[A] CheeseVendor H8/8! WEEKEND LF Range/MoP★

Guild Recruitment

yes we'd absolutely love a resto druid, would you be able to add me on realid so we can talk more?


spinee down!
bump recruiting for heroic madness, all exceptional applicants welcomed. apply at http://cheese-vendor.wowstead.com/

LF Range DPS or a healer, priest or shaman.
any interest in Blood DK w/ Frost OS?
403 ilvl Holy pally interested let me know microsoftintel0@yahoo.com for RealID
bump recruiting for heroic madness
Prefer Hunter, Shadow Priest and Boomkin.

Come help us down Deathwing!
for core spot madness hc!
still recruiting range DPS! Hunter, Shadow Priest and Boomkin, Ele Shaman, Mage, Warlock~
recruiting nao!!
heroic madness finished
Looking for MOP roster and recruiting a range DPS for 8/8H (Preferably Hunter, Boomkin, Ele Shaman or shadowpriest)
still recruiting a range DPS. any class welcomed, Ele Shaman Boomkin Shadowpriests have priority.
LF one range dps (spriest, moonkin, mage, hunter), please be at least 6/8h with proper ilvl.

apply on our website at cheese-vendor.wowstead.com
or contact us via realid m8chorwow@gmail.com
^yeah what he said!
only have to raid 1 day out of the week until MOP!
Core spots up for grabs, only need to raid 2 1/2 hours till mop.

wtb rdps
range dps where art thou!

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