[H] Chainfire - Mount/Title Sales

Contacting! :D
May be opening a second Firehawk run, demand is high atm
damn, these things are selling like hot cakes. lol When I get the last of my gold farmed Ill hit you guys up.
Rag/Deathwing Buyer's inquire within!
Updated Prices - Still looking for Buyers - Don't hesitate to send us offers, we are open to them, but you must be realistic about them.
Looking for Buyer's still - coming up on your last chance before Mists, inq
Still taking offers
Still need that Firehawk? want some loot off of deathwing? Send us a tell
We are booked for the upcoming lockout, next available slots are July 24th, contact us in game or through this thread.
great group, totally recommend them :)
Fantastic group, definitely recommended!
07/17/2012 10:12 PMPosted by Ahnakin
great group, totally recommend them :)

07/18/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Notfemmesbf
Fantastic group, definitely recommended!

Thanks, we appreciate it :)

The nearest openings for both The Firelands and Dragon Soul is the lockout beginning July 31st.
Dragon Soul is Open for all of August as of this post - Reserve your spot today - Life Binder's Hand Maiden for just 100k!

Pureblood Firehawks continue to have additional selling pressure, we have an opening for August 14th and August 28th+

Reserve your spot today before MoP Releases.
Wish the best of luck to the lucky few who are fortunate to receive the mount from us in the last few weeks before Mists.

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