LFM Heroic Rag Weekly kill

Hi, I'm trying to look players for a weekly Heroic clear of Firelands. I am from the server Daggerspine. I haven't killed heroic rag but the server I am on lacks in raiding. There is only 11 people on my server that has killed heroic rag. I put many attempts in the core group on the server and made it to last phase a lot, but never had the chance to bring him down. But after nerf the fight seems pretty simple but not that simple on Daggerspine. I can't seem to get many players. I thought about server transferring but have some real life buddies I play with on this server. Now that you can invite players across realms I have a feeling I can get a good raid group going for clearing it.
I'm Interested in players that know most of the mechanics on heroic and put attempts or have already killed the boss. I still need many players. Let me know if interested.
ill Be interested in doing this.know all hardmodes.
If only you were alliance.
If you were willing to xfer and had ample funds to work with, I'm sure gentlemen's club could work something out for you.

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