LF Healer for DS (Feb 15-16) 9-12 server time

Acceptable Losses is in need of a Healer for our Dragon Soul run this week. Our priest is out of town and our Paladin is on hiatus. We have been able to clear 6/8 while still doing a full Firelands clear each week. Now that we have completed a staff we are exclusively working on DS.

We offer Flasks (through Cauldrons) and Feasts. Nothing is reserved, you would have full access to all appropriate items. We would be willing to cover your repairs. We would like a Paladin or Priest. We are pretty prompt at starting at 9 and concluding at 12. We do ask that you be appropriately geared (no you don't have to be completely DS geared) and have an understanding of the fights. HOWEVER, if you're an 8/8 healer (on your healer not your main/alt) and could provide leadership on spine, we could work out a compensation package.

Please contact Cana, Salabak, or Wazulus for Calendar invite.

Of course if you're a healer and are looking for a new raid team, we are looking to add raiders to the roster: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3759725997
Still hoping to hear from a Priest or Paladin healer that would like to run DS with us tonight and tomorrow.

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