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Please remove Smoke bomb from the game!!!

Any word on how certain the prep/step being on the same tier is and/or if you guys have read and understand the concers of many rogue's.

It just does not feel like an apples to apples comparison.
Yay- raid/party buffs for Rogues!
Seems like they finally are treating the bear and kitty form more as two separate specs..?

Also with regards to void shift, how is this going to be manageable when it comes to people using it to grief? People complain enough as it is with lifegrip and that's a party-based tool that doesn't actually take HP away from anyone. Now you're putting something in where, for example, in PVP a priest with low health can swap with a higher health mage standing next to them. Mage dies, priest survives because of it. How is that fair to the other person on their team? I'm not saying that it's purely a griefing tool because I see uses for it outside of that - obviously - but you have to consider the worst when you put things like that into action.

I think blizzard would be more prepared for instances like this, they said when the effect ends it brings both players back to 25% health lets hope that includes if someone was to die with the effect similar to that of guardian spirit.

Other than that what the hell happened to the 87 spell for priests!!!! I was so looking forward to that awesome spell, I mean it may not have seemed like a lot but they could have buffed it, it seemed pretty weak just don't remove it!
Please please please tell me that Death Knight ability: Corpse Explosion isn't gone and is just in the mentioned glyph thingy (not sure how that's going to work though).

Corpse Explosion was the best and most fun death knight spell, and it's deeply missed. Was super excited to see it was listed in the calculator... so yeah... I hope it's not removed completely again.
I'm very curious about Holy Insight that increase the mana pool by 400% in the Holy Paladin spec, I'm sure you're planning something like Holy pallies will wear armor with strenght or something something. Just curious.
I realize the devs are still working on the priest talent trees so I will refrain from rehashing that and, instead, focus on problems and concerns I have regarding our skills, abilities, and passives.

1. Binding heal. Not entirely sure why you would have this as a holy-only spell; it seems limiting to remove this kind of situational healing choice from the player of a disc spec.

2. Dispel now has an 8 second cd. What even is this? Unless you plan on giving every single cleanse/purge/spellsteal-type ability this kind of cooldown, why would you cripple priests (particularly in pvp) with this kind of limitation?

3. Vampiric Touch. You now have our self-healing and mana regen on a dispellable dot. I can't even begin to tell you how poor of a design this is. Instead, make shadow priests' self-healing and mana regen a passive thing (call it Vampiric Essence, or something as such) as a percentage of damage done.

4. Tranquility vs Divine Hymn. As of now, all druids still have the ability to cast tranquility, yet you've taken away Divine Hymn from shadow priests. It seems like you're taking away the hybrid out of every hybrid--making it so that healers only heal and dps only dps (which leads to very boring and uninspiring gameplay--yet this exception remains. So, balance this, by either returning the spell to shadow, or removing similar effects from others.

5. Psychic Scream. Making this ability a talent instead of leaving it as a core, baseline spell is pretty lame. It's the only viable cc our class has (shackle is highly situational, and mind control completely incapacitates us); removing it means priests are the only caster/hybrid class without a means of controlling opponents or npcs. If you're so dead-set on taking it away from us, the least you could do is make shackle apply to humanoids *or* give us an actual CC.

6. Shadow Orbs. Please drop the concept of these entirely. They do not make playing a shadow priest enjoyable at all. Currently they are one of the worst mechanics in the game; the new ideology behind them is not any better. Limiting our hardcast burst spell (mind blast) to being used ONLY when we have orbs (which will probably end up being dispellable) is clunky at best.

7. Prayer of Healing and Holy Nova. For the love of all things priesty, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Holy Nova is the only AoE spell priests have that doesn't require a casting target for the purposes of interrupting node caps in pvp as well as breaking stealthers out. On top of that, Holy Nova is caster-centric with no ranged capacity whatsoever so it's not viable as a pve aoe heal. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

8. Renew. Taking away renew from disc is painful. It means we have to hard cast 100% of the time instead of having a gradual healing spell for times when damage is inconsequential. Yes, we still have PW:Shield, but that's far from comparable to popping a renew when damage has already went out and we want to casually heal that damage.

9. Devouring Plague. Is this really and truly gone? If so, why? Shadow priests deal damage primarily with periodic effects, so why would you take away not only one of said dots but one of our two instant-damage spells (the other being SW:Death)? Unless you plan on giving us another dot of equal caliber to replace it...in which case you shouldn't have removed it anyway. Again, don't break what isn't broken.

10. Mind Spike. Removing this from disc/holy really kills their ability to contribute timely dps in both pvp and pve scenarios, especially when compared to other healing specs which still seems to have capable dps spells available.

11. Spectral Guise. A bit of a disappointment you dropped this like a hot coal. I was looking forward to having an invisibility-type mechanic that would prolong survival both in and of itself and by altering threat.
Enhancement/Elemental Shaman: Solar Beam

Oh god... i didnt think ele shams could get any worse in BGs
Me Gustavo mucho
I've got a quick clarification question on Deadly Poison for us rogue types. The tooltip indicates that the first application slaps a DoT on the target, while each subsequent application applies instant damage. Does each subsequent application also refresh the DoT?
02/15/2012 08:02 PMPosted by Hofleurette
The target gains a buff that tells them what spell they have temporarily learned, and that spell temporarily appears in their spellbook, and they can drag it to an action bar.

Symbiosis sounds really annoying for the non-druid. I don't want to go fishing in my spellbook each and every time it's cast on me. Hopefully the devs think of a cleaner way to implement this -- at least allow non-druids to dedicate a hotkey to Symbiosis (as non-warlocks can do with healthstones).

Read the whole post.

He says that after Symbiosis has been cast on the other player, on his bar he'll keep a non-castable icon of Symbiosis that just serves as a placeholder until another Druids casts Symbiosis on him again. So it's just like Healthstones. You'll have a non-castable icon most of the time, you only have to drag it out of your spellbook the first time.
more shaman stuff
Read the whole post.

He says that after Symbiosis has been cast on the other player, on his bar he'll keep a non-castable icon of Symbiosis that just serves as a placeholder until another Druids casts Symbiosis on him again. So it's just like Healthstones. You'll have a non-castable icon most of the time, you only have to drag it out of your spellbook the first time.

Thanks. I read the whole post, but missed that part. I've been reading so much for so long that my brain is getting a little loopy. =P
First of all, let me say that the Warrior changes are looking really good atm.

It's always fun to see some of my own suggestions (15 sec pummel) being applied (although I assume because many others asked for it too ^^).

Anyway, I only have one question about Arms' rotation. I personally feel the current Cata rotation is already pretty basic. MS on cooldown, OP before next OP but don't clip MS, Slam when both OP and MS are on Cooldown, C.Smash on cooldown or as soon as the previous C.Smash ends (but don't clip MS), etc... Basically, it ends up being "hit whats up, just keep in mind never to clip MS" and it's pretty boring considering altogether, they are just instant attacks with different % and little to no situational effects.

MS hits for 15k, Slam for 15k, Overpower for 10k, C.Smash for 8k, Heroic Strike for 5k, etc. They are all instant. MS' effect is not the reason we use it, we use it because it's our hardest hitting ability and it keeps our Slaughter up for 30% dmg. C.Smash is a bit situational... in the sense that you'll use it as soon as you have it and keep up the same rotation... Slam was the only thing that (barely) had a special something as it was casted. The cast time being gone is actually not such a bad thing, but the fact it's just another "instant special attack" now seems to make the Arms rotation even less dynamic. We don't "save" any abilities for a special moment (Overpower & UA in WotLK), we don't keep track of our swing timers to Slam (Slam in TBC) and so on.

Some of our specials need to be special again...

Make Slam increase the effect of the next ability (25% MS -> 50% MS... OP not using charge once so you can OP again... C.Smash applying full Sunders straight up... Heroic Strike not using rage... Hamstring rooting...)

I'm sure you can be more creative to make warrior play interesting.

Level 87

5% base mana, instant cast, 3 minute cooldown

The Shaman surrenders his physical form to the power of the elements, transforming into a being of raw elemental energy for 15 seconds.

Elemental: While in the form of a Flame Ascendant, Lava Burst has no cooldown and Chain Lightning is empowered to become Lava Beam.

Enhancement: While in the form of an Air Ascendant, auto-attacks and Stormstrike deal pure nature damage and have a 30 yard range.

Restoration: While in the form of a water Ascendant, all healing done is duplicated and distributed evenly among nearby allies.

OMG!!! :O


The gods have heard my prayers! /weep

Thank you Blizzard.
PS: I love you guys.
Kaivax, can you clarify --

Boundless Conviction only says no ability consumes more than 3 holy power. Some paladins are assuming Pursuit of Justice (tier 15) will work with five holy power because it's based on stored holy power. I believe it'll only benefit from 3 holy power, that it'll only stack up to 40% rather than 60%. If this is the case, the devs may want to clarify it in PoJ's description because it's a little confusing.
I'm going to reiterate this just once, because I feel VERY strongly about it:

Don't put all of the valid Resto talents in two tiers and make the others unbelievably underwhelming.. please?

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