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What is the nature of the "Dark Embrace" that the ghost of Telarius Voidstrider is supposedly a Herald of? Is he a harbinger of things to come, or simply an easter egg?
Where is the Scythe of Elune now? It was last abruptly mentioned in Grizzly Hills by local werewolf trappers. I don't actually see any connection between tragic events in Gilneas and the Scythe.
With the size and scale of Auchindoun, it seems that the draenei had some fairly elaborate and strong beliefs about the dead and the afterlife. Will there ever be at some point even a brief elaboration on how the major playable races perceive death and the nature of the soul? Specifically to draenei, were those crazed Auchenai priests once benign guardians of the dead?
Can you elaborate on Varian's relationship with the wolf demigod Goldrinn? Has Varian been permanently buffed by Goldrinn or is it more like an activated ability? What purpose does Varian being favored by Goldrinn serve?
Magatha Grimtotem kind of leaves us on a cliffhanger after the Thousand Needles questline. Will we be encountering her soon down the road? I'd love some more Tauren lore.
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Can you tell us more about Galakrond?
Christie Golden's book says that the draenei had been on Draenor about 300 years, but D'ore in Auchindoun says it's been resting there for "nearly a thousand" - can you clarify this point?
It's been theorized that the naga were draining water from Zangarmarsh so that Illidan could use his vials to create a new Well of Eternity in Shadowmoon Valley. Was there any truth to this theory, or was there a different reason for the naga's actions?
Now that deathwing has been stopped, will the aspects still be a factor in future lore? The whole "mortal eyes" gig kinda caught me off guard with Sargeras still running around.
I am going with what another poster asked and say what's going to happen with Silithus? It's still a barren, lifeless waste land. The war with C'Thun has been long over, but the war still rages?
I'm a draenei enthusiast, so my apologies for the single-mindedness of the questions. One last one, what purpose do those face tendrils on draenei serve, and are they able to be moved voluntarily? I've seen a frightening amount of debate on such a seemingly small concept.
What will be of Neptulon, after he got abducted by Ozumat in the end of Throne of the Tides? I know the story was planned to continued in the Abyssal Maw, but since that has been discarded, are there any plans to review this elemental lord in-game, and what happened to him in MoP, or we'll have to wait for a "Queen Azshara expansion"?
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What are the Dire orcs?
how does the aging and maturing of each of the WOW races work?? for instance, how much time would it take for a blood elf or a draenei to go from a child to a teenager, than to an adult?

please use these "human ages" for the comparison: 6 - 12 - 16 - 21
What happened to the port of Hasic that was mentioned in Day of the Dragon?
What purpose does the Ebon Blade have now that Arthas is dead? Will you be writing anything in MoP to further their storyline? (Like, say, Thassarian and Koltira wrap-up?)
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Why do some Alliance soldiers raised by the Forsaken immediately become loyal to the Forsaken while others do not, if they all have free will?
As for world pvp in MoP, can we expect daily world pvp quests like "kill x alliance" or looting corpses for honor?

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