 want to intercept Thrall since he is going to save the world? Is there any conspiracy going on like SI:7 was manipulated by the Twilight’s Hammer?
In Mists of Pandaria, will the Reliquary and Explorer's League be given greater focus, given the wide array of ancient artifacts likely to be uncovered on Pandaria?
Given the massive amount of devastation caused by Deathwing and his allies, the New Council of Tirisfal has been oddly silent. What are they up to?
Will we see Vol'jin in a more prominent role (à la Thrall's role in Cataclysm) any time in the next few expansions? Actually, on another note, what about Shadow hunters in general?

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