[H] Chainfire - Mount/Title Sales

lol @ this thread
Looking for buyer first week of April
Taking competitive offers for next week
Taking offers for 2nd week of April
Week Starting April 10th, is what we're looking to fill, Contact Synapse in game
heh why pay 225k when in less then a few months this will be easy to do with a 5 man raid team in a pug.

Not worth the gold imho lol!

Cause they will probably make the mount a 1% drop on hard mode like they do with everything else.
Updated for Current Dragon Soul Sales
Still looking for Buyers for both Tier 12 and Tier 13.
03/03/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Standin
Ahh i think strat is under cutting u guys now they went down to 200k only a mater of time b4 it will be 75k i think ill just wait till that happens or run it now that I out gear the place by 10+ilvl then the max gear u could have in there

We're selling it for 150k this weekend, what are you talkin' about!
Your tears sustain me Zagam.
Synapse = Elltrain

loving this thread
Synapse = Elltrain


Malkontent = Shanknasty

Elltrain from Aftermath? Why would I be him/her?

I love this thread too, bumping for more buyers.

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