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02/16/2012 09:30 AMPosted by Kaivax
Wild Imps has not been cut.

The new talent rebuilds are not impressive and still need incredible amounts of work. There are plenty of healthly suggestions, just please take the time to read into priest forum feedback. One prime example is the Evangelism mechanics, while dark arch angel is rewarded by DPS to perform DPS, Evangelism still requires DPS (smite) to receive the healing bonus. Please maintain game style continuity and allow Heals spells to trigger Evangelism...
Do you guys have anything to share about healers and mana come MoP? Will we be returning to how it was with at the beginning of Cataclysm where healers were generally starved for mana and avoiding to queue in LFG because of it?

I see the changes that mages and warlocks are receiving and it seems that the plan is that they aren't allowed to run OOM. I'm hoping that healers will be treated equally.
nerf rogues because they are good at end of cata. Mages op as !@#$ all of cata. So buff mages more
new mage tanlents lol
*NEW* Invocation Your Evocation no longer has a cooldown, but you no longer have any base mana regeneration. Completing an Evocate causes you to deal
Shatter now doubles your critical strike chance of all spells on frozen targets plus an additional 25
are they trolling us or do they need drug test at the talent department?
sorry forgot the full talent
*NEW* Invocation Your Evocation no longer has a cooldown, but you no longer have any base mana regeneration. Completing an Evocate causes you to deal 20% increased spell damage for 30 seconds.
really lol
IMO I think that all self heals should be completely removed (with the exception of healing classes). I mean really, its getting out of control.
I see that there has been some work for fire mages to reduce the RNG factor involved with critical strikes. Most notably the added 1.3x factor for the major fire spells. I think something interesting to build on top of that would be this: How about in addition to Hot Streak, there is a Cold Streak talent, where for every direct damage non-crit, the chance to critically hit with a direct damage spell increases by a set amount each cast until a direct damage crit occurs.

So, for example, two non-crits could make it to 1.4, three to 1.5, and so on.

I love this idea so much.
Mind Freeze - 4 sec lock out - 15 sec cd
Pummel - 4 sec lock out - 15 sec cd
Kick - 5 sec lock out - 15 sec cd
Wind Shear - 3 sec lock out - 12 sec cd
Rebuke - 4 sec lock out - 15 sec cd
Counterspell - 6 sec lock out - 24 sec cd
Skull Bash - 4 sec lock out - 10 sec cd

Of course these are a work in progress, and I believe Skull Bash hasn't been updated with the longer cd times.

I'm curious if blizzard is going to normalize the kicks, aka all 'standard' interrupts (kick, pummel, mind freeze, rebuke, & skull bash) on the same interrupt duration and cool down time?

Wind shear has always been short cd with short lock out.

I do feel as though Counterspell should be set on a longer cooldown if this is the approach to the other interrupts. All other interrupts have received a 50% cooldown increase, so pushing Counterspell to 36 sec cooldown seems fair, especially given the blanket silence is being baselined for it.

Please no more homogenization. Different classes are different.
Can you answer this for us: What is being done with spell crit for DPS specs?

I notice that Boomkins and SPriests no longer get the 100% crit damage boost. Ele Shaman get only 50% boost from Elemental Fury.

Is this being done to "tone down" spell damage, or are crits going to be 2x baseline for everybody?

Basically, I want to know if this means that Enhancement Shaman and Rogues are finally getting 2x spell crits.

Our baseline assertion is that all spells and abilities will crit for double damage. There are a few exceptions to this, such as Elemental shaman getting a 2.5x crit multiplier, but the default is 2x for everyone now.

Yes, this means that Enhancement shaman spells and rogue Poisons will crit for double damage.

Thanks! Good to know that this is finally being addressed. I remember GC talked about it once in a dev blog, but said he didn't want to hotfix it.
Divine storm costing 3 hp and doing 50% weapon damage to enemies within 8 yards makes me think that aoe will not be something paladins will be doing much of in MoP. It will be funny to see the pally in the group run up and do one little swerlie then take 6-12 secs to get the hp to do another. By that time the mobs are dead from classes that will actually have viable aoe attacks.
My reactions as mage:

Where's my mana shield? D:

Also, I'm not that much of a fan of the bomb tier of the mages, seems kinda borring

I'm also worried about mana regen mechanics.

And I don't like the temporal shield thing a lot, seems like you'd have to be really resistant to make use of it, and mages are not.

My reactions as rogue:

So, we can only have 1 poison at a time? It clearly says it imbues your weapons.

Why does shuriken toss do a flat ammount of damage? Does it scale at all?

Prep and ShS still in the same row :(

so just sheep a traget then blink.Get got full Evocate and then shatter you get doubles your critical strike chance of all spells on frozen targets plus an additional 25%. So you will get a 45% damage buff for 20 seconds mages really need this.
Drug test plz
Please no more homogenization. Different classes are different.

Shamans getting freedom totem, priests getting some sort of spell like sacrifice that transfer dmg to the priest

everything getting worst
Im impressed with the changes. I think its a great step to making the talents useful to restos. I think a lot of people simply like to look like a tree but do like the gameplay of it. Maybe have a minor glyph that makes you look like a tree in regular casting form?
I noticed that cleanse for pallys has an 8 sec cooldown now. Kinda sucks for when they fight mages etc.

Edit: O wait i dont even see acts of sacrifice anymore..
A couple of Tanking concerns I have off the top of my head.

1. AE tanking, with all of our rage being poured into mitigation, this limits the usage of dps rage cost moves (as mentioned).
Cleave has too high of a rage cost and revenge/shockwave have 9/20 second cooldowns respectively. Thunder clap is therefore the go-to move for AE, yet it costs 20 rage (which will heavily impact our survivability if we use it more than maintaining its 30 second debuff). This may very well be by design, but its a concern, traditionally threat is hardest to maintain for warriors, how will this carry forward in MOP?

Thunder Clap is free for Protection warriors, and it applies a dot.

Shield Slam and auto attack to generate rage for Shield Block.

Most other offensive attacks are free (for Protection), except for Heroic Strike and Cleave, which are intended to be used only in times of excess rage (which should be less common than today, but still occur with reasonable frequency).

Improving tanking rotations is always challenging. If tanks have too many abilities to manage, then they are overwhelmed in fights that require a lot of boss positioning or add management. If tanks have too few abilities or a very simplified resource, then they get bored on single-target boss fights with limited movement.

Part of our design intent is to have tank resources tie into survivability instead of threat, since we (and tanks) place more emphasis on the former.

Part of the fun of tanking was pumping out surprising DPS in raids, whether single or multi-target. Quite frankly, given how long each tier lasts, we spend more time farming bosses than we do progressing on them. The fun stuff particularly matters during those times.

This new approach of saving our resource for mitigation abilities, leaving our "rotation" with huge gaps, sounds ... well, a lot less fun. Did you guys ever consider a model whereby tanks have a more traditional damage dealing rotation with their mitigation abilities off the GCD?
Question: Does Holy Insight mean Intellect plate is going away?

Answer: No. That passive (and appropriate classes should have an equivalent) gives casters larger mana pools than non-casters of the same class. Mana no longer increases with Intellect, but we still want to make sure that, for example, a Holy paladin can cast more heals than a Retribution paladin.

I've only seen the talent for Paladins, and I figured it was to make our mana go from ~25k baseline to ~100k as holy, as previously stated est. mana would be.

Has anyone else found the talents for Resto Shaman and Druids? I think those are the only other classes that'd need to take their mana from ~25k base (Enh Shaman/Ferals) to ~100k (Resto/Balance/Ele/Resto). Do the "+400% mana talents" not exist for these or have I missed something?

**Also, great job on the update! It's awesome to see behind the curtain even though the show is still heavily in development. It's nice to see what you guys are thinking and where your heads' are at. just saying :P
Wow... priest is so underwhelming, especially shadow. Please say this is still under ULTRA HEAVY (like omg we haven't even looked at this yet) development.

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