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I had not seen a post on this and if there is one I apologize. I understand that transmogging is going to change in time, and one suggestion I would have is account bound skins. All of the normal rules for mogging your gear would still apply (character must be of proper class/armor type to equip it). One way that I thought would be the best way to do this is by using an account bound "vellum". An empty slate, if you will, by which your rules on equiping the item transfer from the equipment with the art you would like to mog. This is just an idea that I would really enjoy if they had implemented in the future, I see reasons for blizzard to agree with this and I see reasons for them to not agree with it. Just a thought.
Don't know that they would go for something like that.
I think they should just make a "class requirement" to use tiers and anything that can only be used by certain classes. Anything besides that, makes it even better.

It would also help players who deleted certain items and can't get it back because they're quest rewards...

Maybe some sort of 'account archive'. Which requires to "destroy" the item to add it to this transmog database and pay to open more slots. There's no limit, but the price keeps increasing.

I doubt they would do it... But we can dream about it. lol
or they could just make the void storage account bound, so everything put in there is available to all your toons on that account.
02/27/2012 03:10 AMPosted by Headdie
or they could just make the void storage account bound, so everything put in there is available to all your toons on that account.

Yea, that would be cool. Must be bigger though.
I don't see harm if they allowed it. The moment they have account bound achievements and mounts, it would seem more reasonable for it to be allowed.
Well there could be harm. If your main is a paladin and you won some heroic shoulders from ds, you could mog your fresh 85 warriors to look like them. By the rules you set I mean. They could just allow it to work on previous expansions though :P I like the account bound void storage idea.
I still wish you could apply the look to the slot, instead of gear so that you could swap sets, say from tanking set to dps set, and maintain the same look without have to transmog multiple items.

I understand the gold sink aspect, but this is more a quality of life thing. If you want to increase the gold sink, give us multiple transmog slots/item slot, and charge a 10g fee to swap between them.

Shared void storage would be cool, get a nice cloth drop bound to a warrior, its pretty much vendor trash.

Of course, the OP suggestion of taking that bound piece of gear, destroying it to place it on a BOA vellum is not a bad idea either. BOA keeps you from selling the look to others, and allows you to farm for soul bound items on toons more suited to the task.
For the boa vellum I did have in mind that the piece of gear would be consumed, and the "heirloom" would just be a STATLESS REPLICA, with 1 charge for mogging purposes. It might get to exploit-ish if it had stats, or was reusable over and over
I see now that MoP beta has account bound mounts. I believe that having mounts account bound should be pretty similar to having gear art account bound. Farming a boss on multiple toons for a mount that all of your characters can use: Farming a boss on multiple toons for a piece of gear that all of your characters use( assuming they are allowed to equip it)

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