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i was lvling a toon the other day and while in a dungeon a hunter, who was playing on a starter edition account, rolled need on cloth intellect boots from Hogger in Stormwind Stockades. He won the roll and when i told him hunters don't use intellect or cloth, and that they wear leather, at lvl 20, and use agility he was willing to trade me the item. However, come to find out starter edition accounts can't trade anything. That made me wonder why Blizzard doesn't allow, at least, the trading of Boss loot from dungeons. So Blizz, is there anyway you can allow the trading of Boss loot drops from starter edition accounts? That would be very helpful to lvling toons that run into starter edition account players that dont know their toons and what gear/stats they use!!! Thank you and please change this issue!!!
You would want to post in the dungeon and raids forum if you want those who can make game changes to see it. Unfortunately, thanks to gold sellers, and those that purchase from them, the no trading on a starter edition account was implemented.

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