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With the onset of Valentine’s Day, thoughts of romance and companionship plague the air like a masterfully-designed virus. Not even the realm of my dark masters is safe, for Azeroth is currently teeming with positive emotions due to the “Love Is In The Air” festivities.

To further my understanding of these alien thought processes, I request your favorite canonical pairing in the Warcraft universe and why you believe this pairing works. These pairings do not need to be of the flushed quadrant; your favorite examples of companionship, friendship, or “bromance” are also needed. Should you provide this information, you are then entitled to also include your most desired pairing, but only if you also provide adequate reasoning for this union.

In order to ensure proper formatting, below is an example:

Favorite Pairing:

Desired Pairing: A’dal (void state) / Xi'ri (void state)
Reasoning: So turn the Lights off / I'm not afraid / Afraid of the Dark
OHGOD they're trying to unite the forums through... SHIPPING

(Quadrant? Nyorloth... no... it couldn't be... BUT IT MUST)


Favorite Pairing: Grunt Dogran and Zankaja

Reasoning: He knew his wounds would leave him crippled for life, so rather than shackle his young and beautiful wife to an invalid, he decided to die in battle after the player healed him. I felt it would be remiss to let this vanilla succubus warlock quest go unmentioned, it demonstrates orcish culture.

Desired Pairing: Garrosh Hellscream / Zaela of the Dragonmaw

Reasoning: They're both aggressive, spirited leaders that are relatively new to their positions. Zaela already expressed a desire to question how Garrosh keeps the Horde together since it's so diverse, and this may cause Garrosh to re-evaluate how he does certain things.

Garrosh may have some of his less-diplomatic tendencies curbed, and Zaela can benefit from all the experience Garrosh has had in his mixed bag of disasters and victories. So Zaela will better be able to keep her peopl's support. I can see this as a 'best platonic friend' pairing, or something more romantic.
Favorite Pairing: Maiev Shadowsong/Naisha
Reasoning: I think this sheds a lot of light on to both the night elves and the character of Maiev Shadowsong. It makes sense for such a gender stratified society where the men stayed away from the women for centuries of a time to have a degree of bisexuality or homosexuality. Furthermore, if Maiev and Naisha were LOVERS rather than just friends I also feel that it sheds her desire for vengeance upon Illidan in a new light. People often say Maiev is blindly consumed with vengeance and that she's being too hard on Illidan. But if Illidan killed her husband rather than just her friend, I have a feeling people would be a bit more forgiving of her. Instead, we have people trying to rationalize her being consumed with vengeance as a side effect of some magical artifacts, instead of the far more logical course of action that her lover was indirectly murdered by the convict she was supposed to apprehend.

Desired Pairing: Cro Threadstrong/Alexstrasza
Reasoning: Now that Krasus is dead, Alexstrasza is RUNNING OUT OF TIME to find a new mate and she needs a man who knows how to "squeeze her fruits of life" if you know what I mean.
Favorite Pairing: Quae and Kinelory
Reasoning: Ferocious as heck when they're separated, doing good work in Arathi fighting the Horde, a sadly neglected kingdom. Devoted to each other.

Desired Pairing: Velen and Mimiron
Reasoning: Blue lips/blue veins
Favorite Pairing: Thrall/Aggra
Reasoning: complement each others strengths and weaknesses. cause mutual personal growth.

Desired Pairing: Illidan(when he comes back)/Shandris
Reasoning: Althought a somewhat strange choice, they both have had difficult lives and deserve to find happiness with mates
reason: it would be awesome

Favorite Pairing: Misha/Rexxar
Reasoning: I like that the bond is on a more animalistic level. Having a lifelong companion at an innate level is heart warming. Verbal communication probably developed at the same time, but it was a tool, not the reason why they are together -- companionship was built on deeds and trust.
Favorite Pairing: Tarenar Sunstrike/Gidwin Goldbraids
Reasoning: Enjoyable questline that made me laugh AND tugged at my heartstrings. Pale Quadrant Paladin Pals forever! Seriously though, it was nice to see a well-developed friendship between the two characters.

Desired Pairing: Illidan Stormrage/Tyrande Whisperwind
Reasoning: I don't think Illidan would ever shoosh Tyrande. I know this one's a pipe dream and breaks canon twelve ways from Tuesday. ;)

I should clarify--I know it would make no sense for Illidan and Tyrande to be together at this juncture because he's DEAD, but I'd like to see some more acknowledgement/development of just how hard it was for Tyrande to choose between the Stormrage brothers, and that maybe, even now, she wonders if she made the right decision.
OTP: Illidan/Tyrande
WHY?: Because clandestine trysts with the bad boy Illi is going to do more favors for Tyrande than waiting around for Malfurion's butt to wake up. (plus malf is sterile)
Favorite Pairing: Maeiv/Naisha
Reasoning: As Omacron said above

Desired Pairing: Varian Wrynn/Tess Greymane
Reasoning: I think it would tie up a lot of loose ends quite nicely
Favorite Pair: Malfurion/Tyrande
Reasoning: Nothing better than childhood friends growing closer.

Desired Pair: Wrathion/Azshara. Now that Wrathion only cares about himself, I think he would very easily fall for any trick Azshara pulls (or any genuine feelings implied there).

By the way, do we get a prize if we guess a pair that will become one (that we currently don't know of that is)?
Favorite Pairing: Varian/Arthas

Reasoning: I think that there's a ton of unexplored potential in this relationship (that was sadly mostly ignored in WotLK in favor of Varian getting mad at Orcs) specifically because we know from Arthas:RotLK and from Wolfheart that Varian had essentially considered the Menethils to be a second family, with Arthas as a brother and Terenas as a father. We got some insight in the Arthas novel as to how Varian in particular would shape Arthas' life and thoughts (For example, the fact that Varian was martially superior to Arthas stoked Arthas' desire to have more power to protect his people and his own feelings of inadequacy, and the nature that Garona slew Llane would inspire the manner in which Arthas killed Terenas) but we don't know that much the other way around.

I think that there's some great unexplored irony in the WotLK expansion in particular. You have the fact that Varian and Arthas would spar with each other in boyish tests of strength as young men, in friendly jest as friends and brothers, and in WotLK you have them fighting each other once again, except this time with their respective armies and this time in a mortal battle to the death. There is sort of an Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi dynamic here that I wish had been emphasized more. The impact of Varian hearing about his death and (presumably) seeing his body lying atop the Frozen Throne, with Bolvar, the other individual closest to him, in plain view as someone who sacrificed himself just so that Arthas didn't screw things up even more is an image in my head that I wish we'd seen in-game. Since Varian is going to be explored far more in the future I think that his relationship with Arthas (and with Terenas) should be explored more as well as a major influence on his characters development.

Now then...

Desired Pairing: Calia/Jaina

Reasoning: No, not THAT kind of pairing. The interesting thing about Jaina's (and Varian's) past is how connected it was to Lordaeron's royal family rather than any of the currently intact kingdoms of the Alliance. I assume that the blues know me pretty well on this forum so I won't get into my usual rant but the idea that Calia fled to Theramore after Lordaeron fell but was in hiding (or in training! Calia Hastings anyone?) really appeals to me, because there would be a great deal of shared history between Calia and Jaina at this point. Zombie apocalypse, someone you love turns to the dark side, now you're a stranger in a strange land.

We see in the Arthas novel that Jaina and Calia had a reasonably close relationship (well, we can extrapolate that form one line), but I'm wondering, what if they didn't? It could be that they never had a very good relationship at all and that they in fact despised one another, but Calia and Jaina both wish to retake Lordaeron and as such would need to swallow their disdain for each other and work together, perhaps with Calia being more willing to use dishonorable tactics with Jaina being less inclined to do so. We could see here the dynamic that we could have gotten between Genn and Varian but didn't, as well as provide a legitimate voice for Lordaeron to the Alliance in the form of Calia. Calia is an open book and I think that this would be a very good way to reintroduce the character if Cdev ever intends to do so.
Love Is In The Air, So Wear A Mask


Favorite Pairing: Genn and Mia Greymane
Reasoning: Devoted, successful husband and wife who feel no need to bash us over the head with endless romantic drama unlike some couples I could name.

Desired Pairing: Henry Maleb and Gwen Armstead
Reasoning: Gets Sh*t Done.

Henry Maleb's been running Southshore since the 2nd War and the city never fell until the Forsaken decided to plague-bomb it, and even then he got a good portion of the people out and, instead of surrenduring, decided to man up and start a resistance. Then became a worgen because screw the Forsaken, that's why. This guy's given the finger to the Horde, the Syndicate, and the Forsaken alike and none of them can bring him down. Also is a mage, because running a town Southshore's size is so easy it's boring, and back in vanilla he could beat the crap out of the Syndicate assassins that would try to kill him.

Gwen gets stuck in Gilneas during the worgen revolt but instead of running and hiding grabs a sword and waves it at freaking werewolves to scare them off. She was mayor of Duskhaven before the war and even though she loses her home just like Henry, doesn't let it break her. Instead she runs the evacuation through the midst of a Forsaken attack, earthquake and freaking tsunami. Survives both the Shattering and the invasion and steps in to run things at Howling Oak when Genn leaves. Then shows up in Hyjal to beat the crap out of fire elementals, because apparently while doing all of the above she also learned how to use that sword she found in Gilneas.

Lots of common ground for these two and a fair chance they'll meet once Maleb finally gets tired of trolling Baron Ashbury and ports himself out of his cell.
Favorite Pairing: Quae/Kinelory
Reasoning: Feels organic without being overdone or overplayed

Desired Pairing: Mardant Strongoak/Tamuura
Reasoning: Honestly, I just like the sound of night elf/draenei hybrids, so I chose a random one of each =P
Favorite pairing: Malfurion/Tyrande
Reasoning: As much as I dislike both their recent portrayals, the romantic in me has to respect that their love has lasted for so long, especially when Malfurion had to take leaves of absence for thousands of years.

Desired: Shandris Feathermoon/King Varian Wrynn.
Reasoning: Both are strong characters, Wrynn isn't the type to try and bury said strength, and it's the most reasonable couple that I can see where the woman won't get pushed aside as a damsel in distress, because frankly, I can't see Wrynn even wanting that type of woman.

Plus the amount of crazy in that relationship is just off the charts.
Favorite Pairing: Velen/Archimonde/Kiljaedan
Reasoning: I love the idea that these three were closer than brothers at one point. I hope that one day we'll get to see what their bonds of friendship were actually like, and see the eventually disagreement over serving the Legion.
Favorite Pairing: Lor'themar / Hauldron
Reasoning: I like how there actually was a true friendship in the short story between them even if they disagree now and then.

Desired Pairing: Garrosh / Zaela
Reasoning: They seem like they have a lot of common and they respect each others strengths. Zaela already being a built as a character in her own right and it'd be interesting to see how Garrosh would change in a relationship with her. Plus Garrsoh is older than Thrall and Orcs were wondering why Thrall hadn't started having kids yet, I think the same would go for Garrosh.
Favorite pairing: Thrall/Aggra

Reasoning: I think their relationship represents a very healthy real life relationship. They disagree, they know eachothers flaws, they fight, but they still love eachother more than anything else, and will go to any length to be there for eachother.

Desired pairing: Myself/Sylvanas

Favorite Pairing: Thrall/Aggra
Reasoning: No, really. While I do feel that their relationship could have developed more organically, I really enjoy their rapport in-game, and I love the fact that Aggra's partnership with Thrall is clearly just that: a partnership. They both still feel very individual, and neither's agency has been diminished by the other.

Second place: As someone said above, Tarenar Sunstrike/Gidwin Goldbraids
Reasoning: Just a fantastic rapport between the two of them, the quests are fun, and there is a real, genuine sense of a depth of friendship you just don't really see all that often, especially between two male characters in the world of video games.

Desired Pairing: Lady Lidarin/Lor'themar Theron
Reasoning: I just think it'd fit.

Second Place: Shandris Feathermoon/Mordent Evenshade
Reasoning: Because it would be AWESOME. (Though likely not realistic.)

[Toon posting choice for quadrant reference. Well played, Nyorloth.]

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