(H) Causa Mortis LFM For Core DS 10 4/8

Burning Legion
Causa Mortis> Burning Legion - PvP is looking for more to continue in Dragon soul

It is a very laid back atmosphere and we like to have fun in the few days we raid together.

Some quick details:

Progression - So far we are 4/8 with a few good pulls on Ultraxion - Some of us also Raid with other guilds on alt/mains that are in heroic 25 man Progression.

Attendance - 100% attendance since it is only 2 days. We also know IRL throws us curve balls but just let someone know if you can.

Raid Times -Saturdays and Sundays 2pm sever time.We will also try to get together for LFR as a guild if toons are around during the week before weekend raid.

Recruitment Needs - Holy Pally.1 Ranged Dps and Melee Dps

As always, if you dont see your class listed as a high need and feel like you have what it takes to beat out our current raiders, you are always welcome to apply

I can give out more details if needed over vent or mumble.

My contact info is as follows:

RealID: hotskeez@gmail.com
or you can look for me online or ask any member of CM and they can direct you to me

Looking forward to talking to some of you. Thank you.
Send me an in-game mail. A rogue, a warrior (both dps) and myself may be interested. We have 8/8 Normal DS progression.

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