February 15 Update to Mists Talent Calculator

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Mage Armor still does not have a mana regen ability. No way to be arcane without it.

I like mana shield the way it works now, why change? Its the core of my mage tanking :p

Not really excited about the mage changes at all.
a few Quick Questions that hopefully will see the light of day.

Does vile spew sacrifice your pet?
Will Force of nature ever be explained for the specs?
why did you have to make the level 45 teir of rogues such a tough one D= i want em all!
Does harvest life generate demonic fury like drain life?
last but not least, is Soul of the Forest a passive or activated ability (thinking passive but clarity is nice!)

Other then that love the new trees, and im going to have a hard time choosing who to level first...

The DK
the rogue (Finally, something awesome!!!)
the shammy (EPIC CHANGES!!!!)
the druid (not feelin 100% on this, but hey it looks way better then what it did to me)
still waiting on the priest
and warrior looks pretty good
or to start over with the monk.
I know the Hunter and Shaman trees are still under construction, but my initial reaction was... meh.

Slightly more impressed with the mage choices.

Really looking forward to digging in to the Warlock tree. The Grimoires look really interesting and I like the fact that stamina will be a big deal for Warlocks again. Looks like there are some excellent choices to be made between survivability in pvp and damage or utility.
Just a few quick questions regarding Balance druids. Mind you, these are "core" questions that will matter if we're to maximize our damage in PvP and PvE.

Here's what I'm seeing:
- Nature's Grace is now baked into Eclipse, triggering when you gain Eclipse.
- Wrath refreshes the duration of Sunfire, while in Eclipse.
- Starfire refreshes the duration of Moonfire, while in Eclipse.
- Moonfire morphs into Sunfire upon entering Solar Eclipse.

Will Moonfire and Sunfire be allowed to exist on the same target?
Will "Insect Swarm" have dispel protection?
What's the reasoning behind Mass Entanglement rooting a limited number of units, yet Ring of Frost having no limit to the number of targets that can be frozen?

Feedback regarding Balance AoE (Astral Storm and Wild Mushrooms).
- Wild Mushrooms need to detonate for Spellstorm damage, not just Nature. You'll still have Druids camping Solar Eclipse for upward of 20sec simply because an AoE phase is coming up. While under hte effects of Clearcasting (OoC), Mushrooms cost 0 mana.
- Astral Storm/Hurricane does not compete with Mushrooms. Mushrooms are simply too powerful. 3 Mushrooms do as much damage to ONE mob as a tick on TEN mobs.

Suggestion to help Lunar AoE:
- Starfall increases damage done by Astral Storm by 50%
- Wild Mushrooms deal Spellstorm damage, allowing them to benefit from Lunar Eclipse.

Feedback regarding Typhoon:

Why is Typhoon a talent for the Druid class, rather than a core spell for Balance? Talents were meant to be reasonable for all speccs, correct? Why would a Feral or Guardian want to take Typhoon? As a melee speccs, you want to keep within melee range, not push them away.
I just noticed that the Cleanse-type spells (remove poision, purifiy spirit, etc.) all have an 8s cooldown now. I think that was mentioned in one blog post or another, so I'm not surprised.

Will old encounters that used to require the healer to spam dispels be modified to allow for this? And can the CD still be wasted by, say, two healers cleansing the same target at the same time?
Questions I have in regards to Warlocks:


Soul Leech: Will this also apply to Demonic Slash while in Metamorphosis?

Dark Bargain: How many ticks occur during the 20 second return damage portion. 1 tick per second?

Grimoire of Service: Is the second demon always the same as the demon you have summoned at cast (can you have two different types of demons summoned)?

Archimonde's Vengeance: How will this ability interact with certain raid encounter mechanics where massive damage is dealt (Big Bang from Algalon, Hour of Twilight from Ultraxion for example)?

Mannoroth's Fury: Will this also increase the 10 target cap for full damage normally applied to AoE spells?


Affliction: How would Soulburn: Fear interact with the Blood Fear talent? Would there be any benefit? Would there be coding in place to prevent us from spending our Soulburn effect if Blood Fear is cast instead?

"Wild Imps" (the Army of the Imps ability) spell appears to be removed. Any possibility of it being brought back? What were the thoughts behind its removal?

Shadowflame/Carrion Swarm: Will glyphs be available to add a slow effect (currently implemented) and/or remove the knock back from Carrion Swarm if it's not desired?

Ember Tab: Is this just simply a self heal spell exclusive to Destruction? Does it actually consume an Ember to use?

Auto Wand: Why is this exclusive to Destruction?

And here's to hoping we get Greater Heal, PoM, and Renew as baseline spells.

YES. As a priest, one of the biggest aspects of utility aspects we have - and the reason I love my class - is the ability the dps and then self-heal or drop a heal on someone else I'm partnered if necessary. I don't need fancy buffed heals, but I'll be very upset if they vanish entirely.
Regarding the warrior tree at lvl 75 - From a PvE perspective, this tier would appear to offer little for the dps warrior.

Mass spell reflection is interesting, but with no transparancy in the past as to which spells could in fact be reflected, there hasn't really been an impetus for any dps warrior to actually use spell reflect in raiding. So either spell reflect would have to become far more broader in effectiveness, or it'll never be used. Also, being able to reflect an additional spell is nice, but not if you have ot keep your shield equipped, this reducing your damage output for an extended period of time.

Safeguard just transfers healing burden from one target to oneself, and reduces a dps warriors target uptime to ultimately save the rear end of someone who should be taking care of themselves better.

Vigilance might be worthwhile to help a tank soak damage (essentially making a dps warrior a HP battery). If the enrage effect is equal to a warriors regular enrage, then this might be the only option in this tier, especially if the soaked damage accounts for additional rage generation. But the queastion remains, is it overburdening a healer?
Is Ember Tap for Destruction Locks going to cost mana?
I really don't like the new vigilance. Clicking off the boss to find the one raid member that needs this is not an ability I am going to take.
Kav I'm going to warn you now.

Nobody is going to use Maul / HS. Ever. Period.

Also dead GCDs is hella boring.
I haven't looked at all the talents thoroughly, but a few things pop out on my first glance.

Firstly, I'm happy to see Wild Imps gone. I didn't like it very much, it felt like it would impede on Metamorphosis too much.

Second, I'm interested in this new Malady spell. It seems that Destruction will only have the one DoT, Immolation, that replaces Malady, Demonology will have three, Malady, Corruption and Bane of Doom. But I'm not sure how Affliction will go. Will Affliction have Malady, Corruption, Unstable Affliction AND Bane of Agony? Or does Unstable Affliction replace Malady?

For the talents themselves, I'm a little disappointed with the new Mannoroth's Fury. Something bearing the name of one of the most powerful Pitlords should do more than double the radius of Reign of Fire. I think it's a good idea to make it more around the idea of AoE proper, but I still think it needs something more to it, make it more impactful and significant. As it stands, it's really the "Lazy" choice of the two far more interesting Demon themed abilities.

I'm also wondering if Soul Leech and Soul Link could be more active abilities instead of so passive. Right now the Warlock talent tree looks amazing, and filled with active abilities, a lot of which are actual new spells to cast. But both Soul Leech and Soul Link seem to be the "easy" choice, the one you make if you don't really want to bother with health regeneration or survival. I think they should be active abilities on their own. I think Soul Leech, in particular, has a lot of potential. It could be like the original Siphon Life, or maybe a little like today's Haunt. It could be a cast spell that takes all the damage you do a certain time and restore it to you.
02/15/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Kraxe
I really don't like the new vigilance. Clicking off the boss to find the one raid member that needs this is not an ability I am going to take.
If it's like the current spell, you click Vigilance, then you get a glowy hand that you use to click the raid frame of the party member [I usually have the cursor already on the raid frame before I click my Vigilance hotkey]. No clicking off the boss required.
I think this update to the talents is a step in the right direction for holy paladins. The talents available to holy paladins certainly look more exciting. There are still a lot of talents that seem geared more towards retribution and protection than holy however.

However I'm concerned for the holy paladins role as a healer. The new talents seem to heavily favor single target healing with sacred shield/holy flame having a one target restriction. With only holy radiance as a spammable aoe heal and light of dawn as the "finisher" our aoe healing is boring (very little spell selection), mana intensive, and limited to encounters where raid or party members stack.

Make the choice between Holy flame and Sacred Shield more than a mathematical exercise and remove the target restriction from holy flame (and change the numbers of course) to give us more tools when healing a split up raid. Please consider reworking Holy Prism/Light's Hammer to give us an option for healing aoe damage on spread out raid members.

I'm also confused to how holy paladins are meant to be played solo and what the point of giving them a meteor-style 30 yard Holy wrath is.
First, The shuriken toss ability as a 90 tier ability worries me. As a rogue I can see practical uses for PvP in some of the talents, and Not too many PvE Dps uses.

A lot of these talents almost seem like they were tailor-made for Pvpers, and not enough for PvE'ers..

I mean sure There's the Feint talent ability, but really?

We need some sort of ability that will help us do DPS better, however; it Shouldn't be a blunt and totally OP maneuver. It shouldn't give an immediate and Powerful DPS boost, but it should help. Shuriken toss should just be completely removed really, and replaced with some sort of Slice-and-Dice type move that incorporates rapid attacks.

It's new take on the Rogue talents, but it's just Too PvP based..
Bwahahaha now I feel like a death knight back in WoLK :D

I hope necrotic strike meant 37% or 37 healing spells or effects recieved.
Question: Why do we only get a choice of three talents per tier anyways? This just pounds home the cookie cutter classes - especially for the more multi-rolle classes like DKs, Priests etc who have specs that shift between DPS/Tank/Healer anyways. Most of the time there's an obvious choice for a talent that really only benefits one role, so you're just as likely to have the exact same talent build as another Holy Priest, Blood DK, etc etc. I realize it would entail a lot more work for the developers and it's more similar to the old system, but if you're overhauling the Talent system anyways, why don't you give each *spec* a choice of two useful non-critical talents per tier? Or at least make the talents less specifically geared to one role.

On that note...I've always wanted a small pool of racials to choose from. Who says that all Blood Elves are identical after all?

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