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So, decided that I will travel around Azeroth and take screenshots of things I find interesting and post them here. Doesn't matter if you like them or not, I mean hey, if you're reading this, there is a good chance you are just bored and have nothing to do anyhow. If you'd like to contribute to it, go right ahead, just no boasting screenshots of DPS, or mounts, etc. Just odd stuff that naturally exists in WoW that could be overlooked.

This one was taken in Booty Bay when I noticed that my pet decided to climb on a table and pose.

This next one is a repost screenshot that I am just adding here where it won't get buried.

In Redridge Mountains, I noticed a Love Festival Wreath wrapped around a dead orc impaled on a pole.

Here I was telling Pusillin about his impending death. He listened quite astutely.

I was wandering around on my Goblin Rogue and discovered a floating Peacebloom node.

Floating nodes are a rare gem nowadays. :)

So in this next one.. it appears we beat this night elf so bad, it detached her foot.

Goofing around in Scholomance, this has been around since Vanilla, and is always good for a laugh.

This will probably be a nice treat for you guys, a lot of people would miss this unless they were paying attention. :)


Up Close

Other Things!
Jet bear is easily overlooked


I was getting ready to lift off but unfortunately I ran out of gas.
You might enjoy this. I didn't compile the list, it's stolen from someone else:
Credit goes to Byniri of "Zangarmarsh"

1. West of Tirisfal, there is a lake. On the island in the middle of the lake, there is a skeleton of an orc who was killed while fishing.
2. Also in Tirisfal. Southwest of Deathknell, in the mountains, there is a ring of giant glowing mushrooms. The area is full of level 80 creatures.
3. Northwestern Stonetalon, there is a random large forested area, good for RP. There is also an abandoned Troll house.
4. Off the southern part of Netherstorm, there is a ship floating in the middle of the Nether.
5. In Stormwind, between the Trade District and Old Town, there is a Night Elf Rogue standing on a dock, arm outstretched and holding a Gnome at half health. This is apparently an inside joke with the devs.
6. In northwest Mulgore, near the Mulgore/Stonetalon/Desolace borders, there are many larger-than-normal critters wearing helmets and holding battle axes that they occasionally use to kill each other. This is a Redwall reference.
7. On the edge of the Arathi zone, there are several farms with sheep, cows, and rams. The farms also have Dwarven Farmer NPCs walking around.
8. In Northeast Feralas, there is a place called Lake Dumont, which has many NPCs named after Blizz devs.
9. In Southern Feralas, there is a sub-zone named the Steam Pools. Before 4.1, it even had it's own chat channels, but was deserted. Now it is populated by what appears to be a Goblin Resort mid-construction. There are many high level mobs there, suggesting a new level cap quest line.
10. In the Culling of Stratholme dungeon, do not start the timed event with Arthas (the one that starts the city part). Run into the city, and find a merchant who sells flowers. She can sell you Stratholme Lily. It is the only place in the game where you can get the item.
11. There is a caged off instance entrance in Kharazan, which was to be used for a 2nd instance portal. It has gryphon/wyvern roosts, which suggests it might have had a FP.
12. West of Gnomeregan, there are a few very large, flat plains of snow that give off an absolutely beautiful sunset-like setting.
13. On Ironforge Mountain, there are a bunch of abandoned camps scattered along the mountain, and a few flags.
14. In Nagrand, there is a crashed plane covered with snakes. This is a reference to Snakes on a Plane


15. Also in Nagrand, there is a nursery managed by a Female Troll that has many different children (including Human, Orc, Night Elf). There is an... interesting playground and a chilling hint about what the children are for...
16. In Northern Elwynn, there is a house with a large group of sheep outside, with one mechanical one. Kill the mechanical sheep, and a gnome will run out, yell at you and go back inside.
17. Also in Northern Elwynn, there is a small campsite near a waterfall. Good for RP.
18. In the most southeastern part of the Dun Morogh, there is a house with a dock next to the sea with 2 Booty Bay Bruisers standing on it. There is a sign that refers to the house as Newman's Landing
19. In the northern mountains west of Gnomeregan, there is an abandoned encampment that is being run over with a few black bears. Up in a nearby tree, are 2 dwarven NPC brothers that have an argument over whose fault it is that they attracted bears. 2 bears are trying to climb the tree to get to them, and another bear rummages through the tent, while 2 bear cubs watch.
20. In the Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde (Old Hillsbrad) instance, you can head to Southshore and see many different NPCs as they were back in that day, including Kel'thuzad, Tirion Fordring, and the Morgraines. They will converse, often talking about things that they end up doing in WoW (such as Kel'thuzad discussing necromancy). There is also a vendor that sells Rumsey Rum Black Label, and another travelling vendor that sells the gear that many classes start with.
21. On Ironforge mountain, there are lots of dwarf NPCs sledding. They are friendly to Horde. Some of them even carry around makeshift sleds. Every so often, one of the sledders slides down the hill on their sleds, lands in a snowpile near Chillbreeze Valley, /cheers, and then drags their sled back to the top of the hill. There is also a small path that leads to a cave where the sledders have a campfire and (of course) loots of booze.
22. In the mountains between the Twilight Highlands, Loch Modan and Badlands, there is a section that is still logged as The Forbidding Sea. So you can be in an ocean zone, in the middle of a mountain.
23. Also on the same mountain, are "Coldmine Explorer" NPCs (flagged Alliance) who drop AV drops (Stormpike Flesh, etc) when killed.
24. In the Stormwind barber shop's upstairs room, there are 4 small corpses underneath a floorboard. This is apparently a reference to Sweeny Todd
25. In Netherstorm every so often a Fel Reaver called Negatron will attack Area 52. This is a Transformers reference
26. The Tol Barad quest "Magnets How do they Work" is named after an ICP song, and a popular meme.

There are also many memorials in the game
-In Mulgore, there is a quest given by a Tauren in Bloodhoof Village that was created by a child via Make a Wish. link: http://www.wowpedia.org/Ahab_Wheathoof
-In Hillsbrad, there is a dwarf kneeling next to the grave of his friend, Anthony Ray Stark. Anthony Ray Stark was the friend of a WoW developer.
-In the Barrens, there is a Spirit Healer on a mountain near a memorial for Michael Koiter, who died when WoW was being developed.
-In Orgrimmar, there is a secret memorial inside of a rock for WKM. Reportedly unreachable after a hotfix a few weeks ago (conformation?)
-There is a quest in Stormwind where you have to take a poem to Caylee Dak, a Night Elf Hunter in Shattrath (who has nice gear for a NPC). It is an in-game memorial to Dak Krause, who died of leukemia in 2007.
I've been to that Nursery. It's more than a little creepy, but the Tauren child is, and laugh if you want, to damn cute for words.

I normally don't like the representations of children in the game (more for aesthetic reasons, really) but awwwwwwwwww, just look at dat widdle face!!!!'

All of the screenshots so far are pretty interesting, as I've been out of the game for a while.
Bumping this, I have stuff to add, just waiting for a moment where I'm not too busy to add it. :D
Here is one that I just thought was funny. Druid was in the main INN in Stormweenus, killing this NPC repeatedly.


That's alot of dead women. o.o
Here is a random invisible floor. Apparently gnomes don't abide by physics!

I'll be back.

Bumped, New Screenshots coming soon. :D
Went afk in the middle of the night, came back to this. o.o

First, thanks for the info Halldor, I too have seen many strange and interesting things on what I used to call "walk-abouts". Even before the advent in flying in the original areas, I used to go on walk abouts on my DK or Shammys.

In my travels, I have seen retired goblin admirals on a dock fishing, Tauren camps and windmills on the west coast of Kalimdor, ddwarven homesteads on the coast of Arathia Highlands to the dead on a floating rock with an axe in his skull. With the advent of flying, I have taken to wing to search for interesting things that I may have missed on my many trips while on my ground mount. I am sure many of you have seen the grave on the top of IF? Or the troll town between Felwood and Darkshore. Back in BC, we was able to find the spots to get out the ground mechanics to see these sights.

I am thinking that I need to do this again, but on my druid and under water...knowing Blizz, they have added some stuff under water.

Thanks man, i'll have more shortly. Just gotta find time to go through some I've taken. Lazy. Haha

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