Kadowe's DS 10 alt raid

I have started a DS 10 alt raid that raids Sundays 6-10 PM Server Time. First week 8/8 normal just to get a quick clear in going for heroics this coming sunday. If you are interested in this please send me ingame mail or reply to this thread.

Current needs are a priest or druid healer. Stand by slots are available if you are unsure if you can make it every week.
Hey Kadowe, I've got a blood DK with frost off spec I'd like to start bringing if there's room. 8/8 on him already, and main toon (Durkiin) is 3/8 heroic. Let me know in game if you find the need for a dk tank or dps
clearing 8/8 every week since the start. We are in need of 2 good healers a holy pally and a druid/priest. For the past few weeks we have been pugging in trade and havnt found consistant healers. Heroic morchok will die on sunday and depending on the 2 other healers another heroic or 2. please be atleast 7/8 normal experience and be willing to look up the heroic we are attempting.

For any questions just whisper me ingame or send me mail if im not on.
Kadowe gets carried through ICC, don't let him persuade you DS is any different!
shhhhh I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ANYONE. i need people to carry my rogue :(
03/01/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Kadowe
shhhhh I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ANYONE. i need people to carry my rogue :(

You remind me of someone from my own guild...
Heroic morchok dead, clearing in 2- 2 and 1/2 hours just need a mage now reply to this thread or get in touch with me in game.

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