Clergy of the Holy Light

Moon Guard
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Name: Clergy of the Holy Light
Level: 20
Leader: Moorwhelp (Presiding Bishop, Head of Vocations)
Roleplaying: Heavy
Player vs. Player: Medium
Player vs. Environment: Casual

Active Officers:
Rennali (Bishop, Prelate)
Stromheart (Master Paladin)
Osvaldir (Temple Sergeant, militant leader de facto)
Lutharius (Master Paladin)

Active Junior Officers:
Jadelia (Paladin, Inquisitor)
Morwen (Priestess, social coordinator)
Danyle (Lay Priest, Liturgist)

The Clergy of the Holy Light is a roleplaying guild on Alliance Moon Guard US. The guild roleplays as the priests , paladins, parishioners, scholars, militants, and monastics of the Church of the Holy Light under the Council of Bishops in the absence of a pontiff. We play the members of the original church seen in the Warcraft games, the RPG books, and in World of Warcraft and we hope to continue to breathe life into and magnify this lore for our own enjoyment and those who choose to roleplay with us. Our primary directive is to preserve a high quality of immersion and cohesion among the lore-abiding roleplay community.

Crusades (both DM and RP-PVP)
Getting out of Stormwind
Lessons on lore
Longterm arcs
Lore-based ecclesiology
Out-of-guild positions
Pastoral work
Relic hunting
Story-telling and writing
Witch/Cult hunting

If this list makes your heathen ears perk, look no further! The Clergy has a place for you!
*Scholars, especially those willing to teach, are being hired both for both out-of-guild and in guild positions. Mail Moorwhelp for more info.*

Bishop Rennali has taken on duties of an abbot in the absence of a leader.

A new abbot is being searched for. The Abbot of Northshire is a top officer of the guild and is in charge of helping the Dean (office empty) and Prioress (office empty) coordinate their sects, Scholar sect and Monastic sects respectively. This includes the running of the Northshire Seminary and the library under the scholar sect.

Bishop Moorwhelp has taken the duties of Head of Vocations until a candidate presents themselves. Ideal candidates are willing to work with the site and are very well mannered. Duties include taking care of recruitment on all levels.

The office of Prior(ess) is empty. Prior(ess) oversee the monks of the clergy and administrate all charitable efforts.

Graduation is on 4/15/2012
A detailed release on the basic structure of the clergy and its illustration can be found here:

Clerical sect/ Exarch > Bishop > Priest > Lay Priest
Paladin sect/ Exarch > Exemplar > Master Paladin > Paladin > Apprentice
Militant sect/ Exarch > Exemplar > Temple Lieutenant >Temple Sergeant > Temple Knight
Scholar sect/ Exarch > Abbess > Dean > Professor > Scholar
Monastic sect/ Exarch > Abbess > Prioress > Monk > Postulant

All new members are pooled into the rank of Novice, which is a student, introductory, and trial rank for the clergy. In this period, all students undergo formation and familiarization with the way the guild works OOC, and the ways of the Church IC through their attendance of guild events and classes through the Philosophical Seminary. Both of these things are of equal importance to the novitiate, thus we rarely allow people to ascend ranks without knowing both the way the guild works (OOC) and the way the church works (IC).

Their are additional implementations in the clergy that are not noted in our rank structure.

Order of Bishops
Bishops are prelates who have been consecrated to the bishopric in special service to church governance. Bishops are the only ones allowed to administer holy orders (ordain/anoint to the priesthood/paladinhood) and thus are revered and held to higher standards than other clerics. They are all part of the body known as the Order of Bishops.

Chaplaincy/Ambassador Office
The Church is a strong political presence and feels it a part of its duty to steer the forces who accept the faith in the way of good, but to also keep relations with orders and regiments who must be cared for pastorally, sacramentally, and spiritually. The Archdiocese successfully keeps an office devoted to this cause, among it novices, paladins, priests, and laymen who serve the church and their assigned soldiers through their word, quill, and spiritual direction.

St. Bridenbrad Clinic is a medical body in Stormwind City who is sponsored by Church funds. The funds given to the clinic by the Church keep it a free clinic. All medical doctors, diviners, naturalists, and administrative workers are encouraged to apply to Morwen for volunteer work or possible paid positions.

Fear not, young one, for this crusader shall not taste death. In life, Bridenbrad was the bearer of great deeds. Now, in passing, he shall taste only paradise. The Light does not abandon its champions.

Northshire Abbey is the closest monastery to Stormwind City, currently ran by thee pastoral up-keeping of the Abbot. The Philosophical College is another body that operates under the authority of the Abbess and the guidance of professors and the Dean. Attendance is the way novices continue with their vocations. All professors who wish to speak to the seminary or receive tenure for a paid position are welcome to mail Moorwhelp.

Vocations Department includes the Head of Vocations (Moorwhelp), vocation directors, and vocation director trainees. The vocation directors handle all matters of recruitment, including application processing, IC meetings and discernment, and inductions.

Q: What is the level requirement?
A: Level 20. We require all priests or paladins to be level 20 before they join the guild without exception. If you need help, we can help you get to the minimum level (contact Moorwhelp by mail for this help). This is to lower the chances we will get lower level alts/trolls and to establish the possibility of permanence to the character. While the level requirement is but 20, we encourage all to get to level 85 on at least one of their characters, else they will not be able to contribute and partake in and of the guild in the fullest capacity.

Q: What classes do you allow?
We allow a limited amount of all classes depending on roleplay and backstory. Often is it that a military commander retires and enters the servitude of the Church, or that a rogue or hunter who is faithful aspire to enter the church's elite temple knights. At times even repentant warlocks or faithful mages are allowed scholarly positions to help aid with the array of problems the church is presented and use their knowledge to aid the church in these endeavors. The fact is, membership is always case by case, dependent on the player and his/her character.

Q: How do I apply?

You may apply at If you have not received email notification of the acceptance or denial of your application within three days, contact Moorwhelp by mail.

And awaiting for the reserves to be filled.

And awaiting for the reserves to be filled.

They aren't reserves. Clearly he is assisting the community's decline in people who can understand fractions.

And awaiting for the reserves to be filled.

They aren't reserves. Clearly he is assisting the community's decline in people who can understand fractions.

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"To kill an infidel is not murder. It is the path to the Light." -Prophet Velen in his encyclical "How I am a heretic"
Light bless the Faithful.
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"To kill an infidel is not murder. It is the path to the Light." -Prophet Velen in his encyclical "How I am a heretic"

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You will give me the Kiss of Peace.

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