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Desired Pairing: Jaina/Purified Reanimated Corpse of Arthas Menethil.
- It's Blizzcon'non that maybe she took the body.

You can't argue with Blizzcon'non. She has a point.
Man, so many of the pairings in this thread involve characters I don't recognize... I need to hurry up and finish all the novels and quests.
Favorite Pairing 1: Oralius / Captain Winky

Favorite Pairing 2: Gus and Chelsea Rustflutter

Favorite Pairing 3: Quae and Kinelory
Reasoning 3: They screw orcs plans and doesn't afraid of nothing

Favorite Pairing 4: Keegan Firebeard and Fanny Thundermar
Reasoning 4: His chiseled stone buttocks and her man-crushing thighs are nigh unstoppable

Favorite Pairing 5: Hobart Grapplehammer and his Assistant Greely
Reasoning 5: I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.

Desired Pairing: Ilthen and Tyrande Whisp...Ouch! Ok! No need for that. Varian Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore. Allow me to sneak in Blizzard/Night Elves.
Reasoning: It just seems logical, I guess. It wouldn't wow me but it just fits, I think?

Yes. I exceeded the limit. Deal with it.
Favourite pairing: Thrall/Aggra.
I didn't like Aggra in the books, but her in-game portrayal won me over, and I was very moved by her efforts to get her beloved back in Elemental Bonds.

Honorable mentions to Malfurion/Tyrande and Kael/Jaina. And also Illidan/Tyrande, because I appreciate that he was willing to go to the ends of the earth for her even after it became clear they would never be together. Shows that, beneath all the ambition and recklessness, Illidan really was a good guy at heart.

Desired pairing: Varian Wrynn/Lorna Crowley.
How could this not be awesome? They're both fiery, they both hate the Horde with a passion, they're both brave and loyal to their families. They're the most perfect match ever.
Desired pairing: Dave/Lil Cal

............Oh wait.
Invincible/Old Blanchy

I think an interesting friendship would blossom between Rose Lalonde and Aegwynn.

. . . wait, I think I'm doing this wrong.
Favorite pairing: Asric and Jadaar.
They're just excellent. I've always enjoyed their bickering, and they make a great pair.

Desired pairing: Varian Wrynn and Shandris Feathermoon...and Thisalee Crow.
It would be glorious. Wrynn and Shandris, fighting back to back against hordes of enemies. Thisalee cheering them on from the sidelines and cracking jokes, then going over and licking a bit of blood from Shandris' finger after the fight before dragging them both to the bushes for a steamy, post-battle victory romp. The amount of crazy in that little group alone would make for some fun stories.
Favorite Pairing: Gidwin Goldbraids and Tarenar Sunstrike
Reasoning: These two derpadins turned Eastern Plaguelands from a desolate zone into a memorable experience. They felt like they had a lot of character for quest NPCs, and for once I found myself actually interested in completing the chain. I have to say, it was a suspenseful and satisfying conclusion.

Desired Pairing: Forget that
Reasoning: A better question is, why is Pamela still in the plaguelands after all these years? Is there no plan to give her soul rest?
Off-topic, but since the higher-ups obviously know about Homestuck does that mean the Nepeta Leaves and an NPC named Kartak in the same zone isn't just a coincidence?
Also, I know it was just an example, but there may be a typo in "Xi'ri".

The answer to my secret question: 26 posts. Thank you, Pumlaxer.
02/13/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Quelana
Off-topic, but since the higher-ups obviously know about Homestuck does that mean the Nepeta Leaves and an NPC named Kartak in the same zone isn't just a coincidence?
Very little in Blizz's pop cultural notes are coincidence. WoW in particular is a massive homage to the real world with many quests, items, and characters related or in direct reference to things that have occurred in living culture and history.
Favorite Pairing: Illidan/Malfurion
Reasoning: Because they're such polar opposites but they're both still good(were) each an expert in their fields, when they work together they're almost unstoppable.

Desired Pairing: Alsudar The Bastion/ Lady Liadrin
Reasoning: Two aspects of Sin'Dorei culture can be revealed in both of them working together. How Blood Elves deal with Matriarchal situations, and how they vary from Night Elves in that aspect. How courting and romance is handled by the Blood Elves. Also I want more on Alsudar, he just looks so bad !@#. Why is he called the Bastion! DAMN IT BLIZZARD TELL ME!!!
Favorite Pairing: Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Lady Katrana Prestor
Reasoning: Like most couples these two had their disagreements. One a champion for all that is good and holy, the other a dark avatar of her corrupt father. Katrana would say "jump" and Bolvar would say "how high". plus anduin made a pretty good adopted son. They did leave off on a bitter argument... she being a dragon and all.

Desired Pairing: New Litch King aka (Bolvar) and undead onyxia
Reasoning: Both have gone through a lot of changes and i think they have matured enough to continue their relationship. Death has a strange way of removing insignificant details like, being a dragon, or the dude who killed your gaurd. both being dead they share a lot in comon. pluse the angry make out se...woops dark places.

Favorite Pairing: Thassarian and Koltira

Reason: A sort of bond spawned from not only their similar backgrounds of service in the Scourge, but by Thassarian killing Koltira himself to 'induct' him, and their resolution to still be allies despite not being they each went to the Alliance and Horde (respectively) -- against what was advisable, they clearly put their camaraderie over their banners. "We are brothers in death," no exceptions. The massive cliffhanger left at the end of the Andorhal storyline leaves me to desperately hope for more information concerning what Thassarian would be able to do to rescue Koltira from Sylvanas Windrunner, or what has become Koltira under Sylvanas' influence.

Desired Pairing: Garrosh Hellscream / A character that can actually stand on its own accomplishments/game relevance/lore instead of just being "The only reason this character came into existence/story prominence was to bone Garrosh."

Reasoning: Because we deserve to have it done right at least one more time.
Favorite pairing: Varian/Tiffin

Reasoning: I love her character from what's been given and how much her lost has shaped the kingdom. It allowed for corruption to sink in and Varian to be twisted around. I feel her loss impacted Varian greatly and his choices for Stormwind.

( Several friendship ones I could list like Thrall/Taretha or Asric/Jadaar. )

Desired pairing: Jaina Proudmoore/Calia Menethil

Reasoning: While the typical 'omg Jaina's been burnt by guys so go for gals' thing can be seen at one angle there are many different steps for this. Lot of healing and discovery involved with this. They both could help each other outta grief for Arthas and what has happened from the Scourge.

Jaina needs to break out of this 'cry baby' thing us players are mocking her for. She's gone from badass to seen as near useless to people who have only seen her in WoW. Also would love to see Calia have character and be in Warcraft. Smash that horrible 'oh I am going to be arm candy princess teehee'. She's lost nearly everything!

*fears Varian/Jaina will make Jaina arm candy like how Tyrande is now*
Favorite Pairing: Velen + Kil'Jaedan

Reasoning: The amount of love Kil'Jaedan shows to Velen is truly a work of art.

Desired Pairing: Hamuul + Therazane

Reasoning: Science.
02/13/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Settana
Also would love to see Calia have character and be in Warcraft. Smash that horrible 'oh I am going to be arm candy princess teehee'. She's lost nearly everything!

Yes. This game needs some Sansa Stark.
Favorite pairing: Varian and Tiffin. Also Thassarian & Koltira for best bromance.

Reasoning: Varian and Tiffin sounded like they were an adorable couple and I really enjoy Varian's loyalty to her memory.

Desired pairing: Illidan and Thisalee Crow.

Reasoning: Because they would be the best battle couple for the Night Elven race.

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