[A]Outside Le Box(8/8H) LF Healer, DPS

<Outside Le Box>

We are a 10 man guild with a strong drive to push through current heroic content and beyond. We achieved 8/8h in Dragon Soul in early March and we're aiming high for MoP progression. In our first raid content as a guild, we attained realm 2nd and we hope to maintain and even exceed that in MoP. Our raid times are Tuesday through Thursday, 7-11pm server time.

Our needs are as follows:

  • Feral Druid (Medium)
  • Ret Paladin (Medium)
  • Rogue (Medium)
  • Mage (High)
  • Ele Shaman (High)
  • Resto Shaman (High)

We would prefer the listed classes, but we will not turn down any player that can perform and has the matching attitude/drive of our group.

Outside of raid, we frequently do achievement runs as well as many alt runs. We also have strong pvpers for those interested in bgs. Last but not least, if you're a gnome fanatic, this is the guild for you :D

Please apply online at http://www.outsidelebox.com and contact us in game with any questions you may have. Zolee, Zubbie, or Audrea.
Le bump =)
Bump. Heroic Spine of Deathwing down.
grats on spine before the 10% mark!
gratz guys, now go kill that dragon.
gogo madness bros!!!
Shout out to you guys;
One of your members ((Unsure of who it is. Derp memory is derp)) was extremely kind to me in explaining how the server works and what not earlier today while I was on a level one alt.

Good luck on Madness! You deserve the kill!
awww that's cute, i bet it was drug.
grats dudes!

gogo madness!
Gamex u are my Hero
Grats on saving Azeroth, you guise!
i herd u guys liek madness so we put madness in your madness so you can grats while you grats
Gratz guys, well deserved.
Good job everyone on Maddness. It was well deserved after all our hard work and lets push for more and faster kills in the future content.
Grats on Madness. I hope you guys stay together for the next expansion. It's always good to see new blood enter Proudmoore.
Spring break bump!
Bump! Looking for a resto druid/holy paladin!

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