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02/13/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Nyorloth
secret question

This is intriguing.


No love for a certain couple in Swamp of Sorrows so far?
Favorite Pairing: Kalecgos/Anveena Teague
Reasoning: Because persevering through the fact that the one you love is The Sunwell made into the shape of a human woman shows just how far a dragons love goes.

Desired Pairing: Kalecgos/The Sunwell
Atramedes and Leotheras

Reasoning: Love is Blind
Favorite Pairing: The 3 Bronzebeard Brothers.
Reasoning: We never got to see them together much, but it threw Magni into a deep depression when he thought his 2 brothers were dead in Northrend. Their brotherly love must have been strong.

Desired Pairing: Thrall / Jaina Proudmoore.
Reasoning: I don't like Aggra.
02/13/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Nyorloth
Also, I know it was just an example, but there may be a typo in "Xi'ri".

The answer to my secret question: 26 posts. Thank you, Pumlaxer.

At least I did not edit my nitpick out of my post. Hmmph.
02/13/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Medrith
Also would love to see Calia have character and be in Warcraft. Smash that horrible 'oh I am going to be arm candy princess teehee'. She's lost nearly everything!

Yes. This game needs some Sansa Stark.

So she can get drunk and shoot people in her robot suit?
oh nooooo's i forgot my runner up pairing

runner up: Azuregos and the spirit healer
Reasoning: Let face it, when your a world boss with blood crazed adventurers after your loots, having a spirit healer as your main squeez comes in handy.

and dude what happened to Azuregos doing every thing in his power to stop kalec from becoming aspect? he wasn't even at the gathering...
Also this is a bit out of the scope of the thread but on topic...I made a wow v-day message!
Favorite Pairing: Sylvanas Windrunner and Nathanos Blightcaller.
Reasoning: In life, sylvanas trained him as a farstrider, ignoring orders from kael to remove him from silvermoon. In death, she actively sought him out only to later make him her champion. Clearly theres something more to this than a teacher/student relationship..

Desired Pairing: Cenarius and Therazane

Because there are never enough centaurs.
Everybody in this thread who nominated a group of 3 characters needs to relearn the definition of "pair".
Favorite Pairing 5: Hobart Grapplehammer and his Assistant Greely
Reasoning 5: I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.

This. I wish they would get more screen time and perhaps adopt a few of Hobart's Gilgoblins.

Desired Pairing: Kel'thuzad/Arthas
Reasoning: Kel'thuzad has always been loyal and even a bit of a friend to the Lich King. He deserves some yaoi lovin'

Anyway, we should get to hear what the blue's favorite pairing is!
02/13/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Nyorloth
thoughts of romance and companionship plague the air like a masterfully-designed virus. Not even the realm of my dark masters is safe, for Azeroth is currently teeming with positive emotions due to the “Love Is In The Air” festivities.
Sorry to be off-topic but for a long time, I was wondering what incentive would a Forsaken such as myself have for participating in such festivities? So then after reading this paragraph I realized, if the Forsaken could weaponize this gas they would surely be able to help to bring the Alliance (and horde depending on who's against the Forsaken) to their knees.
Favorite pairing: Koltira and Thassarian.

Reasoning: There are some weird holes in the presentation of their story (Why does Koltira think of himself as a blood elf? They were NOT 'enemies in life' because they both died in the Third War, what is up with Thassarian's sister, etc.), but I like the basic themes of their 'brothers in death' thing. It shows that death knights are different.

It showed the philosophy of the Scourge, and also that the bonds formed by death knights can survive in their freedom. Andorhal was a rude awakening for them and we're still waiting for the fallout from that. Tell me that's on the way in Pandaclysm and won't be dropped.

Desired pairing: Jaina and Varian.

Reasoning: Not even necessarily romantically. I don't think they even work on that level, right now. I like and want to see more of the relationship they do have, at odds on some things. They complement each other well. She is cool and cerebral and well-meaning, but too passive and also TOO idealistic. Varian is resolute and passionate and bold in his solutions, but sees the world in black and white doesn't always think things through.

If they get on the same page they can really cover each other's faults and help each other grow. How does Jaina feel about helping the Horde kill her father? Does she regret it now that she sees Garrosh in charge of that Horde she helped to survive? Varian was also a close friend of Prince Arthas, but only his (admittedly more important) relationship with Jaina was played up. They have a lot to talk about, and the Alliance needs them to work together.
02/13/2012 04:36 PMPosted by Uthrill
This. I wish they would get more screen time and perhaps adopt a few of Hobart's Gilgoblins.

This part I can agree with.
Favorite Pairing:

Desired Pairing: A’dal (void state) / Xi'ri (void state)
Reasoning: So turn the Lights off / I'm not afraid / Afraid of the Dark


Favorite Pairing: Tyrande and Malfurion.
Reasoning: I really enjoyed the two getting back together after all these years in wow. It really showed how things have changed since his return then capture, then return again. Tyrande and Malfurion have always been my favorite couple in the game, ever since reading the War of the Ancients trilogy. Such power, but they must also make compromses.

Desired pairing: I can't really say I have one.
Desired Pairing: Garrosh/Varian

Yeah, you heard me.
Favourite pairing ... hmm ... um. Joseph and Pamela Redpath? That was cute. I can list plenty of pairings I don't like, but I'll pass on that. Not in the spirit of the season, after all. I liked Naisha and Maiev in WCIII, if it counts. Whether or not they were lovers, Naisha seemed to keep Maiev on an even keel. Also the furbolg and the Biggest Panda Ever in the barrow dens beneath mount Hyjal, that was cute. I'm hoping the Biggest Panda Ever makes a re-appearance in Mists! I liked Therazane ... not a pairing (Therazane and her sons, maybe?), but Therazane is super awesome. I wonder who's the father of the various sons (and dead daughter) of Therazane?
I also liked Martek/Theldurin/That gnome whose name I've forgotten in the Badlands. They should have shown up in Dragon Soul. :D

Desired pairing ... hmm hm hrrm. I think Tess Graymane and Anduin Wrynn are an obvious pair - they're more or less the same generation, and they're the last living heirs of the last extant human kingdoms (who knows what's happened to Kul Tiras? Jaina doesn't count now because I'm pretty sure being an accomplice to patricide disqualifies you from the line of succession).

The severed heads of Dar'khan Drathir and Kael'thas Sunstrider can be buddies in a jar of formaldehyde somewhere on a shelf in Silvermoon City - they're both traitors to their people, both sought greater power in bad places, both now definitively dead.

Illidan and the cold silence of the grave are a good pair. I say "no no no NO" like the No No No Cat to any plans to resurrect Illidan. I'm halfway to defecting to Maiev already, if Illidan comes back I will do it and help Maiev finish the job.

Lor'themar Theron and screen time would be an excellent pairing. As would draenei and WoW - I'm sure Gul'dan and the Horde couldn't have killed *all* of them! Wouldn't it be cool if some of them had escaped Draenor, like on a spaceship or something?
02/13/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Aimee
Lor'themar Theron and screen time would be an excellent pairing.

That's colder than Northrend.
Favorite Pairing: Thassarian/Koltira

Tragic love stories are the best.

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