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Mustn't there be other elemental lords? We have killed the Lord of wind and fire, shouldn't someone retake there place to keep the elements at bay? Or are they docile now that there lords have been extinguished?
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Are the Anubisath and the Horusath in any way related to titanic watchers in Uldum? For example Setesh is very similar to Anubisath and Rajh to Horusath.
Medivh seemed like such a cool character. Will you ever use him for something more significant than being the "bad guy" in Black Morass.
Wrathion, the Black Prince, said to his knowledge, he is the last black dragon. Yet we know that Sabellian, son of Deathwing, A.K.A. Baron Sablemane, is still active in Outland. And from his latest actions, he seems to be a relatively good dragon. He worked with Cenarion Expedition. He helped the players to exterminate the evil Wyrmcult and liberate dragon whelps. Was there any conspiracy behind it? Or did he participate in Deathwing's campaign and eventually got killed so that Wrathion stated he is the last black dragon?
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Do the new Worgen pass the curse down to their children (with or without control over it) or are the Worgen essentially doomed to die off after one generation?
Can you elaborate a bit on the history of the Kingdom of Azeroth? Did it change its name to Stormwind after being rebuilt following the First War, or was it retconned to have always been called Stormwind? And if so, is the name of the southern "continent" of the Eastern Kingdoms still Azeroth?
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What are the Reliquary of Souls and the Devourer Of Souls?
Is there any insight you can give on any of the following locations from past Warcraft games and other "expanded universe" lore that do not appear in WoW:

Balor, Kul Tiras, Zul'dare, Vandermar, Nendis, the Darkspear islands, the Broken Isles, and the destroyed regions of Draenor (such as the Brokenrock Mountains, Fields of Farahlon, and ancestral island territory of the Warsong Clan).
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Where is the Scythe of Elune now? It was last abruptly mentioned in Grizzly Hills by local werewolf trappers. I don't actually see any connection between tragic events in Gilneas and the Scythe.

Use Wowpedia. :|

Question: WoW Magazine Five said that there were 'earth giants' on draenor that degenerated into other giants, gronn, ettin, ogres and eventually orcs. These Giants left behind bones and were apparently wiped out by the orcs prior to the first war, can you tell us more about them?

Will there be an explanation for the similarities between Night Elves and Pandaren as far as the "asianesque" elements of both cultures or will there be an "understandable" retcon of Night Elf designs so they are less Asian?
If "the age of mortals has begun," does that mean that dragons will become more reclusive in future stories? Will this also effect how they will handle future political matters (maybe the return of Sargerus and "will they" or "won't they" join the fight).
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Are Iso'rath, Shu'ma, and Go'rath forgotten ones? They seem very similar to the Forgotten One that fought Arthas in Azjol-Nerub. If not, what are they?
How, exactly, do runeblades work?

One of the books in the starting zone seems to indicate that they're essentially disposable and replaceable-- if you lose yours, you just have to go make a new one-- and the fact that PC death knights can change weapons freely seems to back that up. However, the lore death knights seem to stick to a single specific weapon (or a pair of swords, in Thassarian's case) and, in the Ashbringer comic, Alex Mograine's soul ended up stuck inside the Ashbringer. Of course, the Ashbringer wasn't exactly a common runeblade; if they theory that it's made of a piece of a Naaru is true, then the Narru-bit being in a Void state would mean it would have the property of drawing in souls.

Can a death knight use a blade another death knight put runes on? Also, what happens if a living, non-death knight tries to use a runeblade?
What caused Duskwood to become the way it is? Various sources cite Medivh's corruption, the Scythe of Elune, and the Scourge, which seem to be mutually exclusive possibilities given that they would occur at different periods of time.
Why the throne of Khaz Modan fell into the hands of Bronzebeard family, while the Anvilmar family still had their descendants? Was it one of the reason that cause the War of the Three Hammers?
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Why are the rockflayers, an Outland species, in Deepholm, an elemental plane of Azeroth?

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