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I'm curious if Judgements of the Pure will still be in the game somewhere. I've been fiddling with the idea of a haste oriented build (I build for play style, not for min/max), and it'll just be impossible without JotP.
When can we expect to see the Shaman tree in it's entirety?

• If you don’t see a favorite spell or mechanic as a class ability, spec ability or talent, then there is a good chance it is becoming a glyph. Examples include Atonement (priest), Gag Order (Warrior), Rude Interruption (Warrior), and the Acts of Sacrifice Cleanse component (Paladin).

Glad to hear Atonement will still be an option in MoP, but if you're making it glyph-based PLEASE combine it with Glyph of Divine Accuracy -- don't make us use TWO glyphs to spec into Atonement.
02/15/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Dellingr
Having Devastate be a total filler ability like it is currently doesn't seem like it would cause any particular issues at all. I think my personal problem with the 4.5s cooldown is that it just seems like a change for the sake of a change; not an actual improvement to the spec.
its because they changed paladins... that is all


02/15/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Waarheid
Heroic leap: 28 points of damage to each target in the area of effect? May as well just have a lower CD and remove the damage effect altogether.
... it isnt taking into affect your attack power... .... or spelldamage(casters) or anything like that lol... so dont take the 'does ___ damage' bit seriously
As I indicated in my last post, I love the rogue talents overall though I have a few concerns. I have a few questions regarding how some of them work though.

1. Paralytic Poison. Is the stun from this on the same diminishing return timer as our regular stuns, cheap shot and kidney shot? Or is it seperate, kind of like how mage roots have a DR for normal freezes like frost nova, and procs?

2. Shroud of Concealment, our level 87 spell. Given that there is no duration listed here, does this effect last indefinately until the part/raid members move or take damage, like shadowmeld? Or can they move, but they have to stay within 20 yards of the rogue? Also, does this remove the affected members from combat, giving it use as a wipe recovery tool in pve?

3. Deadly Throw. How long does the spell interupt last from this ability?

4. Shadowstep is up against some very stiff competition. Can this once again be used while rooted, or is it the same as its in game state?

5. Shurriken Toss has made my day. Why are you guys so awesome?
I want to first come and Say I love everything you have changed so far!
still a little sketchy on some trees but only because I lose an ability or two depending on character but still nice

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ︵ ┻━┻

where are my portals and teleports? /fear
The range of Kill Command for BM Hunters still needs to be increased from 5 yards to at least 8.
Probably a silly question, but the level 80 shaman skill Grace of Air says it grants "5 Mastery" to party and raid members. Is it supposed to be 5%?
A couple of Tanking concerns I have off the top of my head.

1. AE tanking, with all of our rage being poured into mitigation, this limits the usage of dps rage cost moves (as mentioned).
Cleave has too high of a rage cost and revenge/shockwave have 9/20 second cooldowns respectively. Thunder clap is therefore the go-to move for AE, yet it costs 20 rage (which will heavily impact our survivability if we use it more than maintaining its 30 second debuff). This may very well be by design, but its a concern, traditionally threat is hardest to maintain for warriors, how will this carry forward in MOP?

2. Last Stand/Rally Cry - do these two still share a cooldown? Raid utility vs personal survivability is a nice choice, kinda sucks if we are the only tank that has to make this choice on our cooldowns though.

3. No "filler move" I hate gaps in my rotation, blizzard doesn't seem to mind but I have been playing a warrior a long time and I am used to having 2-3 buttons a GCD to press (it suits the frantic nature of the class). It is a very big deal to me (and hopefully I'm not alone) to have nothing to press we feel like we are "doing it wrong".

4. There seems to be alot of restrictions still placed on the class, recklessness with 20% inc damage puts it outside of what a prot warrior can press, yet the 50% crit has great synergy with our crit to enrage to more rage to more active mitigation model. Also while not a problem for Tanks, the shield requirements still cripple the utility of dps warriors. frost/unholy can pop AMZ but fury/arms must throw on a shield for mass shield reflect (and how many spells will that work on)?

5. Prot Warriors are forced to stay in defensive stance. While this maintains the current implementation, I was hopeful prot might be able to get in on the stance dancing fun when handling AE packs vs single target tanking, but the DR & threat incrase of def stance makes this impossibru.
My comments on the Shaman tree:

Where have Unleashed Rage, Strength of Earth, Wrath of Air, and Windfury gone?
Are Shaman losing their AP, Str/Agi, attack speed, and casting speed buffs?
If so, how will you compensate Enhancement Shaman for the loss of 8 Expertise, when we already require so much Hit rating?
I ask this because I noticed we got the 10% SP and a +5 Mastery passive raid buff in our spells list, but no other raid buffs.

Is the anti-snare portion of Ghost Wolf gone for good? Or are you planning to give us a significantly better gap closer when you finish the tree?

Why did you take out Repulsion Totem, when that was one of the few talents many Shaman were looking forward to?

Why does Astral Shift reduce our damage/healing done?
I ask this primarily because I notice Warlocks get Unending Resolve, can talent into a tier of survivability effects (one of them Soul Link) and can ALSO talent into either an HP increase CD or self-healing effects, on top of their ability to Soulburn Healthstones and their core self-healing. I cannot help but notice the discrepancy in survivability here, where our talent is weaker than the Warlock baseline ability.

Why is Fortifying Waters still in the tree? I know you think it's clever, but Enhancement and Elemental Shaman do not want to become the "Healing Rains !@#$%" in raids.

Why does Stone Bulwark Totem still have only 5 HP? Why does ANY totem still have only 5 HP?

What does the NYI part on the tier 3 talents mean? I know it stands for "Not Yet Implemented" but does that mean the effect will be changed to something that doesn't suck, or just that it's not in your current internal build of the expac?
I'm glad you moved that tier out of our level 90 tier, but frankly, all three abilities are still terribly dull, to the point that they should just be baseline QOL abilities available to all shaman.

Are Shaman losing the old form of Ancestral Swiftness that provided built-in 15% movement speed, or is that going to still exist as a glyph?

Why does the second tier of talents make absolutely no sense at all?
02/15/2012 04:44 PMPosted by Frreeze
Priests, just stop talking. Paladins will just continue to replace you.

What does that even mean? Priests aren't even the least represented healing spec in raiding OR PvP (Unless you count Holy but that's a different discussion altogether). Are you trying to annoy other people?

But, I digress, let's please focus on discussing the talent changes specifically instead of... This.
02/15/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Minzel
Probably a silly question, but the level 80 shaman skill Grace of Air says it grants "5 Mastery" to party and raid members. Is it supposed to be 5%?

I'm pretty sure they do in fact mean 5 points of mastery. So for Mages, Mana Adept increases damage by up to 1.5% per point of mastery, meaning that 5 mastery will increase our damage by up to 7.5%. My question is though, does Grace of Air stack with Mage Armor (which also gives 5 mastery)? An extra 10 mastery (up to +15% damage) would be amazing.
I'm psyched for the Ascendance spell, I've been wanting this very spell for pretty much all of Cataclysm. If I could just make a suggestion for the aesthetics of the spell, I think it would look awesome if rather than transforming us entirely into an Ascendant or an elemental or something, if it just changed our bodies into the respective element while leaving our armor the same and made us bigger.

I can just see it now, a towering troll made of living fire wearing my red voodoo armor. /badass
Im a disc priest by heart, so my questions go in that direction. My concerns are the following, and I might not be reading correctly or it might get fixed later on (tooltip error) or not developed yet:

-(Divine Aegis Critical Heals and all heals from PoH Create a XXX Shield on the target.) Ok so now Im guessing DA will be for HN. Will Holy Nova always create a DA on them as did PoH on 5 targets? if so, will it choose 5 different targets to DA if 5 targets are at full HP and have DA on them? (holy radiance cousin?)

-With Vampiric Dominance, is it posible to crit heals with it, and if so, will it create DA on those targets?

-Same question for Divine star: Crit = DA?

-Dispell MAgic issue. Same question as all. Mass Dispell only way?

-Inner Focus is now only appliable to GH? since it used to be for PoH and GH.

-Since now we r the only ones with HoH, is it possible to make it group based or something that targets mainly healers and not get the mana to those annoying mages??

-Would the Atonment and Divine Accuracy glyph include penance on it ever? Would be nice.

-We lose Renewed hope. Will it be a glyph? (crit = DA = healing for disc)

-Can holy spam PW:S like disc can again? No soul warding. Glyph? Usable by holy also?

-BT also a glyph or we lose the haste and have to haste up like holy?

-Disc lost any form of holy concentration. Does that mean no more Spirit gear for us and we go fight our gear with cloth casters? If so, we shall need some adjustment also in rapture or lower its ICD or something not to suffer from mana so bad (flashback to the start of Cata and Disc mana being terrible).

-Spirit shell: How long will it last? No tooltip. this one will be the replacement for PW:S?

Those are my concerns for now.

02/15/2012 03:07 PMPosted by Nostrodomis
3.) I really can't see anyone giving up repentance or a 30 yard slow to add another 10 yards to their stunn
an extra 10 yards to their stun, and 50% CD(30 seconds down from 60 seconds)
02/15/2012 04:49 PMPosted by Frreeze
For mages, is temporal shield like an immunity to all spells in the next 6 seconds?

I think it's kinda like a reverse Cauterize. You pop TS, you take damage, and the damage you take during those 4 seconds is undone (basically healed) over 6 seconds.

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