393 1/8h Disc Priest LF Guild.

As title suggests I am currently looking for a raiding guild. Looking for a guild that preferably raids twice a week/is at least 8/8n. Willing to go shadow but I feel as if I am much more valuable as a healer.
Yuck barbie
I don't even know who you are sorry. On a side note, I was trying to enjoy the new name but thanks.
you would be more useful if you reforged properly for your spec btw :)
If you are willing to go Horde side, we are currently looking for a Disc Priest.

If your willing to xfer to Frostmourne alliance <Hallucinations> are currently seeking a disc priest or holy paladin for our core raid team. Currently 8/8 normal starting heroic mode progression as of tonight. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 8-11. Raids are lead by myself which is 3/8 hm and 5/8 experienced. Loots rules are done via loot council. If your interested feel free to adds me to real id and we can talk more. Joshua.fox@hotmail.com

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