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Are the Dragon Aspects currently aware that Pandaria exists?

If so, did any of Deathwings forces attempt to find it?
Please remember to only ask questions directly relating to the lore (aka “story”) of the Warcraft universe; gameplay-related questions will be removed from the thread.

Also, please keep in mind the limit of one question per post - it helps us track questions much more easily when we begin the compilation process.
With his parents trapped on Outland (or beyond), who raised Arator?
Are there any translations you can provide for untranslated phrases or character names. For example, confirming that Garrosh's name means Heart of War?
How common are Worgen in the sentinel army, and will we see more of them (and Shandris) in WoW?
Will we see more tauren lore, i've always been a big fan of the tauren but besides the scrolls around Thunder Bluff and what i've seen in warcraft 3 there is nothing else?
Tell us more about the biological traits of worgens. Are they able to reproduce? And in short story "Leader of His Pack," it mentioned that Genn Greymane felt being younger when he transformed. Does that mean worgens have longer lifespan than normal humans?
Regarding the lifespan of the Draenei.
The Draenei left Argos and have been on the run for 25,000 years. While Velen is a prophet and possibly ageless due to magical reasons there are other Draenei who say they remember Argos which makes them at least 25,000 years old too. Considering how powerful the Draenei are with arcane magic and their connection to the Light are the Draenei naturally immortal, immune to aging? If not, how long do they live? What's the deal with those that are 25,000+ years old?
In the Netherstrom, Aurine Moonblaze mentions that the Cenarion Expedition is looking into the Ethereals' eco-dome technology. Has anything come of this?
I remember a coy reference to Kul Tiras planning on making a full appearance during Cataclysm. What's going on with them?
Is Lilian Voss an example of a Shadow Ascendant, or has that concept been excised from the lore?
Are we going to see what happens to Koltira (and Thassarian since he's hunting down Koltira) before MoP, or is it just going to be a little footnote in whatever may or may not happen with Sylvanas because of her actions?
Will there be new lord of elements? Since ragnaros is "dead" and so is Al'akir , althought i believe that Al'akir is still alive somehow.
Silithus is still a desert-wasteland, where the war against the Qiraji still goes on, even though in lore, it should have been taking care of some time before Burning Crusade. While the majority of Azeroth was updated, Silithus alone was unchanged, perhaps due to AQ 10/40? Is this going to be changed at a point in the future to reflect current times, or will new lore be introduced?

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Archebishop Benedictus's betrayal was a tragedy. Yet there's no explanation behind his course of actions. Could you explain how would he betray the Light and his kingdom? And is it related to Onyxia’s misgovernment when Varian Wrynn was absent?
Will the forsaken get some new leadership? Sylvannas is a stale character, and the only reason for her existence was removed with the unfortunate death of Arthas.

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