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They could tie the heal to Feign Death instead of Disengage. When you come back up from the fake death, you're healed 30% (because of longer cooldown).

They could call it Dirt Nap.
I think an interesting talent for hunters instead of the Tier 5 Flash Freeze talent would be to make Ice Trap a cc shot, similar to Wyvern Sting w/o the dot. Ice trap is our main cc ability, but it can be difficult to get off in hectic situations where mobs are on the move. Arena is a prime example of this, as well. The target has to cooperate and run onto the trap, and threat changes can pull the mob off course. Making the shot a cast similar to sheep would keep it in line with other classes' comparable cc. Any chances of this happening?
The cast time is no unreasonable as we cannot actually cast it in combat. It is simply the application of the link the ability we gain from it will not have a 6 second cast time.

Agreed except that there are range restrictions.

If I die at Lumber Mill and get resurrected at LM, but the guy I cast Symbiosis on didn't die, we both lose Symbiosis.

It should be instant cast so that when I resurrect in this example, I can cast it on someone as soon as I rez (like a buff) and then mount up and follow them around.
Shadow Priest really need to know..How are Shadow Orbs going to work??

The RNG nature very much scares me, turning us into a proc class.

The wording on the new Mind Blast looks like it could be similar to Ele Sham, Fulmination, is that true?

Or is it still going to just consume one to three at a time?

Also, want my Devouring Plague back, 2 dots and one channel (and MORE RNG?) is not compelling when compared to today's rotation. Plus it's our only instant cast spell for heavy movement fights.
What's being done with Chaos Bolt? I don't see it listed currently. Is it a glyph? Is it being removed from the game?
this isnt a question, as much as a statement.

windwalk totem is not going ot compare with earthgrab and frozen power. the shear control bonus of these abilities, is much greater then hte mobility bonus of windwalk totem, which is 6secon freedom on a 1min cooldown, tied to a 1shottable totem.

now for my question

is there a chance that we will see repulsion totem brought back, perhaps as a class ability?
Let's talk Shammies now.

Coming from the class forums, the general consensus on the L15 teir of talents is that Nature's Guardian still sucks like always, Stone Bulwark Totem got nerfed to hell, and they still aren't very happy with Astral Shift. I still like it better than an effect like Divine Shield though.

L30 Tier talents:
Many say Frozen Power should just be baseline. I say, "Alright, but they're probably gonna increase the CD on Frost Shock then." That would kinda ruin the whole paradigm of choosing which of the 3 shocks to use at a given time, especially if Frost Shock's CD was still linked to Earth and Flame. I say make Frozen Power a glyph and maybe give Repulsion Totem back. Maybe.

Earthgrab Totem... I still like the effect, but I kinda dislike the name. Earthbind or Earth's Grasp sounds a bit better... minor gripe. ((get it?))

Wind Walk Totem.... if it purges the effects it grants immunity to, it'll be just fine I think. If not, it's not much of a competitive choice.

L45 Tier talents:

I sense more improvements to come here. As it is, neither Totemic Restoration nor Totemic Projection hold can hold a candle to Call of the Elements... And honestly, Totemic Harmony was kinda cool. Shame to see that go.

L60 Tier Talents:

Maybe find a way to show a bit more love to my Melee brothers (I'm Resto/Ele myself) but otherwise, they all look pretty even; controlled burst vs. passive boost (w/ an insta-cast bonus) vs. RNG burst... tough choices all around.

L75 Tier Talents:

So far so good. I think Fortifying Waters needs some TLC though if it's going to compare to the other two.

L90 Talents: Coming Soon * 3! The anticipation!

Here's some consolidated DK feedback, courtesy of all of us over in Acherus.

I’ll be following the same format that Tsukiyuri did in her thread here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3595374947?page=1

I’ll also be relisting some of the problems she mentioned if I note that they don’t appear to have been addressed or fixed with this new talent tree


+ means something good- we like this change/ability!
= means something we’re neutral on or simply don’t have that much information about
- means something that concerns us and is a problem; please look into it before Beta


*Glyphs have not yet been revealed. Hopefully many of the “missing” talents/abilities will return in the form of glyphs
*This incarnation of the revamp focused mostly on talents, so passives may yet undergo some big improvements/changes
*Runeforges will still undergo a revamp


+Outbreak is back to being a passive ability for all DK specs

+AMS soaking returns and is also extended back to Blood and Frost Death Knights

+Cool new Execute ability: Soul Reaper. Very awesome to see another LK ability for DKS

+Ranged abilities have an innate 30 yard range baked in. No more need for talents like Icy Reach!

-Unholy Blight returning to its pre-3.2 roots is great, but this incarnation is quite boring. It’s an AoE Outbreak with a lengthy cooldown.
-Even with Unholy Blight and Vile Spew, Tier 1 talents are still pretty boring. Vile Spew and Roiling Blood are very niche-oriented, with Spew also being vastly better for Unholy than either other spec due to ghoul uptime.

+Mind Freeze has had its cost reduced to 10 Runic Power.

-Blood Tap is now a rune regen talent, and there appears to be no replacement for the version we have on live. We really want that to stay in some incarnation!

-Runic Focus (9% spell hit) is still missing

-Runic Power Mastery is still missing

-Butchery is gone, meaning passive RP generation for all 3 specs is gone.

=Numbers on various damage dealing abilities are all over the place. Hopefully this will have zero impact on endgame DPS as 5.0 comes out.

=No information about pet/minion mechanics improving. We’ll keep hoping for this one- Gargoyle twisting and Timmy despawning on encounters like Madness (or refusing to fly on Alysrazor) is no fun!

+Blood Strike is back for low level DKs to use before more specialized strikes become available

-Dark Command is still Blood only. It needs to be baseline, as taunts are still quite useful for DPS specs and the 35 second CD on Death Grip (20 if talented) is not fun.

-Dark Simulacrum remains mostly useless in PvE. It would be wonderful if it could become a regular part of our priority by allowing it to be cast on friendly targets. Perhaps increase the cooldown if it's on a friendly target, so as to avoid it being overpowered in some scenarios?

-DKs would like some Acherus Ponies :( And where is our Matron Heartless Hairstyle?!

+Received a cool new Execute ability that will scale with our Mastery. Very nice!

-Still lacks any form of AoE burst. Why not use Unholy Blight for this purpose? Make it Unholy only, and give it a Wandering Plague or Malefic Grasp type effect for existing diseases on enemy targets.

-Shadow Infusion/Dark Transformation rampup still remains long and cumbersome

-Gargoyle still deals nature damage (should be shadow damage with scales with mastery) and has had its cost increased

-Unholy Frenzy still deals damage to the recipient of the buff, and remains more useful to Fury Warriors than Unholy DKs themselves. It also remains one of the few cooldowns whose worth diminishes during Bloodlust/Heroism. WTB revamp!

-Ebon Plaguebringer doesn't appear to be considered a disease any more, and now provides the same debuff as Brittle Bones. Hopefully a bugged tooltip?

-Nothing to suggest that Death and Decay won’t still be part of the Unholy single-target priority

-Killing Machine remains the annoying RNG-fest mechanic it currently is on live, and still devalues crit rating.

-Merciless Combat, Frost’s passive execute is still missing

-Soul Reaper won’t scale with Frost’s mastery like it will for Unholy. The rune cost is also a little more awkward for the spec than it is for Unholy.
-In fact, many of the talents favor unholy far more than frost as well since they do shadow damage. Soul Reaper and most of the talents should probably do Shadowfrost damage or be modified to scale with the mastery of both specs in some way.

=Nerves of Cold Steel is gone. Although this means more reforging towards hit for DW Frost, it also means no more chance of spell misses.

-Forcing Frost DKs to use Frost Presence via increase RP generation is bad, especially when they lose the shorter GCD and runspeed bonus offered by Unholy Presence.

-Gap between DW Frost and 2h Frost appears to have become even more exaggerated with the changes to Might of the Frozen Wastes and Threat of Thassarian.

-Improved Icy Talons is still missing
can you tell me whats going to happend with backdraft and shadowflame?

backdraft its becoming a glyph?

you will give destruction a similar spell to remplace shadowflame?(the slow is much needed in pvp)

+Bone Shield is back to being exclusively for Blood, so it’s no longer an obvious Tier 2 talent choice

-Blood DKs must still choose between Vampiric Blood/Death pact and Lichborne/Anti-Magic Zone, so we’re losing cooldowns.

-Outbreak no longer has its cooldown reduced by Veteran of the Third War

-Sanguine Fortitude is still missing, leaving Blood DKs with only a 20% damage reduction on Icebound Fortitude

-Abomination’s Might is still missing

-Blood has zero raid utility outside of Anti-Magic Zone
Please tell us more about how Demoic Fury works....cause as of right now it Seems Like a Really Bad Idea...a real gamebreaker for me.

I rolled a rogue but didn't like it b/c of the combo-points, one thing I hate about my DK is having to have runic power for certain attacks, and warriors are always fretting over their " rage "....Please, please, please do not do this to Warlocks by adding this Demonic Fury/ combo-point stuff....that's what Mana is for..we're casters
Is spell hit cap on raid bosses being lowered? Because a lot of melee currently have talents that give them spell hit to cap with just melee hit cap and all of those are gone.

And then if spell hit is being lowered then the melee/exp cap would have to be lower to match or exp removed all together or merged together?
The destro lock changes look very interesting. I am intrigued to see how they will come together. Some of them remind me of necro-like abilities with using health as a resource.

Is the Auto Wand ability class/spec specific or is it something that was in the works for mages/shadow priests too?

Any plans for destro locks to have green fire? ^^

Why do Enhance/Elemental/Mages/etc all get their current dispels (curse, poison, what have you), but Feral does not?

Personally, I don't think any specs but healers should have defensive dispels of any kind, but that's just me.
I searched and couldn't find a clarification. The DK talent Vile Spew, does it sacrifice the ghoul or does the ghoul just vomit everywhere?
I appreciate you being on top of this thread, Kaivax. This kind of communication makes a difference.
Will spirit be a secondary stat in MoP?
I see that there has been some work for fire mages to reduce the RNG factor involved with critical strikes. Most notably the added 1.3x factor for the major fire spells. I think something interesting to build on top of that would be this: How about in addition to Hot Streak, there is a Cold Streak talent, where for every direct damage non-crit, the chance to critically hit with a direct damage spell increases by a set amount each cast until a direct damage crit occurs.

So, for example, two non-crits could make it to 1.4, three to 1.5, and so on.

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