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I've noticed that some of the Items for sale at the Justice points quatermaster seem to need you to trade items to get. Is this right? How do I know where to get the items to trade for them? is there no way to get a full set for only justice points?
get item needed to buy whatever u want. no u cannot buy full set with jp.
The tier tokens for the "set" gear will come from raids. I don't remember there ever being a point where you could get full sets of gear from solely justice points (or any other previous currency we've had in the past).

So, for example, the current Valor Point vendor will have some tier set chest pieces, but they require one of these items:

Chest of the Corrupted Protector
Chest of the Corrupted Protector
Chest of the Corrupted Protector

The first one comes from the Raid Finder version of Ultraxion, the second one from the normal version of Ultraxion (either 10-man or 25-man), and the third one comes from the heroic version of Ultraxion (again, either 10-man or 25-man).

Generally, the tier set tokens are assigned to specific bosses, with the exception of some tier tokens in the Raid Finder version of Dragon Soul.

Earlier tier tokens can be gotten from earlier raid instances.

Tier 4 tokens are from Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair and Gruul's Lair.
Tier 5 tokens are from Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye.
Tier 6 tokens are from The Black Temple, The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Sunwell Plateau.
Tier 7 tokens are from Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum.
Tier 8 tokens are from Ulduar.
Tier 9 tokens are from Trial of the Crusader and Trial of the Grand Crusader (normal and heroic, respectively - though these had an abnormal token currency).
Tier 10 tokens are from Icecrown Citadel.
Tier 11 tokens are from Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds and The Bastion of Twilight.
Tier 12 tokens are from Firelands.
Tier 13 tokens are from Dragon Soul.

Tier 0-3 tokens/items were not bought with these currency vendors (usually being raid drops, with the exception of Tier 3), and Tier 3 is not available anymore besides.

Edit: After looking into it you can get the normal, 10-man version (item level 232) of your Tier 9 gear solely with Justice Points. They can be bought either in Dalaran or at the Argent Tournament Grounds outside the Trial of the Crusader raid instance. For example, my priest here could purchase the Conqueror's Zabra's Regalia (shadow set) or Conqueror's Zabra's Raiment (holy/disc set) for a total of 2729 Justice Points. The hardmode 10-man/normal 25-man version requires Justice Points and Trophies of the Crusade (boss drops in lieu of tier tokens), and the hardmode 25-man version requires tier tokens, all of which are boss drops.
Justice/Valor gear is meant to supplement raid drops. You used to have to get all items from raiding, but the random number generator made it sometimes take hundreds of runs for a character to get a full set of gear. Some slots you might never fill before your guild moved on to the next raid. Justice and Valor gear (originally badge gear) was added to smooth out the randomness by letting players fill some of their item slots even if they had bad luck.
Technically, it's only Tier13 gear that only drops from raids- you can still purchase Tier9-12 pieces with Justice Points.
But not helms or shoulders Those still need tokens.
Tier 9 can be bought completely with Justice Points. :)

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