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I will say though that seeing all this leaning for AoE heals in most of the trees makes me curious about the level of damage/AoE damage in future raid/heroic fights in MoP.
I'd like to agree with the worries about the Priest trees. Seeing a talent reference an ability (Dark Evangelism) that does not exist in any tree, not good. Lack of key Shadow spells, not good. Lack of key Discipline heals, not good. No Level 87 spell, not good.

If this is the update I've been waiting for since Blizzcon, that will answer all my worries and show the latest and most updated Priest build, I am very concerned. It looks more like Priests have received little or no attention from the team in the past four months.
Prayer of Mending, Prayer of Healing, Greater Heal, Binding Heal, Divine Hymn, Renew, Heal, Holy Fire, Hymn of hope and Holy Nova should remain Class spells period.

Holy and Discipline can retain passive spec abilities that boost everything from cast time to effectiveness on some of these but fraking removing the ability of a shadow priest to do any meaningful healing destroys our utility in PvE and PvP, In addition to missing key core abilities and passives like baccklash damage reduction, evangelism, twisted faith etc.

If priests weren't ready then they'd have put the caveat they put for Shaman and Hunters when they announced this.

Bastion of Defense passive. Check it out.

Yeah i saw it after post and had already edited it but not before ya cought it :P. I missed that passive still being there over first scroll over, i thought it was merged into base talent like some of the other trees i looked at which killed off CD shortening abilities and merged into base talents. Either way the rest stands. But looking over all the trees i see issues all over. Will just have to wait for next update.
I preferred the Warrior Talents the way they were before the change today ..

The level 75 tier are almost useless for me, and I don't think the lvl 90 and 60 abilities should have been reversed either.. it makes things kinda underwhelming all around. Not looking forward to MoP if this is how things are going to stay

As for Death Knights , PLEASE GIVE US BACK CORPSE EXPLOSION. That was one of the talents I was looking forward to the most coming back and now it's gone (again).

Mass Spell Reflection looks very, very good.

It will make it much harder for classes to trick you to waste your spell reflect because they will have to think twice now.

Also protect your whole group from one spell?

In PVP that literally mean the difference between catching that flag carrier and being rooted to the ground.

Great, great, great talent for pvp.

It would be but spell reflection requires a shield though and the other talents in that tier are for tanking , how is that useful for arms or fury warriors?

If they made it so that it just required a melee weapon and not just a shield that would be good though
02/15/2012 02:10 PMPosted by Anshe
If this is the update I've been waiting for since Blizzcon, that will answer all my worries and show the latest and most updated Priest build, I am very concerned. It looks more like Priests have received little or no attention from the team in the past four months.

The lvl 90 talents for Shamans say hi
02/15/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Maiha
Just a quick, worry filled question about Disc Priests. The tooltip for Divine Aegis reads "Critical heals and all heals from Prayer of Healing create a protective shield on the target, absorbing 30% of the amount healed." However, after browsing the list several times, I don't even see Prayer of Healing for Disc spec; it only appears to be in Holy spec. Is there going to be something that allows us to get PoH or is this just a mistake?

In a pretty foul mood after an incident in-game (GM tickets filed, all I can do), so I'll just keep my comments short and say that this was exactly my concern. Prayer of Healing with Divine Aegis, as I understand it, is a staple for dealing with raid-wide or party-wide damage mechanics. AoE healing should, for priests, be a baseline ability.

I seriously hope this is a mistake :/
Ghost wolfs snare ignoring effect is vital to the spell, I notice it was removed from the tree this time around. I hope it plans to come back :(. I also notice we lose 15% movement speed :(.
Cool. Terrible Priest talents and thousands of posts worth of ignored suggestions.
02/15/2012 02:11 PMPosted by Crestt
If this is the update I've been waiting for since Blizzcon, that will answer all my worries and show the latest and most updated Priest build, I am very concerned. It looks more like Priests have received little or no attention from the team in the past four months.

The lvl 90 talents for Shamans say hi

• For shaman and hunters, we still have a ways to go with the revamp of talents, and this latest calculator doesn’t have some of the changes that we’re currently working on.

*Does not mention new priest mechanics that are still missing, or that the only 'changes' to priest trees was to remove our level 87 spell.*

I'm sorry, what was that?
Priest Thoughts;

What's the point of having both the Dark Thoughts and Holy Focus talents? Wouldn't it makes sense to consolidate it into one ability?

Otherwise not that I see anything wrong with it but I see a cookie cutter spec in the making in this tree. Most holy priests will ignore the damage dealing abilities.
02/15/2012 01:55 PMPosted by Valshintrix
Kaivax. I have to say, I had to sit down after looking at the Death Knight Talents and spells. I honestly didn't think you people could make me any more excited for this next expansion, but you have again left me flabbergasted. i just have one last question. WHEN?

Priests: calm down. This obviously isn't the final version. Shaman don't even have level 90 talents right now.
Got a question regarding Protection Paladin and Crusader Strike/Hammer of the Righteous

In cataclysm, both abilities are linked and thus share their cooldown, what's more, they have an invisible haste buff baked into them when you choose the Protection spec that reduces their CD from 4.5 sec (which is what normally is for Retribution paladins) to 3.0 secs.

My questions are as follow, is this invisible haste buff still present for Protection Paladins going forward to 5.0, as the new talent tree update currently shows both CS and HoTR having 4.5 sec CDs and thus, actually in game they have a 3.0 sec cooldown -- or do they actually have a 4.5 sec cooldown? And if they have a 4.5 sec CD now, are they still linked or are they now unlinked?

Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous still share a cooldown, with a base of 4.5 seconds for both specs. Sanctity of Battle can lower this cooldown for Retribution.

Edited to add: Protection has a lower cooldown on Avenger’s Shield and Consecration, which will also be used rotationally. Retribution paladins can again use Exorcism at all times (not just when Art of War procs). Holy Power should be more regular for both specs. Our intent is that both Retribution and Protection reach their finishing moves more frequently. Both specs may have the occasional unused GCD, but should have fewer occurrences of such than they do today.
after seeing all the awesome post-Cata abilities classes are getting (Ascendance for Shamans, War Banner for Warriors) only makes me more anxious to see what bliz will give priests to use (heres to hoping for our invisibility spell back)!
I know the shaman tree isn't complete, but I still feel like it's worth it for me to post my feedback here (already made a post on the shaman forums, but it looks like this is the official thread).

Ascendance sounds pretty cool.

But I'm still not liking the changes to the talents.

T1 is basically the old T2, except they buffed Nature's Guardian and Astral Shift while nerfing the pants off of the stone bulwark totem.

T2 is basically the old T1 except they removed repulsion totem (probably the most interesting part of old T1) and replaced it with windwalk totem from the old T3. This basically shatters the theme the tier used to have: controlling the movement of your enemies. Now you have to choose between controlling the movement of your enemies or buffing the movement of your allies. This is a non-choice; there will always be a correct decision depending on the situation.

T3 is the old T6, with call of elements replacing elemental harmony. Call of elements is going to have the same issue the old elemental harmony talent had: unless they add a sloppy "except fire totems" exclusion, it's the only dps-increasing talent on the tier, making it the obvious choice. Actually, a fire exclusion wouldn't be enough on its own, because it could also be the only hps-increasing and regen talent on the tier (healing tide & mana tide totems).

T4 has the same abilities as the old T5, with elemental mastery being slightly altered (ancestral swiftness is the same as nature's swiftness on the old tree, only difference being the name). 30% haste for 20 sec every 2 min works out to the same 5% average (as time approaches infinity). In actual practice, the 30% for 20 sec will be more valuable, because at every point in the fight that isn't an exact integer multiple of 2 mins it is worth more than the average 5%. Additionally, being in control of when you want the extra DPS is also a very large benefit. This is all supposed to be balanced out by the extra instant cast spell you get from ancestral swiftness, but that probably won't have much value for enhancement. Echo of the Elements is still biased toward restoration and elemental because they cast more spells than enhancement per unit time (unless enhancement has a higher proc rate that isn't in the tooltip).

T5 is the old T4 with some interesting changes. Healing Tide Totem now has 10% of the shaman's health (old: 5 HP) and does 3179 healing per pulse base (old: 2229). Ancestral Guidance was reduced to a 2 minute cooldown (old: 3 min). Fortifying Waters still seems to be the red-headed step child (no changes). I can't imagine that 10% damage reduction will stack (would make stacking shamans imbalanced), so you're going to have 1 "fortifying waters !@#$%" per raid and every other shaman will choose between the other 2 talents in the tier. Doesn't seem like a meaningful choice.

Our T6 is now "coming soon!," so I guess that's a good thing. The old T6 was pretty lackluster.

On another subject, I think it'd be nice if Toughness could make a comeback as a passive skill learned while enhancement is leveling. It's never made sense that a mail-wearing melee spec had one of (if not the) lowest HP pools in the game. It could either be added to the level 10 flood of bonuses that differentiates a class' specializations, or it could fill one of the gaps in the leveling process where we don't learn anything (e.g. level 42, 48, 52, 56, 62/63, 68, 77/78, or 83).

Also, it seems that the other melee specs train their passive movement speed increases while leveling up, but enhancement's ancestral swiftness is nowhere to be found (other than its name being stolen by one of the T4 talents).
Prep and Shadowstep are still on the same tier...
You definitely need both of them to be competitive in pvp..

Dear Mr. Kaivax, I'll let you choice between chopping your right hand or your left hand. If we end up noticing that you can't perform as well to do you job, we will hotfix you in a few months, please do not worry.

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