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Can you confirm the total amount of Old Gods on Azeroth and not just speculated ones.

@Chikatree, Don't ask questions unrelated to lore
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What is the name of the ominous island in "War of the Ancients Trilogy, The Well of Eternity", and what are it's "more evil than the scourge" ghouls inhabitants?
If there can be Druids of the Flame, could there also be Druids of the Earth? of Water? Air?
Where is Medivh? He was a awesome character, He partook in some of the most massive events on Azeroth, and died possibly up to four times in the process. He was so crucial to some of the first wars, and know he just "gone" what befell of this character? You would think one that had so much influence (maybe even the most!) in the early lore would have at least a proper downfall in WoW.

" the reason for the Legion's return. Years ago, I brought the orcs to this world, and by doing so, I opened a path for the demons as well. For my sins I was murdered by those who I cared for must. Despite my death, war raged across the lands of the east for many years, leaving entire kingdoms devastated in its wake. Now at long last I have returned to set things right. I... am Medivh, The Last Guardian, I tell you now, the only chance for this world is for for unite in arms against the enemies of all who live"
It looks like you are trying to push the idea that the forsakens are the rightful Lordaeron government. So does Sylvanas charm or mind control those forsakens being raised in Western Plaguelands? Because back during the Cataclysm beta, newly raised Forsaken in Andorhol had a buff listed under their name indicating that the Val'kyr were charming or mind controlling them to work for the Forsaken, but this buff was removed by the time Cata went live. If the Val'kyr are not mind controlling the freshly raised, formerly Alliance farmers, why do they work for the Forsaken?
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What happened with the Glaive of the Aspects? Highlord Kruul assaulted Azeroth in the pre-TBC event searching its shards, and finally Kazzak managed to rebuild the glaive. It's even mentioned in it's page at the official site, but we haven't heard from the weapon ever again, and it doesn't appear in-game.
The Horde seems to have taken a U-turn in Cataclysm, going from the "noble savage" archetype to simply another band of thugs. My question is: is this a temporary stumble on the Horde's path to redemption, or is your ultimate plan to return to a Warcraft II model, where the Alliance is clearly the good guys and the Horde is clearly the bad guys?
Dang some of you guys are fast!

I have a question that has made a few of my friends side-eye me based on my theory.

I believe it's said in one of the books/one of the website stories that bronze dragons don't bleed blood, they bleed sands of time. Or maybe just general sand, I don't remember.

During the final cinematic of dragonsoul you watch as the aspects turn mortal. All of their eyes lose their glow save for Nozdormu who instead has his shoulderpiece burst open and sand start flowing out of it. He looks more than a little dismayed when he looks over at it, much moreso than the other aspects. Given that the armor they wear is part of their body (it reintegrates with them when they shapeshift for the most part!) would it be right to assume that Nozdormu is essentially bleeding and at this point could be dying due to his own mortality? Is that the death he saw before becoming Murozond?

I would like to know so I can either feel smug about it to my friends (I know you guys are reading this and will send angry tweets at me) or disappointed for reading too deeply into it.

The Grizzly Hills quests implied the Scythe of Elune was there, but Curse of the Worgen says it went straight to Gilneas. Was it ever actually there?
What's been going on with the Qiraji/Silithid since C'thun died? We went into AQ during the cata event and didn't see anything but elementals.
Is there a method to the madness that seems to be the Titan hierarchy? So far we have seen at least three tiers of Titan Guardians (Watchers, Aspects and whatever those things are in Halls of Origination) - all seem to fulfill the same role. Seems kind of redundant, but I can't imagine it's an oversight on Blizzard's part. I sense clues to how the Titan's work. ;)

And how do the Naruu fit in to the picture? And the Ancients? How does the Titan's Pantheon look when mapped out in relation to, say Sargeras' forces? Are the existing Titan-appointed beings analogous to, say, Archimonde?

Finally, now that we kind of cleaned house a bit, will we start getting answers to those mysteries starting in Mists?

As a pouty note - why haven't you included ANY clues to the Titans in Archaeology? :(
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What happened to the Ata'mal crystals?
Are there any non corrupt druids who are Druids of the Flame and maybe study the arts in Moonglade?
What is the history behind the Bloodfang/Judgement armor sets and how did they get scattered across the world? Who crafted them and for whom? How did the noble adventurers ( or villians) meet their end?
How did Mor'ghor, his fel orcs, the Ettin, and Gronn, get from Outland to Azeroth if the Dark Portal is guarded?
Can you go into some more detail about what happened to Kael'thas between the events of WC3: TFT and WOW: TBC?

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