[H] Selling Firelord & Rag Mount

Main post has been updated with reserve dates. Next available date will be the week of the 13th.
Hey all! This week's mount has been sold already, and next week is still currently reserved. Our next available date is for the week of March 13th.
Hey all! Just posting a little update. This week's mount is SOLD. Next week (week of the 13th) is currently reserved. Next available opening is for the week of the 20th.
Another update! This week (March 13th) has been sold. Next week (March 20th) is RESERVED.

The next available opening is for the week of the 27th.

ALSO, we are opening sales for SIPHONS for the legendary quest. Willing to negotiate prices.
This week has officially been sold. We still have an opening for next week, week of March 27th ^^ Also taking negotiations for selling siphons.
Hey guys! We still have an open spot for THIS WEEK (week of the 27th). And this is the first week we have Legendary Staff quest items (specifically siphons) available.

Willing to negotiate all prices!

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