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What did Alexstarassa mean by 'this was our great purpose?' The old gods are still out there. It makes no sense that slaying deathwing, one of the five aspects, would be the great purpose of the aspects. Did she mean it in a more vague sense, that thwarting the plans of the old gods was their purpose? That's good but the old gods are still out there, even if they were dealt a major setback in Dragon Soul. Does she mean that their purpoes is fullfilled because they're no longer needed and the mortals can take care of themselves? Deathwing wasn't slain by mere mortals but by the combined power of the aspects in the dragon soul. I just don't get what she could have meant.
....for that matter, is the Ashbringer made of a piece of Naaru?
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What is the governmental role of the Senate of Ironforge? And what changes happened with the recent Council of the Three Hammer and the Dark Iron and Wildhammer clans in Ironforge?
What happend to the Plate of the Damned? The armor encased in the Frozen Throne was never seen again after Arthas became the Lich King, though he wielded the Lich King's other two demonic artifacts (the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne).
In Serpentshrine Cavern, when the sea giant Morogrim Tidewalker died, he said "Great... currents of... Ageon." What/who/where is Ageon?
Will there eventually be a warlock hero? Warlocks seem to be the only class without a major hero for the alliance/horde.
I think it's fascinating how the lore around Sylvanas is developing to show her turning even colder and more desperate now that she (a) has the power to create new Forsaken and (b) has her life directly tied to the continued existence of the remaining Val'kyr. I can see a raid in which we face off against Sylvanas and have to set free the final Val'kyr that pledged her life so that this thing that became ever more twisted could live, and now all she wants is to die so Sylvanas can share her fate.

Mostly I just want to give kudos for that anticipation I'm feeling, but I guess if I'm asking a question, it would be: Can you give us any small glimpses into the futures of any other faction leaders? People taking a major role we wouldn't expect, people turning down a path that changes the fate of their people, that sort of thing? Just glimpses and anticipation, like "we have big things planned for ___" not necessarily spoilers.
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Is the map of Azeroth as we know it world-spanning, or have we merely seen one side of the globe?
During the MoP discussion, there was map of Pandaria shown. At the northern part of the map was a lone island. Inside of the map said "Zandalari Isle." How will Zandalari's play out in MoP? Did they follow the Alliance and Horde to the island and set up camp or where they already there?
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What was the plot for crystal satyrs and dryads, and everything else, in Crystalsong Forest?
-The aspects gonna do anything anymore or was "losing their power" a way of dis-including them from future events
-Whats going on with Gilneas?
-Are you going to expand the undercity to include the upper levels or even the outside?
-Wheres Koltira Deathweaver?
-Are we going to be helping Neptulon the Tidehunter anytime soon?
-where the heck is galywix
-thrall's baby gonna be a plot point?
-anything gonna happen with the whole Vol'jin/Garrosh/Sylvanas arc?
-we gonna hear anything from the new Lich King?
Since Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne there's been indications that there was heavy Old God corruption in the depths of Azjol-Nerub. However, we saw very little of this in Wrath of the Lich King, and virtually all of the Old God storyline revolved around Ulduar. Do the Faceless ones in the Old Kingdom stem from Yogg-Saron's influence, or is there something else happening down there?
The Tol'vir appear to venerate the four watchers Rajh, Setesh, Isiset and Ammunae, yet we go into the Halls of Origination and kill them pretty unabashedly. Are the Tol'vir aware of this? How do they feel about it? Should they be scorned or is the wide use of the watchers image in their society merely for the sake of using powerful and familiar icons?
What exactly, is the Sky Father? And what's his relationship with the Earth Mother and the tauren's belief?
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In Wrath of the Lich King we only saw the sewers and lower levels of Gundrak, what is actually inside Gundrak?
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Will there be an explanation for the similarities between Night Elves and Pandaren as far as the "asianesque" elements of both cultures or will there be an "understandable" retcon of Night Elf designs so they are less Asian?

They interacted with the Night Elves before the Highborne went nuts. Use Wowpedia please.

The Blood Elves seem to have alot of small supporting camps and personnel in Kalimdor. In particular, what was Envoy Sheelah's mission in Ashenvale, and how will it affect Blood Elven relations with the Alliance and Horde?
How did Nefarian come back to unlife after we cut off his head? For that matter, how did he get Onyxia's head in order to sew it back onto her body?

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