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If intellect doesn't increase mana pool then how does a mana pool work? Can we get larger mana pools? or if everyone of the same spec gonna have the same amount of mana and just learn how to use it and not run?
02/15/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Kaivax
Soul Link replaces Health Funnel.

How will Soulburn: Health Funnel work then? Does that ability just go away with Soul Link?
Here are some examples of spells gained through Symbiosis. The spells shared focus on utility, cooldowns, and survival. (Adding Fireball to a Moonkin’s rotation sounds cool on paper, but wouldn’t actually be fun in the long run.)

Balance: Chains of Ice, Mirror Image, Mass Dispel

Moonkin images sounds cool, but could they get Conjure omelette?
Shaman feedback:


Having recently sat and thought about the shaman tress, in comparison with others, I believe that an opportunity is being lost to create something unique. One of the most interesting things done with the druid talents is how much variety they apply based on their spec, and I believe, quite strongly, that the shaman tree (and perhaps all trees in general) could benefit from this.

At the moment, the design philosophy behind the shaman choices is very strongly tied to totems and healing, neither of which choices are going to appeal to all shamans. Speaking from a personal point of view, while I like totems as an artistic object, they are not, and have never been, a class defining object for me. At the moment, 7 out of 15 choices available to a shaman are related to totems, and perhaps more damning, 4 of the 7 are simply revamps of totems that we already have, or once had. The remaining three, that of positioning and cooldown lack an immediately interesting choice outside elementals, and are unfortunately seem built on one of the most annoying aspects of shaman totems: their limited range.

Secondly, there is an emphasis on healing in the shaman talents, which to a degree, is evident in all other trees, and leads me to suggest that through these design choices, by emphasising healing so strongly, you are simply going to create a healing theory crafting base, in which players figure out which is best and go with it. While I personally have no problem of that with healing classes (let them arms race, really), I fear that you are merely swapping one end of the spectrum, the dps theory craft, with the healing one, believing that questions such as utility and survivability are going to undo a certain attitude in the community, or free people from 'wrong' and 'right' talents.

Which leads me to ask, why can't simple dps abilities be there? Often I am left looking at the current trees and thinking, I enjoy PvE, but very little of these abilities even vaguely appeal to me.

A damage reduction? Well, sure, but haven't you all gone to such extends to ensure that tank vengeance scales, and I shouldn't be worrying about pulling? Sure, there are fights in a raid where that would come in handy, but... well, picking a talent for a fight that will make me use it once a minute isn't truly exciting.

Snares? Well. Mostly that's for PvP. Situational in a raid and will depend on your makeup, but still, hardly going to see regular use unless I PvP (of which there's nothing wrong with it... but, y'know, kinda wasted on me).

Totems? I covered that. Unless the fire elemental becomes a lot more interesting for Enhancement, and unless I take up pvp, or raids require a situational use of totems across the floor, kinda something I won't use often.

Dps/Healing cooldown, sweet. Except. Y'know. Not real interesting to Enhance. Still, I believe these will be fixed.

Healing? I have one of those totems already (goodbye it) and yeah, healing. Will come in handy I'm sure, but it's simply not of interest to me.

And that's the problem.

I play enhancement. It's windfury, it's spirit wolves, it's lava lash, it's duel weapons, it's lightning and wind and fire.

It's kinda like nothing you have written here.
Im really scared of the pally tree right now... my only luck with H pallies in arenas is counting on my CCs and their lack of HOTs seeing that last tier talent makes me shake a bit... but who knows... seeing those hunter talents makes me wanna PVP again in MOP
editing because i found the question asked and answered.... so on a different note: im glad that DKs are finally getting a stunning ability. was really frustrating during the rare occurrences when stun would be really useful not having it.

Well I'm disappointed in MoP Spreist. PvP is the only thing that interests me, and in MoP, the Spriest PvP build is almost exactly the same as it is now. And right now Spriest PvP is pretty lack-luster. Just to be on an even footing with other classes I think Spriest needs at least one of the following:

Better mobility
Spammable CC
Better passive healing (non-hybrid DPS classes have much greater self healing, which doesn't make much sense)
An interrupt

Spriest's used to be a must-have in a 10 man RBGs, and they used to be a great class in arena. Now I'm finding RBGs opt out from having Spriest, and when I do arena I just get face-rolled. Spriests still have good versatility (off heals, shields, and mass dispel), but because of the lack of any survivability (other than dispersion), they get downed in opening 10 seconds of most fights and arenas. Spriest used to be a fun class to play, but now I'm finding myself log in to just get conquest capped where I'm not having any fun, and just get frustrated with my class.

I beg Blizzard to put Spriest under the microscope for the sole purpose of rebalancing them for PvP. The ONE thing I found that will buff a Spriest PvP in MoP is the new passive called "Dark Thoughts" -- everything else is a nerf, and/or exactly the same. We don't even get a new spell (level 86-90), like many other classes do.

I don't have the time, or the desire, to level up another class, even in full heirloom and guild experience bonuses. If I did, I feel like any other class would be better, and I would have more fun than I'm having now. I want to play MoP, but if it's a continuation of the Spriest PvP frustration and no-fun I'm having right now in Cataclysm, I'm probably just going to put it down in the first week.
02/15/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Kaivax
Feral: Feign Death (Play Dead!)

Cool, so does that mean our pets will now get a baseline play dead as well?!

Please :3
Still no answer on Telluric Currents... guess I'll check back in a few more hours.
If skull bash is going to be a feral only talent, will solar beam be getting a shorter cooldown and actually interrupt bosses? What about interrupts as resto? Since it seems your focus for druids in the next expansion is getting us to utilize multiple forms, no matter the spec, making skull bash not useable as balance or resto doesn't seem well thought out.
Since it seems that Blizzard is taking ideas from us here on these forums I'm gonna go ahead and give my idea for a new Druid ability:

Flaming Weed: The druid goes into a trance state for 5 hits, I mean seconds, and automatically gains 30% of there mana back but will consume all of the food in there bags and will auto response anything said in raid chat with "Whaaat?"
What manal said
I want to make an enhancement shaman just so i can turn into air! >:D
i would like to see the calculator to be able to regulate the talents to show strengths at peoples different levels so you could actually see what the 85s will be getting instead of damages like 74 or 37, and if it will go purely on stats maybe have a function that you could plug in your character and get them that way cause that would be awesome!!!
I understand that Hunter stuff is still being worked on... But I felt these new multi-spec talent tree idea was the PERFECT place to put Exotic pets where every spec can use them. I have had 6-8 poor spirit beasts sitting in my stable, neglected for far too long. Making Exotic pets a level 60 talent seems like a reasonable thing to do. You can even keep the extra pet talents and abilities in Beast Mastery. I just want to use my spectral crab dag nabbit!
WTB Corpse Explosion.

I saw it on the old Mists Talent Calculator and I'm not seeing it there anymore.

I want it back!

^ That's my constructive criticism.

If you've put under things we automatically get, then I'm not seeing it. I hope I'm just looking for it in all the wrong places.

It was my favourite ability in the Wrath beta and quickly came to be near the top of my top 10 most abilities used during most of Wrath until you stole it from us.

Please, pleasepleasepleaseplease, bring it back. Please?
First of all, the Warlock talens/changes look great but I have a few concerns. Destro seems to revolve around Soul Fire, and it having such a long cast time will be awful in pvp. I did see that the pet can reduce its cast time, so maybe it won't be so bad.

Also, is Chaos Bolt being removed? It sucks right now on live but is one of the best looking spells in the game. Perhaps you could use its graphic for Soul Fire considering iirc Soul Fire looks exactly like a Mage's Pyroblast.

Last, having to choose between Prep and Shadowstep is just terrible. Rogues will be back to Wrath mobility.
Am I correct in that burst of speed breaks stealth?

Are combat readiness and cloak final off shared CD? and any chance of Prep also resetting Readiness (via glyph perhaps)?

I see feint has had the threat reduction removed, I was hoping this would go the other way. I'd like to see a little more threat control for rogues.... but I've wanted that since leveling duo with a shammy in vanilla. Combat Readiness causing a taunt while active?

Does Elusiveness increase AoE reduction to 80%?
What happened to Elemental Harmony talent for shamans?! It was the greatest brony shout out ever!!

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