February 15 Update to Mists Talent Calculator

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Could you tell us if Improved Ghost Wolf (immune to snares) is gonna be a glyph now or have you decided to do away with it completely ?
Love the change on Hunters... those stuns are smexy... let's see 'em stay and hurt that damn Melee train in PvP.
And Powershot? Hi! Ashe's Ult?! HELLL YEAH
02/15/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Kaivax
An ability with no resource cost needs some kind of cooldown or it will just be macro’ed and / or spammed, which isn’t a lot of fun.

No offense, but you're wrong. Devastate already has no real resource cost (Yes, it costs 15 rage, but while you're tanking, you're basically always going to have enough rage to hit it and if you don't, you need to stop hitting Heroic Strike so much) and no cooldown and yes, it is possible to just spam Devastate but nobody really does that.
Attack tables, CTC, diminishing returns and you!
updated post 496 to show my views and questions on the hunter talents, if interested feel free to return to page 25 and look
2. Dispel now has an 8 second cd. What even is this? Unless you plan on giving every single cleanse/purge/spellsteal-type ability this kind of cooldown, why would you cripple priests (particularly in pvp) with this kind of limitation?

From what I can see, shamans and paladins have a 8s CD on their equivalent spells, and ruids are missing theirs, which I assume is an oversight. Mages also have an 8s cooldown on remove curse.

I can only hope there won't be a repeat of boss fights that have lots of people debuffed that have to be removed asap.

4. Tranquility vs Divine Hymn. As of now, all druids still have the ability to cast tranquility, yet you've taken away Divine Hymn from shadow priests. It seems like you're taking away the hybrid out of every hybrid--making it so that healers only heal and dps only dps (which leads to very boring and uninspiring gameplay--yet this exception remains. So, balance this, by either returning the spell to shadow, or removing similar effects from others.

Divine Hymn is holy only. Disc don't get it either. Disc get hymn of hope, so SPs lose out there as well from what I can see. But it is an extremely good point about druids - why is tranq accessible to every druid but divine Hymn is gone for all but holy priests . Have the druid specs jsut not been updated to remove tranq?

8. Renew. Taking away renew from disc is painful. It means we have to hard cast 100% of the time instead of having a gradual healing spell for times when damage is inconsequential. Yes, we still have PW:Shield, but that's far from comparable to popping a renew when damage has already went out and we want to casually heal that damage.

The theory is PW:S will be the instant go to spell I think, thus the loss of renew. I dont' agree with it, but I think that is the thinking. I also think disc is going to be unviable as things stand right now.
I have a question as to why almost none of the talents seem to be useful toward PvE. Are spells and abilities going to take over as dominance and have a certain spec, not gonna matter how much I heal a raid group? Because being able use blink for Kitty form or stun and opponent for 4 seconds doesn't seem to helpful toward me keeping my group alive.
I still am not happy with the apparent desire to make prot warriors stand around and wait for things to come off CD. Revenge is supposed to be my move to proc S&B now, but I can only use it every 9 seconds? That's ridiculous! The Shield Slam CD is six seconds. (And that's not even touching the 4.5 second CD on Devastate!) This makes absolutely no sense, not to mention the fact that watching cooldown timers is not fun game play.
Mages - Rune of Power

10 second cooldown
Places a Rune of Power on the ground, which lasts for 1 min. While standing in your rune of power, your mana regeneration is increased by 100% and your your spell damage is increased by 15%. Only two Runes of Power can can placed at one time.

Replaces Evocation

Remove it or nerf it to death. That's way to OP, especially if you can place two down at the same time. Nerf is by reducing its lasting time to 20 seconds and have a 2 minute cool down, can only have one out at a time, manage regeneration increased only by 70% and ~10% damage increase.

Mages - Invocation

Your evocation spell no longer has a cooldown, but you no longer have any base mana regeneration.

Completing an Evocate causes you to deal 20% increased spell damage for 30 secs.

Nerf it by having a ~2 -3 minute cool down and make up for it by regenerating 1% base mana every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Mages - Incanter's Shield

25 second cooldown
Adsorbs damage, converting the damage into mana, up to a maximum of 30% of your maximum mana. Lasts 8 sec. When you Incanter's Shield is destroyed, you gain 30% increased spell power for 15 sec.

Nerf it by having a 1 minute cool down and only increase spell power by 10%.

Mages - Frostjaw

20 second cooldown
Silences and freezes the target in place for 8 sec.
Lasts half as long versus Player targets

Nerf it by having a 2 minute cool down. Way top OP if a frost mage picks it since they already have deep freeze.

Paladin - Fist of Justice

30 sec cooldown
Stuns the target for 6 sec.

Replaces Hammer of Justice

Nerf it to a 1 minute cooldown and make it a magical stun.

Shamans - General question
Wheres their damage increased talents like so far, every single other class gets? I hope their level 90 talents are damage increased ones.
Q: Do Discipline priests have Prayer of Healing or not?
A: Our current design direction is this: Holy does AE healing with Prayer of Healing, and Discipline heals with (a much more powerful than today) Holy Nova. Divine Aegis would work with Holy Nova under this model. However, please see the question above. The priest tree is still in heavy development.

I understand things are still in development; however I'm not sure how taking away PoH and giving disc priests some new Holy Nova is going to make things better. We will still have ONE spell to use in AoE healing situations. Do you know what my "rotation" is on Ultraxion - hell, most of the fights in Dragon Soul, for that matter? Prayer of Healing, with an occasional PW:S and PoM. It's boring as hell, though I can pull massive numbers. I still think you should find a way to keep PoH for Discipline and make whatever new Holy Nova you come up with synergize in a different way, to allow for more variety in an AoE healing situation.

02/15/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Kaivax
Prot warriors have a lot of abilities to manage: Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Thunder Clap, Shield Block and so on, as well as several emergency buttons to handle situations such as streaming adds. We’re okay with melee specs having an occasional free GCD, as long as it doesn’t happen with frustrating regularity.

I really wouldn't call what you're doing to prot warriors as having "an occasional free GCD", not to mention I do not agree with the team's apparent satisfaction of melee specs having free GCDs. How in the world is standing around waiting fun? The answer is simple: it's not. There is a reason I play a prot warrior and heal on my paladin and you haven't seemed to understand what the person you quoted was concerned about.

Prot warriors have a lot of abilities to manage: Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Thunder Clap, Shield Block and so on, as well as several emergency buttons to handle situations such as streaming adds. We’re okay with melee specs having an occasional free GCD, as long as it doesn’t happen with frustrating regularity.

With the cooldowns listed it's more than an occasional free GCD, it's more than a free GCD every 6 sec, it's going to be something like:

0 Battle Shout
1.5 Thunder Clap
3.0 dev
4.5 SS
6.0 rev
7.5 dev
10.5 SS
12.0 dev
15.0 rev
16.5 dev
18.0 SS
21.0 dev
24.0 SS
25.5 dev
27.0 rev
30.0 SS

Now some of those are going be filler things but it will something like every 10 sec there will be a free GCD. This is big change from current Prot Warrior model with an ability every GCD + HS/Cleave, I am worried that lots of free GCD'd is going to make things feel very slow.

It also seems odd that with the current cooldowns for Devasate, Revenge and Shield Slam that two thirds of the time TWO of them come off CD at the same time.

02/15/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Kaivax
Thunder Clap is free for Protection warriors, and it applies a dot.

The tooltip for the calculator says 20 rage, if it indeed free then every 6 sec TC could be a filler and we getting a lot closer to occasional.
The mage stuff.... I'm just... No.
Rogues look to be getting way too much healing now. Recup is already a big deal considering a Rogue can hit a 5-point Recup and then run away.

Leeching Poison + Shiv seems like massive overkill unless you intend to make PvP even more Cata-like and make fights last much longer and thus weaken the relative strength of Rogue CC as a defensive mechanic.

Shamans - General question
Wheres their damage increased talents like so far, every single other class gets? I hope their level 90 talents are damage increased ones.

Agreed. Some sort of play off of Telluric Currents would be cool.

Can our demons get a definitive direction please?

Either our demons have a specific synergy with each spec, or balance demons so they all do the same DPS but with each having different utilities/buffs/debuffs.

If you are going to continue with a demon/spec, then just take out succy and VW.

If you go the utility route, can we just give the FG to all specs? The defining talent for Demo should me Meta. Demo should be the masters of all demons, not masters of fel guard.

This is something that has been a long time coming.


I would love to see our pets detached from our specs (I'm cool with the Felguard being demo exclusive though), with a clearly defined purpose, and dedicated abilities/utilities. It would be most interesting to see an expansion of ideas upon:

The felguard as an aoe pet. (DEMONIC LEAP!!!!! :O)
The imp as a kiting pet perhaps? (lots of snares)
The voidwalker as a full fledged tanking pet (wit decent threat, melee interrupt, aoe tanking, all of the basic tanking tools)
The felhunter as an anti magic pet (wit maybe a 10% spellpower debuff for caster targets while devour magic/spell lock is on cooldown/isn't practical to use)
The succubus as a control pet (how bout having some of her abilities synergize with her Lesser Invisibility? Lash of Pain stuns for 2 sec while invisible, or Seduction is instant cast?)

What is the goal behind Control Undead?

DK crowd control?

(Semi) perma pet?

Something to make Vile Spew and Death Pact worthwhile for Blood and Frost? If so, how is it going to work with Unholy's perma-ghoul?

It hurts my brain.
I have deleted the information I had about the mana problems worrying me. Thank you so much Blizzard for fixing the problem of mana with the changes to Guarded by the Light.
Style thoughts on Destruction Warlocks:

I'm curious as to why Soul Fire is being pushed so hard as Destruction's big nuke spell, when Chaos Bolt always struck me as much more interesting. Stylistically, I thought the idea of a spell of green demonic energy that encapsulates the crazy, chaotic, unbridled power of demons was way cooler than Soul Fire...which strikes me as just a fireball knockoff. Thoughts? I am alone in this?
with conflag no longer being linked to Burning embers is there a chance of the return of "Backdraft" and with destro not having corruption available is Fel Flame suppose to be apart of the rotation in any matter?

Finally 75 tier Grimoire of Sacrifice doesn't seem to work with Destro at all when we consider the mechanics of Soul Fire's cast time above and below 25% health. Will there be any way to address this.... eg. Fel flame reducing the cast time instead?

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