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02/16/2012 09:48 AMPosted by Hakusa
Is the Felhunter going to be an Observer, or the Felguard? And, again, what exactly is an Observer in this case?

I am also wondering this, I know they sad it was an error in the tooltip that it didn't have the Felguard super form in the list, but it still is missing it. I thing the Observer is either a renaming of the Beholder, or something different, but is still probably the felpup upgrade.

My real question is this though: Will the pets be equalized on damage?

I think I heard or read something about this happening, but I am not sure. With the Grimoire of Supremacy, I want to have a void lord out cause that just sounds cool to me, but if it can't hit as hard as something else, then I can't use it in raids. Namely though I want to use pets either because I think they look cool or need them for utility and not because X pet goes with Y spec or like it is now where felpuppy>all except for Destro and heavy AoE in Demo.
Can we get more info regarding Mana Regen for protection paladins? From what I read, it seems the only mana regen source comes from GbtL with a passive 5% mana regen every 2 secs -- and that's it.

Also, what happened to Righteous Defense?
02/16/2012 09:54 AMPosted by Emberfrost
Will you guys be updating the Hunter pet trees as well? And if so, may we see your progress on them? :D

I'm wondering this as well. Good thought, Ember. Also, will lock minions ever get trees, or is the reasoning behind their lack of trees because that would make the class too similar to hunters?
I'm really confused, or moreso curious. For the Warlock talent "Grimoire of Supremacy" seen here (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mists-of-pandaria/feature/talent-calculator#V!....0.), but which pet is which? And what is an Observer?

I get this:

Imp - Fel Imp
Voidwalker - Voidlord
Succubus - Shivan
Infernal - Abyssal
Doomguard - Terrorguard

Is the Felhunter going to be an Observer, or the Felguard? And, again, what exactly is an Observer in this case?

In the previous iteration of the calculator, there was a Beholder instead of an Observer if I recall correctly. A Beholder would be something like this guy: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=18694
I think the Felguard's version is not listed, ad it wasn't in the previous iteration as well...
I WANT HotW to be good. I really do - I miss the days of shifting to viably perform multiple roles. The key word being "viably". Back before we were real DPS classes, I could heal the tail end of a fight in a 5 man, and be "ok" at it. But buffing spell power, and giving us two (three if you count Tranq on an 8 min CD) healing spells isn't really "viable". We would need access to more than just Rejuv + HT for the duration to make it work, IMO. Same for Balance during air phases or Bear spec during an "oh crap" moment. Perhaps activating it gives us a separate action bar for that 45 seconds, and allow full or most of the abilities of the other specs? We only get to do it for 45 seconds here, on a 6 min CD, and I can't do the math, but I doubt it will make our SP equal to a caster's or mitigation equal to a bear's. It's not like we can be "as good as Resto Druids" and definitely not "for an entire fight".


Personally I don't see why they even need to restrict our baseline class abilities from spec. For pure classes, sure; no Affliction Warlock should ever cast Immolate, so removing that ability from their spell list makes sense.

But why are we losing our healing abilities if Feral, or Bear abilities if Restoration? Because some people complain about not having enough space for abilities? I don't use any action bar mods and I'm doing just fine for space on my Druid, thanks to each form having its own action bar. If some people can't figure it out, why are the rest of us being punished for that?

Or is it a balance thing? A Feral Druid being able to cast Lifebloom is OP, somehow? I don't see it. Our representation in PvP is nowhere near high enough to warrant any nerfs, let alone one that's so impacting in PvE.

Ultimately the re-hybridization of Druids is going to fail because non-Guardian Bears will only have 2 abilities to spam, and non-Resto Druids will only have two heals to spam. I really, really want it to work out, but even if they buff our stats enormously to make up for the lack of ability diversity, how FUN is it going to be? How interesting will it be for a Balance Druid to switch to Bear form when the tank dies and spam 1 button over and over for single target, or 1 buttons over and over for AoE?

I just don't understand why this paring down of abilities was done, and why whoever is in charge of the talents didn't immediately go "Wait, doesn't this kind of ruin the talents we're making to allow them to fulfill off-roles once in awhile?"
This is directly to the OP... thanks Blizz for continuing to give us such a detailed preview so that we can prepare for the changes to come. I appreciate it, as I am sure many, many of us do.
I'm pretty hugely disappointed that Malady is going to be immediately replaced for all specs. I understand why it shifts into Immolate for Destruction, since it doesn't really suit the spec, but why does it shift into Corruption for the others? You may as well just make Immolate spec specific to Destruction, and Corruption to Affliction/Demonology.

More to the point, I was actually mildly excited that Affliction might be getting another DoT effect. That's pretty much the reason people choose to play affliction, and there's a reason BC affliction was adored so much. Has there been any discussion of actually leaving Malady in for it?
can we get clarification on the rogue talent "Anticipation"? currently the wording suggests that certain abilities, namely mutilate and glyphed sinister strike will not proc a charge of anticipation in certain situations, in particular 4 point situations.

for example, if a rogue has 4 combo points and they mutilate, do they end up with 5 combo points and 1 stack of anticipation (assuming seal fate does not proc) because the wording of the talent suggests that the result will be 5 combo points and no stacks of anticipation (assuming again that seal fate does not proc)

having it so that you are not required to have exactly 5 points will allow assassination rogues to not have to drop a large amount of 4 point finishers (like we currently do outside of murderous intent phases) due to a "lost" combo point if we mutilate for the 5th point
Is Mannoroth's Fury being reworked? I feel like it really needs to be replaced with something better. The old mannoroths fury looked interesting.

+200% radius on AoE should not be a level 90 talent.

It seems that the other 2 talents are focused around PvP.
Massive changes slapped on you overnight when MoP goes live is something I find most irritating.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say we can expect the class changes prior to MoP going live with the pre-patch like was done with Cata, so we can familiarize ourselves with the changes a month or two beforehand. That's just a guess though.

Indeed that is most likely true, maybe I'm the only one who finds relearning everything on 5 main characters an unappealing annual pastime with the game.
My biggest complaint about the talents is that they're kind of meh. None of them seem very impressive, at least any of the warlock ones. We get so few of them I would think/hope that they'd each do something "cool", "neat", "different", "impressive", [insert more adjectives here].

I'm exceedingly underwhelmed.

02/15/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Valygar
Why are you forcing us to choose between Prep and Shadowstep? At this point Shadowstep should be a baseline rogue skill. When you said specifically that rogues would be getting more attention, I hope this is not the extent of it as once again you have proven your heart just isn't in it. If so, I'll continue to play my rogue B'rel retro BoP. Long live the Empire!

I am also very disappointed in this tier of talents. Once again I will be forced to choose between being mobile and not. It's exactly the same as choosing mutilate vs sub today in pvp, you just HAVE to go sub. This sucks! I thought we would have taken out mandatory talents/specs in MoP.
Not a talent comment, but a spell comment -

Healing Mushrooms, as they now stand, are more than pointless. Let me be clear - I am NOT going to be wasting my GCDs planting Mushrooms, watching people move away from them DUE TO FIGHT MECHANICS, then waste another GCD to trigger the mushroom for ... less than 1K health? Seriously? And in that time, that's at least 4 GCDs wasted, more of you consider that placing the mushroom can easily take more time - and in that time I AM NOT HEALING!

I think the potential is there, and it seems like Blizzard is trying to get healing to be more proactive instead of reactive, and for healers to learn the mechanics of the fight instead of the old method of healing from ulduar/icc. With this in mind being able to place mushrooms with good AE healing ahead of time, on a location the raid should be moving to has great implications.
It would be nice if Shadowfury was an ability and the Shadowfury talent was something like this:

"Shadowfury now applies Shadowflame to all targets and it's radius is now 15 yards."
Good god to I finally love the paladin talents.

Excellent work on them Blizzard! Not only do I have a multitude of choices when it comes to PvP talents but I also have the same choice and PvE and finally feel like that you have created some differences in the ret tree as well!

I am finally excited about these changes.
Why are we given new ways to get rid of chunks of health at a time and no way to regain health?

level 60 abilities, all of them suck
level 90 abilities, all of them suck

Why would you guys even put an ability in the game that got rid of 25% of your health?
Can we reevaluate the damage cost for Burning Rush and Unbound Will?

I really preferred the original Burning Rush because I already have Lifetap on my bar and I can take a punch for a quick 25% speed boost. Now I have a toggle I have to bind to something and 5% every second is a lot of damage which now begs the question is it worth turning on because it's counterable by any slow effect? Where it once was a bonus, now it's an ability with a penalty and one that begs a ranged interrupt to nullify the advantage gained. Seems like it'd be a better class ability than a talent when it's so easy to counter.

And Unbound Will . . . aside from a full set of Affliction/Shadow Priest dots, why would I do someone the favor of shaving off a quarter of my health in a global cooldown? To remove a stun? Granted Warlocks are in desperate need of escape tools, but do we really want a second trinket tied to so much self damage especially when we're already hitting Lifetap?

Aaaand Mannoroth's Fury is mega meh in a tier of meh or as one person mentioned, if the 10 AoE target limit doesn't go up, who cares how big your Rain of Fire is? Do I want to choose an abilty that only increases my AoE spell range, when does that actually matter? I'd rather an talent just make all our abilities dual-elemental.

But everything else isn't bad.
Do Chains of Ice and Howling Blast really need a range increase to 30 yards? When paired with a talent that reduces the CD of Death Grip from 35 seconds to 20? What's the thought process behind this?

The removal of so much hybrid utility from shadow priests is really, really disappointing. Being able to use both Divine Hymn and Hymn of Hope in a PVE encounter and have it actually make a difference in the outcome is an interesting way to play. Why are you pushing healing on other hybrid classes but taking it away from us?
Why is Vampiric Dominance so late in the game? I've been an Atonement priest since it was released and love it. The damage aspect is about the only thing that keeps me from burning out on healing altogether. I like it continuing to be a spec choice and not a requirement that all priests will feel pressured to take, but it's going to be a terrible grind from 85 to 90 if I have to resort to a pure-direct healing method until hitting that last tier.

^This. Atonement is the single reason I still play a healer at all. I really hope it is still a fully viable healing method in MoP. I know it was stated that the priest tree wasn't finished, but it doesn't really set well that our bread and butter spell isn't an actual talent, but a glyph... 10k+ DPS & 20k HPS is simply an amazing playstyle.

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